Trust GXT 391 Thian Review 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Every gamer needs a trusty gaming headset! The new GXT 391 Thian headset comes with two connectivity options - wired and 5.8GHz wireless, which works via a plugable USB dongle that provides a 10 meters wireless range in direct line of sight. 

The GXT 391 Thian dongle connects easy to the headset. Simply plug the dongle into a USB port and it automatically connects to the headset when the headset is powered on. The dongle is compatible with PS4, PS5, MacOS 10.15 (and higher) and Windows 7 (and higher). The packaging box states Windows 8 as minimum requirement but the GXT 391 Thian headset does work with Windows 7 operating systems. 

If you plan to use the GXT 391 Thian headset mostly for Playstation, it is worth getting an officially licensed headset like the GTX 488 Forze gaming headset to future-proof yourself. An officially licensed headset for Playstation gives you the security that the headset will never become obsolete by a Playstation firmware update, which is something that happens to some unlicensed headsets.

The GXT 391 Thian dongle is plug-and-play so, it automatically installs without additional software. When plugged into a Windows computer, the computer's audio manager recognizes the dongle as an external speaker so, you have to manually set the headset as your computer's default device. The GXT 391 Thian headset  doesn't come with Trust Gaming software but, you can gain access to the headset's volume control from the computer. There is no access to microphone settings; hence you cannot manually adjust the volume of the boom arm microphone like you can with some headsets. 

The GXT 391 Thian headsets has on-earcup controls, which  are located on the rear side of the left earcup and include a plastic mute mic latching push button switch, a plastic power on/off button and a volume potentiometer wheel with stops for max/min volume. On the left earcup, there is also a 3.5mm aux port and a USB-C port for charging the headset. You can recharge the headset and listen to audio at the same time, which is nice but the included charging cable is way too short - only 30cm long. The USB-C port is charging only, meaning you cannot use it for wired audio. There is a small status led too, which stays lit up when playing audio. 

The GXT 391 Thian is an over-ear headset, although the inner hole openings look a bit small. The inner hole measures 5.5cm high, 4cm wide and 1.5cm deep. The 40mm drivers have a flat surface (no protruding bits) and are covered with a thin layer of fabric. The outer dimensions of the earpads is 9cm high and 7.5cm wide. The driver tuning has a forward midrange focus so, vocals and in-game cues come in loud and clear. There is good stereo separation for detail and good amount of bass too to draw you into the game, although not quite the immersion you get with the GXT 383 Dion headset, which features 50mm drivers and 7.1 surround sound. The GXT 391 Thian headset charging time is about 4 hours with a battery life of 11 hours at 100% volume.

The entire headset is made of plastic with a really smooth rubber-like matte coating finish which marks easily with greasy fingers but, it is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. The underside of the GXT 391 Thian headset has springy firm foam padding covered with white PU leather. On top of the headband, there is a large white print - Gaming X Trust - which stands for GTX. The headband is adjustable via a ratchet style inner band, which is entirely made of plastic (no metal reinforcement) and provides up to 3.5cm of extra head adjustment.

The GXT 391 Thian earpads are made of springy firm foam covered with mixed materials: black PU leather (outer and inner) and honeycomb fabric (front). Coupled with the lightweight construction of the earcups and fabric earpads, the passive noise isolation is low so, you can still hear your surroundings when wearing the headset. The microphone boom arm is located on the left side and, it is non-detachable. The boom arm can be rotated upright and down chin level but does not rotate around so, you cannot position the boom arm mic on the right side. The boom arm measures 14cm long and is made of rubber with memory wire which allows you to bend it into place at different angles. 
The Trust Gaming GXT 391 Thian is an extremely lightweight gaming headset (203 grams) and comfortable to wear if you are able to get the correct fit. The clamping force is on the low end so, the headset doesn't press uncomfortably against the ears/temple area, which is a plus when wearing glasses. 
The headset feels well made but has no headband yoke, which is an advantage when it comes to durability but comes with downsides too. Without no swivel and tilting mechanisms, the earcups may not fit comfortably on everyone's head and you aren't able to rotate the earcups flat, which is safer for transportation as this minimizes the likelihood of the earcups breaking should someone sit accidentally on the headset.
As a budget headset, the GXT 391 Thian headset is not the cheapest you can buy. It does not include software support or RGB lighting and the included user guide could have been better made to reflect the price tag of the headset. The user guide slightly cheapens the headset because it is too simplified without a single word in it, making it not very user friendly. You can get cheaper gaming headsets with a more premium presentation then the GXT 391 Thian headset and more features like bluetooth connectivity, which is useful for wireless mobile gaming. 

Accessories included are a rubber charging cable (USB-A to USB-C) and semi stiff fabric audio cable (3.5mm male to male). The cables are unbranded but the 5.8GHz wireless dongle has Trust Gaming branding on it. The 5.8GHz wireless dongle is 4cm long so, it will stick out of a USB port. It also comes with a button on the side to manually reset the connection. The audio cable weighs 11 grams and measures 1.2 meters long. You can buy the GXT 391 Thian headset from amazon. Check out the review of the GXT 322 Carus headset, and GXT 410 Rune headset.

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