Ugreen HiTune T3 ANC Review Lightweight Earbuds With Supression for Calls And Music

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

 The Ugreen HiTune T3 ANC are a harmonious, finely tuned set of bluetooth earbuds with active noise cancellation and transparency mode, which works well for situational awareness when walking out and about in town! 

Opening the charging case triggers automatic bluetooth pairing, which is convenient as this allows you to pair and connect the HiTune T3 ANC earbuds whilst inside the case. The earbuds are equipped with bluetooth 5.2, which supports SBC and AAC but no multipoint support. The earbuds have a status led too, which has been designed not to blink when listening to audio - perfect if you don't like flashing lights on earbuds.

 The ANC function works even when you are not playing audio and has superb performance, considering the budget price. The HiTune T3 ANC earbuds touch controls are very responsive, requiring only a slight touch (no tapping on the earbud). The touch controls integrate a haptic like tone feedback, which can be felt every time you touch the earbuds. There are a total of 3 touch control gestures (single tap, double tap and long press) for controlling play/pause and skip to previous/next, voice assistant and calls (answer/end/reject). There is no volume support.

The HiTune T3 ANC earbuds also integrate voice prompt alerts, which can be heard loud and clear even at 100% volume. Voice prompts include: "normal mode", "noise cancelling on", "ambient sound on". If you don't like "bassy ANC", you will be glad to know that the HiTune T3 ANC design does not alter the sound as much as other ANC earbuds which create a boosted bass effect when ANC is turned on. The 10mm dynamic drivers put out a decent amount of volume with good bass isolation when getting a good seal in the ear canal.

The HiTune T3 ANC earbuds don't insert too deep inside the ear canal; hence they are comfortable to wear for long periods and they only weigh 5 grams each. The nozzle is short and integrates a fabric mesh guard with IPX5 resistance so, yon can sweat and run with the earbuds in light rain. The glossy black plastic finish looks and feels nice on the ears but it's a bit of a fingerprint magnet (same as the case). The stem is 3cm long; hence the HiTune T3 ANC are long stem style earbuds. The microphone for calls has a good pickup quality and integrate AI noise suppression so, you can use the HiTune T3 ANC earbuds for work calls, voice notes, conference calling, etc.

The HiTune T3 ANC charging case weighs 34 grams and measures 6cm long, 2cm thick and 4.5cm high. The HiTune T3 ANC charging case has an square oval shape, which is perfect for slipping in and out of a small pocket. The charging case cannot stand upright because of the curved bottom, which is where the USB-C charging port is also located. The HiTune T3 ANC charging case has the same stealthy glossy plastic finish as the earbuds with subtle "Ugreen" laser etching on the rear side of the case. The hinge lid is strong and opens up 90 degrees. 

There are 3 leds on the front side of the HiTune T3 ANC charging case designed to feedback the battery status of the case, as well as the earbuds. The HiTune T3 ANC charging case takes 2 hours to recharge and can store up to 24 hours of extra battery, which is enough for recharging two times. The case does not support Qi wireless charging. 
The HiTune T3 ANC earbuds recharge in about 1.5 hours with 10 minute quick charge support, which gives you 2 hours of playtime. With ANC turned on and 50% volume, the HiTune T3 ANC earbuds have a runtime of 6.5 hours (and 6 hrs at 100% volume). The ANC and transparency mode (ambient mode) cannot be disabled so, you are forced to have ANC or ambient sound.

The HiTune T3 ANC earbuds are a solid pair of budget bluetooth earbuds with strong selling points, including very good ANC and mic quality for calls, as well as a modern and sleak premium style. The HiTune T3 ANC earbuds have "almost" everything you could need from earbuds including active noise cancellation, ambient sound mode and background noise suppression for calls. 
However, there are two features you don't get with these earbuds which can be potential deal breakers. There is no volume support and there is no mobile app support; hence you cannot remap the touch controls or access EQ settings. If your phone supports AAC, you won't find issues with latency so, you can watch videos and play some games. If you require low latency, check out the HiTune X6 earbuds, which also have ANC functionality. 

Accessories include a charging cable and standard bowl shaped silicone tips with thin inner bore, which is perfect if you have small ear canals or sensitive ears. You can buy the Ugreen HiTune T3 ANC earbuds from amazon. They are available in glossy black and glossy white, which is sure to appeal those looking for an AirPod like design without the Apple price tag.

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