Redragon Deimos K599 Review 70% Keyboard with Hot-swappable Outemu switches

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Named after one of the main characters in game God of War (GOW), Redragon's Deimos K599 is a 70% keyboard with 70 keys, navigation arrow keys, 12 virtual multimedia keys and dual connectivity: wired and 2.4Ghz wireless.

The Deimos K599 keybed sits on top of a solid plastic plate and, it's contained within a thick plastic sloping frame that makes the keyboard stand at a natural angled elevation. The outer frame isn't removable like on the Royal Kludge RK84, which has a similar design to the Deimos K599 but with a detachable frame.

The Deimos K599 keyboard integrates feet risers too so, you can elavate the front of the keyboard from 3.5cm high to 4.5cm high. When extended, the feet risers aren't all that grippy because of the smooth rubber material used. The rubber isn't as grippy as the dotted rubber texture on the front side of the feet risers, which do a good job at preventing the keyboard from sliding around when the feet risers are retracted. The dimensions of the Deimos K599 are 33cm long, 10cm wide and 671 grams in weight.

As well as feet risers, the Deimos K599 keyboard houses a small 2.4Ghz wireless dongle underneath the keyboard. The wireless dongle is Redragon branded and compact so, it sticks out very little when plugged into a USB port. The dongle stows away neatly inside a magnetic cutout, which is leveled against the base of the keyboard so, the dongle doesn't make the keyboard wonky.

The Deimos K599 uses double shot ABS keycaps with large gamer font legends. The keycap legends are embedded within two layers of plastic; hence the Deimos K599 keycap legends are permanent and won't wear off like the white markings on the keycaps, which are pad-printed. The RGB lighting can be controlled from the keyboard. You can change lighting effects, adjust brightness, increase/decrease lighting speed and turn off the RGB light by pressing Fn+Arrow down.

There is 18 backlight effects to choose from, as well as 8 color options and a customizable mode for changing the lighting color of each key. The lighting has good brightness, although it is brighter in wired mode than it is in wireless mode. 

The Deimos K599 also comes with Redragon software, which gives you access to more settings such as keyboard repeat delay and repeat rate, rollover key (full N-key or 16-key) and G Mode function to programm macros. There is also an alternate key mode for swapping the WASD keys with the arrow keys, which is handy for some games, specially if you're a left-handed person. The Shift+Tab, Alt+F4, Alt+Tab and Windows keycan be disable from the keyboard or software

On the left side of the Deimos K599 keyboard, there is a battery status led, a USB-C charging/data port and a switch to toggle between wired and wireless mode (10 meter range). The Deimos K599 internal battery takes 10 hours to recharge, which is how long it takes to recharge the Draconic K530 keyboard. That said, the Deimos K599 has a much better battery life than the K530, which isn't surprising because the K530 uses bluetooth; whereas the K599 uses 2.4Ghz radio frequency, which is less power hungry than bluetooth. The Deimos K599 manages 1.5 days of battery life at full RGB brightness and 2.5 days with RGB turned off. The Draconic K530 keyboard only manages around 10 hours. 

During charging, the battery led turns red and then turns off when full charge is complete. The Deimos K599 keyboard goes to sleep automatically (only in wireless mode) within 1 minute; hence the backlight turns off too. There is no way to disable sleep mode but, waking up the keyboard is instantaneous. When battery is low, the spacebar led will flash to alert you.

There is no bluetooth mode on the Deimos K599 keyboard so, you only have two modes: wired and 2.4Ghz wireless via the included dongle. If you need (or want) bluetooth connectivity, you can get it with the Royal Kludge RK84 and Royal Kludge RK61 keyboard. 

If you're going to use the keyboard exclusively for gaming, Bluetooth connectivity isn't as good as 2.4Ghz wireless but most bluetooth keyboards support multipoint connection (the RK84 and RK61 keyboards do), which means you can connect the keyboard to at least 3 devices at the same time. This is something you cannot do with 2.4Ghz wireless whose main advantage is very low latency. The Deimos K599 wireless connection latency is around 35ms. 

The Deimos K599 red switches are hot swappable, which means the switches are PCB mounted and can be easily removed with a switch removal tool (included). The Deimos K599 uses full size Outemu red switches with 3 pin configuration so, they can be interchanged with other Outemu switches. However, due to the Outemu hotswap sockets, which are soldered into the PCB, you won't be able to use other switch manufacturers such as Kail, Gateron or Cherry MX.

Being outemu red switches, they have a similar feel to Cherry MX red linear switches. They have low actuation so, they are easy to press, which is great for fast typing and first person shooting gaming. If you're a heavy handed person who likes typing hard on a keyboard, you may want to go with brown switches, although the K599 Deimos only comes with red switch option. There is no brown or blue switch to choose from like with other Redradon keyboards such as the Redragon K630W RGB keyboard.

The included 1.3 meters long cable has a stiff rubber sheath and straight plug connectors (USB-A to USB-C). There is also a plastic keycap tool, metal switch tool and four spare red switches included, a sticker and user guide. You can buy the Deimos K599 from RedragonShop. Check out the Royal Kludge RK920 Rainbow keyboard, Caraxes Pro K644 SE Wireless and CASTOR K631 RGB

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