Soundcore Motion Boom Plus Review 80W RMS Speaker With Mic And Powerbank Function

Thursday, June 09, 2022

A portable thumping bass machine - the new Soundcore Motion Boom Plus is no slouch! It is a meatier and beefier upgrade of the original Motion Plus. 

The Motion Boom Plus is equipped with two dual coil titanium woofers (30 watts each), two silk dome tweeters (10 watts each) and two passive radiator (one on each side). The woofers and tweeters are forward firing. The total RMS of the Motion Boom Plus is 80 watts, which is 20 watts more than the Soundcore Model Zero speaker and 50 watts more than the Motion Plus.

One feature you probably don't expect is microphone for calls. That's right. The Soundcore Motion Boom Plus has a built-in microphone, which turns the speaker into a gigantic speakerphone. You can control calls (answer/reject/end), as well as audio playback (play/pause, volume and track skipping) and voice assistant via four physical rubber led buttons. The buttons feel slightly mushy but are clicky and responsive.
The Motion Boom Plus weighs 2.4kg and measures 39cm long, 13cm deep and 29cm high. The speaker has a squarish diameter (12cm x 12cm) and IP67 waterproofing and dust resistance. The enclosure is made entirely of hard plastic with a textured grooved finish on the backside and plastic grab handle, which has a large Soundcore engraving on top. The front mesh is made of metal and integrates a small plastic Soundcore badge glued on to it. The end sides of the speaker (enclosing the passive radiators) are made of hard plastic, which is okay but rubber would have worked out better for bump protection.
There is a USB-A port built-in to the speaker, which is a power passthrough port that turns the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus into a 13,500 mAh powerbank letting you charge external devices. The output charge of the USB-A port is 5V/2.1A (10.5 watts). Speaking of charging, you can charge whilst playing music. It akes 5.5 hours to charge the Motion Boom Plus from 0% to 100%. Battery life is 20 hours with 50% volume and "bass mode" turned off. At 100% volume and "bass mode" turned on, battery life is 6 hours. An unbranded male to male USB-C rubber cable is included for charging. 
The Soundcore Motion Boom Plus bluetooth 5.3 chip supports SBC codec only, multipoint connection and absolute volume, which on a portable speaker is a useful function that lets you control the volume from the audio source (e.g. phone). 
As far as audio/sound quality, the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus performs noticeably better in wired mode. The volume is louder and the overall sound quality is better too in wired mode than in bluetooth, which isn't surprising since wired connections are able to carry a higher audio bandwidth than wireless connections.

There is an EQ in the Soundcore app (free to download) so, you can do plenty of tweaks for getting the sound exactly how you want it. The treble can be extended up to 40kHz, which is nice if you like hearing micro details and V-shape sound. The sound separation is a lot better than on a small portable speaker like the Soundcore Flare Plus but, you can hook up two Motion Boom Plus speakers via TWS mode and up to 100 partyCast-compatible speakers.

The included shoulder strap can be shorted down to 74cm long and extended up to a maximum length of 150cm long (1.5 meters). The strap is made of webbing material - similar to a backpack strap so, it is very durable. The strap measures 4cm wide and integrates PU leather accents with Soundcore branding on the sides, as well as beefy metal keychain style clips for clipping onto the speaker loops (made of plastic). Total weight of the strap is 127 grams. The strap is a nice useful addition but has no padding. The Motion Boom Plus isn't massively heavy to carry (only 2.4kg). 

On the rear side of the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus, there is a large rubber grommet concealing the connectivity ports. These include USB-C port (input charging only), USB-A charge-out and 3.5mm aux for wired mode. The rubber grommet is thick and hinged to the speaker so, you won't lose it accidentally. 

On the base of the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus, there are two thick and raised rubber feet glued on to a raised platform, which keeps the speaker (and passive radiators) off the ground about 1cm high. The thick rubber feet keep vibrations to a minimum, preventing the speaker from vibrating uncontrollably. 
The Soundcore app has a nice user interface but requires an account sign up. You can sign in as a guest too (by clicking X on the top left corner) but the app doesn't seem to fully work as a guest until you register an account. App features include four auto-power off options (5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins and 20 mins), power off function, play/pause function, bass function, volume slider and 9-band equalizer with 4 presets and custom EQ mode to create your own sound. You can buy the Motion Boom Plus 80W version from amazon. There is also a smaller 30W Motion Boom Plus

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