WEWATCH V50 Review Native 1080p LCD Projector with LED Bulb

Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Up against a projector, the biggest TV won't do if you want a giant screen! Projectors are that versilt. The one seen pictured (WEWATCH V50) can be used for gaming, as well as watching movies from your computer or USB flash drive. It is also less heavy, unlike a hefty priced OLED TV screen! 


The WEWATCH V50 is a native 1080p (1920 x 1080) LCD projector (with single chip LCD) that uses a 230 ANSI LED light source to shine the image. It supports 16:9 aspect ratio and 4:3 aspect ratio so, you can get a taller squarish image or a wider rectangular image, which is very useful if you have a projector screen.

The WEWATCH V50 projector runs via mains electricity , which means it needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, unlike a portable projector with a built-in battery. That said, the V50 projector is very compact. It measures 24cm long, 19cm wide and 10cm high and weighs only 1.3 kg (1372 grams). The WEWATCH V50 projector body shell is made of plastic and integrates 9 physical plastic buttons so, you can navigate through menus without needing the included IR remote.

On board the V50 projector, there is also a manual focus facility via a hard plastic ring that lets you adjust the sharpness of the lens. Being a manual focus ring, it uses gears. When you rotate the focus ring clockwise or anti-clockwise, the projector lens screws in and out of its housing, sharpening the image. The focus ring on the V50 projector runs smoothly without sticking, which can be an issue with some manual focus projectors. Being manually operated, there is less to go wrong too than with a motorized automatic focus system. Fixing a manual focus lens is also easier.

Behind the focus ring, there is also a keystone lever for keystoning (correcting) the shape of the image. Keystone is a useful feature that helps when settign up the projector in tight spaces or uneven surfaces at an an awkward angle. That said, there is only 15 degree (left/right) of keystone support for correcting the image horizontally. There is no vertical keystoning so, you cannot correct the image vertically. Projectors with quadrilateral (4-point) keystone correction have both horizontal and vertical keystoning.

On the side of the projectors, there are air inlet and outlet vents, as well as connectivity ports, which include SD card slot, audio out (headphone jack), AV input, two HDMI 1.4 inputs and USB port, which supports Fire Stick TV. Via HDMI, you can connect the V50 projector to any device that accepts HDMI such as a laptop, desktop computer, Blu-ray and games console (e.g. PS4). Another advantage of HDMI connection is 4k support. However, the V5 projector does not support 4k and does not accept 4k content either; which means you cannot scale the 1080p image to 4k. The WEATCH V50 also supports Bluetooth for connecting the projector to a bluetooth speaker

The V50 HDMI ports do not support Google Chromecast either, which is useful for wirelessly streaming from an Android device. That said, the We Watch V50 projector does have a built-in screen mirroring facility that you can use to mirror the screen of an android, iOS, Mac and Windows device via USB cable connection, as well as wiressly (max 1080p at 60Hz) via Wifi or mobile data. Screen mirroring from a phone is cool as you can project your phone screen when do mobile gaming.

There are a total of 6 input sources you can choose from: AV, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, USB, Screen Mirroring and SD memory card. To connect directly via AV connection, the input device (e.g. TV, media player, console) needs to have an outgoing video ouput (e.g. RCA, S-video, HDMI, DVI, VGA). Most newer TV's have at least one video ouput but, if you have a very old TV, it likely won't have a "video out", which means you will need to use either a media player (DVD or Blu-ray), cable/satellite box or games console in order to hook the V50 projector to an old TV. If you plan to only use HDMI and USB connectivity, it's worth considering a smaller projector with fewer ports liker the V30SE Wifi projector.

On the bottom of the V50 projector, there are rubber feet, speaker vents, small air outlet vent and two gold plated female 1/4 inch threads designed for hanging the projector upside down off a cealing, mounted on a tripod or for height elevation. A male thumbscrew is included so you can elavate the front of the projector to about 5 inches.

The WEWATCH V50 projector has a simple, easy to navigate user interface that lets you access a variety of settings such as sound presets, sleep timer, volume, firmware update, etc. The user interface can be accessed while watching content, which means you can tweak the image and sound quality in real time, which is very useful. 


lights turned off

Despite being a single 4-watt down-firing speaker, it sounds really good. It is nicely tuned with the amp, producing high volume at only 56% volume, filling up a 24 m2 square meters room (6 meters x 4 meters). You can connect external speakers to the V50 projector, although the buit-in speaker gets disabled automatically.
                                                                     with indoor lighting

The user guide states that the WEWATCH V50 projector can project between a minimum distance of 5.6ft (66 inches) and maximum distance of 6.8ft (82 inches). That said, you cannot get a sharp image unless the projector is set at a minimum distance of 66.9 inches (5ft2) from the projection surface. If you place the projector at 66 inches, the focus ring is not able to sharpen the image. From 70 inches, the projection image size is 49 inches (horizontal) and 70 inches (vertical). Accessories included are an IR plastic remote with rubber buttons, figure 8 power cable (80cm long), high speed HDMI cable (1.2 meters long) and adapter (3.5mmto RCA - 13cm long).

If you're buying the V50 projector or any other projector, it's worth knowing that there are only two main types of display technologies: LCD and DLP. You will also hear the term "LED projector" but this isn't actually a projector display technology, but rather a reference to the light source used. Most projectors use either a halogen lamp or led bulb like in the case of the V50 projector. While not as brigth, LED bulbs emit less heat so, the projector doesn't get as hot. The V50 led bulb also has a longer lifespan/runtime (40,000 hours). You can buy the WEWATCH V50 from amazon and from WEWATCH TECH website and get a 50% OFF Amazon Code which will be valid only for one day (15th December 2020).

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