BLON Fat Girl Review Bullet Wired Earphones Bass Heavy

Friday, July 29, 2022

Truly memorable and hard to miss name - BLON's new Fat Girl! A set of bullet style earphones equipped with single 10mm composite dynamic drivers housed inside an aluminium alloy metal body with a straight nozzle and metal mesh guard protecting the nozzle tip.

 BLON Fat Girl come with a 1.2 meter long non-detachable cable, half braided and half rubber. The y split cabling section (rubber) measures 38cm long down to the y-splitter barrel, which seems to be made of chrome plastic - just like the 3.5mm plug connector. There is no cable cinch inline the cable.
BLON Fat Girl weigh just 17 grams, making them more lightweight than most wired IEMs on the market. 

In terms of audio, the BLON Fat Girl are bass heavy earphones (with strong sub bass and mid bass) and V-shaped tuning, meaning the bass and treble are both elevated over the midrange (vocals and instruments). The sound stage is wide and the imaging is good for pin pointing where sounds are coming from, making the BLON Fat Girl suitable for listening to songs with lots of instruments and casual (non-competitive) gaming, as long as you don't mind the constant bass presence.

The biggest potential deal breaker facing the BLON Fat Girl is the non-detachable cable, which makes the BLON Fat Girl not as versatile as 2 pin/MMCX IEMs with detachable cable such as the BLON Mini and BLON BL07
The main advantage of an IEM with a detachable cable is that you can replace the cable if it breaks. Being detachable also allows you to interchange the IEM cable with a better cable or an IEM bluetooth adapter cable to convert a wired IEM to wireless. Non of these options are available for the BLON Fat Girl due to the cable being fixed.
Other potential deal breakers include no cable inch inline the cable and bullet style fit, which may not suit all ears due to the straight nozzle design, which can cause the earphones to fall out of the ears. The name "Fat Girl", just like Fatman Amplifiers, maybe marketing genius but, it is likely to put off/offend some buyers  The braided section of cable can cause cable noise (microphonics).

Selling points for BLON Fat Girl include the durable part braided cable, thick rubber strain reliefs and metal body, which won't break like plastic earbuds. Being wired, the BLON Fat Girl deliver better sound quality than wireless earphones and secure fit so no chance of losing the BLON Fat Girl earphones like you can with true wireless earbuds. 
No charging needed, always ready to use, which is the biggest plus with wired earphones. Zero latency makes the BLON Fat Girl ideal for mobile gaming too. Versatile wearing style is another plus for BLON Fat Girl, which can be worn with the cable straight down or looped around the top of the ear. Accessories include standard bowl shaped silicone ear tips. You can buy the BLON Fat Girl from Linsoul with inline remote/microphone or without remote/microphone. 

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