Redragon Enlightment M991 RGB Review Huano Switch Gaming Mouse

Monday, June 13, 2022

Redragon pays homage to the roguelike genre with the new M991 RGB Enlightment gaming mouse - a sure hit with die-hard fans of the Enlightenment action-shooter game!  

The M991 RGB Enlightment mouse is equipped with a PixArt PAW3370 optical sensor, which has a similar performance to the older PAW3335 sensor - found on the M686 Vampire Elite mouse - but with lower lift-off-distance (LOD) and lower error rate, making the PAW3370 more accurate at tracking fast movements than the PAW3335.

Dimensions is on par with the Redragon M612 Predator which the M991 RGB Enlightment mouse resembles a lot like. The main difference is the M612 is a wired-only mouse with RGB button on-board, whereas the M991 RGB has both wired and wireless support but no RGB button; hence you cannot control RGB effects right from the mouse itself. The only way to change RGB light effects on the M991 mouse is via the user profile mode switch button - located on the bottom of the mouse. 
The mode switch push button lets you toggle between 5 user profiles, which can only be customized via Redragon's software, which also gives you access to button remapping, macros, DPI and RGB settings.
The M991 RGB Enlightment mouse weighs 122 grams and, it measures 4cm high, 12.5cm long and 7.5cm wide (middle section), 6cm wide (front) and 5cm wide (backside). The M991 can be used two ways: wired to a computer or wireless via the included 2.4Ghz transmitter dongle which is Redragon branded.

The M991 RGB Enlightment mouse uses huano blue switches - same type found on the Zowie mice. Huano switches are as good as Omron switches but with a harder actuation, making the M991 RGB Enlightment mouse better suited for fps games. When playing multiplayer online games such as Defense of the Ancients (DotA) and League of Legends (LoL) multiplayer online games, your fingers will get tired quickly because of the stiffness of the huano microswitches. 

There are a total 9 programmable buttons on top of the M991 RGB Enlightment mouse. One of those buttons is a rapid fire button, which can be customized to create a sequence auto clicker macro with up to 59 actions. 
The other buttons include an up/down DPI changer, report rate button, forward/back browser buttons, left/right click buttons and threaded rubberized scroll wheel button with smooth scrolling mechanism. The scroll wheel integrates a status led ring designed to feedback current DPI status via a different color light. The default DPI settings on-board the M991 mouse are 1000dpi, 2000dpi, 4000dpi, 8000dpi and 19,000dpi (max dpi). The default dpi settings can be changed via Redragon's desktop software (free to download). The lowest dpi setting you can select is 100 dpi.

The top of the M991 RGB Enlightment mouse is covered with a matte rubbery coating and a glossy plastic accent across for styling. The rubbery coating on top is soft and grippy and minimizes fingerprints. The sides of the M991 Enlightment mouse are made of non rubberized plastic with textured finish for grip. On the left side, there are two plastic buttons in series, as well as a thumb rest. 

The USB-C port is designed for wired connection, as well as charging the mouse. The port is deeply recessed inside the mouse, which is a good design as this makes the port more durable and longer lasing preventing premature failure. Another unique feature you get with the M991 Enlightment is the "smily" looking emoji on the bottom of the mouse, which is te storage compartment for storing the 2.4Ghz dongle. To open the compartment, you simply rotate the lid clockwise and, to close it anticlockwise.

Next to the mode switch button, there is a switch for toggling between eco mode, on mode and off mode, which completely turns off power from the battery. The off switch option is very handy on a mouse to preserve battery life. This is because even when not in use the optical sensor in a mouse is always tracking; hence drawing battery. Eco (economy) mode disables the RGB lighting, while On mode turns on the RGB lights. Battery life is approximately 3 days with RGB lights turned off and 1 day with RGBs turned on. In wireless mode, the mouse goes to sleep after a few seconds of inactivity (there is no option to disable this). The built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery takes 5.5 hours to recharge.
As a rule of thumb, a heavy mouse is better for games that require accuracy such as first person shooter (fps) games. The ideal weight for an FPS mouse is between 85 grams and 90 grams., which means the M991 Enlightment is heavier than the average mouse (around 100 grams) but not as heavy as the average heavy mouse (around 180 grams). If you plan to use the mouse for non-fps games such as MMO gaming, getting a lightweight mouse (e.g. Storm M808) is ideal. Anything below 80 grams is considered a lightweight mouse. If play mostly multiplayer gaming, it is best going for a mouse with tons of buttons such as the M913 Impact Elite.

The M991 Enlightment feels good for a budget mouse. There is some slight rattling noise (from the buttons) when shaking the mouse but other than the build quality of the M991 Enlightment mouse is good - on par with most budget mice. A stiff (unbranded) braided cable is included with a velcro strap for cable management. The cable weighs 37 grams has a durable premium feel to it and good length (1.8 meters). The only downside to the stiff fabric cable is that creates cable drag so, for gaming you may find you will need mouse bungee. You can buy the M991 RGB Enlightment mouse from Redragon and amazon. Check out the review of the Aatrox M811 MMO mouse

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