Graphene X All Rounder Shorts Review Knee Pants With Waterproof Pocket

Friday, June 30, 2023

Ultra lightweight high-performance "daily driver" shorts for endurance in any environment! The new All Rounder Shorts by Graphene X are the ultimate companion for the modern adventurer! Let's delve into the review and see how these performance shorts fare.

The All Rounder Shorts feature a proprietary graphene-integrated fabric that defies the laws of weight, using a T800 twisted 105 gsm polyester yarn, which makes this shorts super easy to pack, breathable, durable and comfortable. The 4-way mechanical stretch fabric design makes the shorts not only breathable but also stretch in all four directions, while keeping up with your body's every movement.

One of the selling features of the All Rounder Shorts is the cargo style waterproof pocket designed to keep electronics like a smartphone dry and secure when caught in a sudden downpour or taking an unexpected dip in a body of water. 
When it comes to repelling water and stains, the All Rounder Shorts are up to the task too. The fabric is treated with a PFC-free coating, allowing rain shower (and even food spillages) to slide right off the surface of the shorts.

The All Rounder Shorts are designed to fit above the knees, depending on your height. The All Rounder shorts seen pictured are Size Large with an 8inch/20cm inseam, 19inch/49cm leg length (from waist to cuff), 17inch/ 43cm waist (from side to side), 13inch/33cm crotch length and 12inch/30cm inside cuff (from side to side). The weight of the All Rounder shorts size large is 285 grams.

When sizing the All Rounder shorts, it's best to get these shorts fitted because of the elasticated waistband designed to fit your exact waist size. The shorts also integrate a non-slip rubber band on the inside rear belt line, which prevents the shorts from slipping down - even during rigorous activities. This eliminates the need to wear a belt with these shorts, although you can still wear a belt if you want to, thanks to the integrated belt loops.

The non-slip rubber band measures 43cm long x 2.5cm wide and, it's very grippy but has a sticky (almost tacky) feel to it, which could can feel uncomfortable on naked skin. The All rounder Shorts front closure consists of a classic fly zipper and hidden dual snaps with rubber pulltab for fastening the waist. there are also bar tacks strategically placed at common failure points, reinforcing the durability of these shorts.

Storage is essential for any pair of shorts, and the All Rounder Shorts excel in this aspect, boasting a total of 7 pockets. In addition to the classic frontal side pockets (28cm deep x 18cm high), you will find a small secret open pocket hidden inside the right frontal pocket. 
The All Rounder shorts also feature two invisible zippered rear pockets (20cm deep x 20cm high), a hidden side pocket with concealed YKK zipper (15cm deep x 15cm high) on the left side below the left frontal pocket. The waterproof pocket is the cargo style pocket down the rigth side of the leg protected by a magnetic storm flap.

The cargo style side zipper features a YKK metal zipper with fabric pull cord. Inside the cargo style side pocket, there is a plastic keyring attached to a fabric lanyard (non-detachable), as well as plenty of ample space for storing a phone, big wallet, pair of sunglasses and even a small water bottle. The dimensions of the cargo side pocket are 20cm deep x 16cm high.

Now, let's consider how the Graphene X All Rounder Shorts relate to other products in the Graphene X lineup, such as the Graphene X Hoodie X, OMEGA Pants, and the Alpha Series II jacket. These products complement each other perfectly, forming a cohesive ensemble for all your outdoor activities no matter the weather. 
When paired with the Graphene X Hoodie X, the All Rounder Shorts create a complete outfit that guarantees comfort, freedom of movement, and protection against the elements. The Graphene X OMEGA Pants offer a more extensive coverage option, perfect for colder climates or when additional protection is needed. Lastly, the Graphene X Alpha Series II jacket provides a layer of insulation and waterproofing, allowing you to take on the toughest conditions with confidence.

In summary, the Graphene X All Rounder Shorts are a solid buy worthy of any wardrobe. The shorts are ultra lightweight, durable and tactical with plenty of storage space and hidden features for pen knife or pocket knife. Whether you're commuting to work or out on a hiking trail, you will find the All Rounder Shorts comfortable to wear and easy to wash and dry.

Potential deal breakers
  • Sticky non-Slip Band
  • No side waist adjustors
  • Limited color options - only black and grey

Selling points
  • Ultra lightweight
  • YKK zippers
  • Elasticated waistband
  • Cargo style leg pocket
  • Subtle branding
  • 4-way mechanical stretch fabric
  • Stain resistant
  • Belt loop integration
  • Dual snap button waist closure
  • Metal square teeth fly zipper
  • Graphene fabric
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Quick Drying
  • No belt required
  • Waterproof Pocket
  • Versatile for a wide range of activities
  • Invisible zippered pockets
  • Ample pocket storage space
  • Bar tack reinforcements for high stress areas
  • Lifetime Guarantee 
You can buy the All Rounder Shorts from Graphene X website. 

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