DUNU Titan S Review 11mm LCP Single Dynamic Driver IEM

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Saturn's moon Titan is the name of DUNU's new IEM - Titan S - a single driver IEM with 11mm LCP (liquid crystal polymer) dynamic drivers with low impedance (32 ohms) and high sensitivity (110dB), making them easy to drive to full fidelity from a smartphone or portable DAP. 

The DUNU Titan S earphones have a nice neutral IEM tuning sound signature with a forward midrange and with just the right amount of sub bass (not boomy) which doesn't bleed into the midrange (vocals). The upper range has a nice extension too with the right amount of  bright treble sparkle, which is neither too bright nor too relaxed.

The DUNU Titan S shell is made of high density zinc alloy, which gives the earphones a premium feel without being too heavy. The Titan S earphones have a metal mesh nozzle, which is long, narrow and angled and fits very deep inside the ear canal preventing the earphones from falling out.

On the faceplate of the earphones, there is a grille mesh, which is closed but gives the impression of an open-back style headphone. The Titan S earphones and cable weigh 32 grams. The earphones alone weigh 17 grams so, about 8.5 grams per earphone. 

The DUNU Titan S earphones come per-fitted from factory with a detachable 1.2 meters long IEM cable, which  features 0.78mm 2 pins and a single ended 3.5mm jack connector. The cable has a transparent rubber sleeve with a rope braid twisted pattern. 
The wiring is made of mixed copper and silver plated copper strands, which gives the cable a stunning deep steampunk copper finish to it. Inline the cable, there is a rubber cinch which works as it should securing the y-cabling adjustment very snugly. There is also a zinc alloy barrel y-splitter located 34cm down the cable. The cable length from the y-splitter to the 3.5mm plug is 84cm.
The Titan S cable integrates pre-shaped earhooks made with very thin silicone tubing, which is nice as it makes the earhooks more malleable around the ear. The only downside to the thin tubing is that after a while, you can feel the braid of the cable rubbing against the skin.

The 2-pin plug connection into the earphone is very snug and will not come undone easily, which is nice but it does requires some decent force to unplug the 2-pins. The 2-pin plugs have blue/red markers to denote the R (right) and L (left) audio channels, as well as a V-grooved engraving on the side for pin polarity orientation.
The blue looking purse seen pictured is a DUNU branded zippered pouch that comes with the earphones. It is designed for transporting and storing the earbuds but can be used just like a purse. The Titan S pouch is made with a blue PU leather outer shell and soft blue suedette lining the interior. 
The Titan S pouch has large gold plated square teeth with a single gold plated metal slider attached to a thick piece of blue PU leather. The metal slider opens up all the way around the pouch but the pouch only opens about 45 degrees due to the side folding fabric hinges. Inside the Tital S pouch, there is an elastic quick stash pocket for keeping the eartips. 
The Titan S blue pouch is only partially water resistant due to the non-water resistant zipper, which is made with a fabric seam. the dimensions of the purse pouch are 12cm long, 8cm wide and 2cm high (deep). The pouch weighs 62 grams. Accessories included are a DUNU branded rubber cable tie, a spring loaded croc clip, three sets of silicone eartips with different color inner bores - red, blue and white. 
The eartips have a soft bowl shaped flange with a thick red and blue inner bore. The white eartips have a thinner bore, making them slightly more comfortable to wear but the blue and red bore eartips provide a tighter seal and better isolation, which increases the low end bass and softens the higher tones (treble) slightly.

For a budget IEM, the Titan S earphones have a superb build quality all-around and come with a decent amount of quality accessories such as the mentioned eartips, litz cable and "purse pouch", which could be a deal breaker for some people. This could be easily remedied by DUNU including a "wallet pouch" option for the Titan S. You can buy the Titan S from DUNU Top Sound and amazon.

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