JBL LIVE PRO 2 Review A Worthy Upgrade Over The LIVE PRO+ TWS Earbuds

Friday, June 10, 2022

A beautiful, feature-rich set of earbuds from JBL - the new LIVE PRO+ TWS - a solid upgrade over its predecessor the JBL LIVE PRO+ TWS!

The JBL LIVE PRO 2 feature "super" quick charge, which gives the LIVE PRO 2 a longer quick charge (4 hours) from just 15 minutes recharge, which is twice as long as you get with the industry standard quick charge of most earbuds (2 hours from 10 minute recharge). Mobile app support is the second coolest feature you get with the JBL Live Pro 2 earbuds.  
The app has a sleak, easy to navigate user interface. There is no account registration required to access the app, which is nice. From the app, you can view battery level for each earbud and the case too, as well as disable voice prompts, adjust ambient sound, power off the earbuds and trigger "find my buds" alert sound, which helps you locate the earbuds when lost (check video on the review for the sound test).

The JBL Headphones app also also lets you enable "hands-free "OK Google" detection" so, you can control the earbuds with spoken commands, as well as access a 10-band EQ to select different preset sounds to change the LIVE PRO 2 default's neutral balanced sound to any sound signature of your choosing. After creating a custom EQ sound, it automatically gets saved on-board the earbuds so, you don't have to run the app every-time. The stock preset sounds can also be customized too, which is something you can't do with most earbuds EQ app.

The JBL LIVE PRO 2 charging case also supports wireless charging - same as the Live Pro Plus. The JBL LIVE PRO 2 charging case takes 2 hours to charge via cable and 4 hours via a 5W Qi charger. The case supports Qi fast wireless charging too so, if you have a 10W wireless charger, it only takes 2.5 hours to charge the LIVE PRO 2 case.
 Aesthetically, the LIVE PRO 2 earbuds have a thick stem (2.5cm long) and oval shape body as the LIVE PRO+ TWS. The nozzle has a stock oval shape tip with a metal mesh tip protecting it. The stem faceplate is made of a metallic reflective material with JBL laser brand etching. The touch control panel is located above the stem and responds quickly when touching it. 
That said, there is an ever so slightly tiny bit of delay (like a split second) that was not observed with the LIVE PRO+ TWS model. You can control up to 5 functions per earbud, including audio playback and calls (answer/end/reject/mic mute) via three gesture controls (single tap, double tap and long press). Touch control functions are not remappable, which would have been useful. 

The LIVE PRO 2 charging case is also similar - same spring loaded flip up lid and dimensions 5.5cm long, 5.5cm deep and 2.5cm high. The earbuds weigh 5 grams each and the case weighs 50 grams - same as the LIVE PRO+ TWS. The LIVE PRO 2 earbuds take 2 hours to charge - same as the charging case - and deliver up to 8 hours of battery life runtime with ANC turned on and 50% volume. With ANC turned off, you can get 10 hours of battery life from the earbuds. The charging case can store between 22 and 30 hours of extra charge, giving you enough power to recharge the earbuds 2 or 3 times. 
The LIVE PRO 2 six beamforming microphones (3 on each earbud) is another highlight. The mics are designed for ANC, ambient sound and noise call suppression. The call quality is very good, thanks to the beamforming design of the microphones, which tracks voices a lot better than regular mics. This makes the LIVE PRO 2 ideal for work conference calling with multiple people. The beamforming microphones also enable the Ambient sound feature (for hearing external sounds). 
Ambient sound works extremely well on the LIVE PRO 2 because the audio of the volume gets automatically reduced and external sounds get amplified clearly, letting you to people when working out at the gym without having to remove the earbuds from the ears. The LIVE PRO 2 earbuds have IPX5 sweat resistance too. 

JBL's "Dual Connect + Sync" technology (only works with Android devices) is another feature you get with the new LIVE PRO 2 earbuds. This function makes connecting the earbuds super easy. It works automatically so, the minute you open the charging case and enable bluetooth on the phone, the LIVE PRO 2 earbuds connect to the phone immediately. 

The LIVE PRO 2 have the exact same retail price tag as the LIVE PRO+ TWS model, which is strange because the LIVE PRO 2 beats the LIVE PRO+ TWS in almost every department with some exceptions such as design and features - both the LIVE PRO 2 and LIVE PRO+ support multipoint connection and AAC - same as the new JBL Tour PRO 2. Other than that, the LIVE PRO 2 has longer quick charge, sidetone monitoring, longer battery life, lower latency too (via video mode) and bluetooth 5.2 LE audio chip, which make choosing the LIVE PRO 2 a no brainer. 
The bluetooth 5.2 LE audio chip is the latest bluetooth low energy specification that allows the LIVE PRO 2 to have such an amazing battery life. Also, the LIVE PRO 2 integrate the "ShareMe" feature, which is a universal music sharing function that allows you to share audio/music from your LIVE PRO 2 with any other ShareMe earbuds/headphones from a different manufacturer.
The LIVE PRO 2 earbuds and case are available in four colorways (rose, blue, silver and black). There is no white version like you get with the LIVE PRO+ TWS, which may sway people looking for an AirPod like color scheme. Included in the box, you get silicone tips (3 sizes) and a JBL branded orange cable, which is short but feels premium made with a thick flat outer sheath and rubber plugs. The silicone tips are custom ones with a very thin flange, making them super comfortable inside the ear canal. You can buy the JBL LIVE PRO 2 from amazon. Check out the review of the JBL WAVE 300TWS.

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