Blon BL-Mini Review Single Dynamic Driver IEM

Friday, July 30, 2021

The Blon Mini earphones are truly and really eye catchy and out of the ordinary with a miniature replica design of Chicago's famous Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) tourist attraction. The Blon Mini even have the same mirror polishing finish as The Bean but, instead of a bean shape, the Blon Mini earphones have a helical tube shape similar to a cavatappi macaroni.

Despite the high polished mirror finish, the BLON Mini earbuds aren't as fingerprint magnet, thanks to a coating that repels oily smudges. On the underside of the body, there is a laser engraved small text that reads "WGZBlon 2014", which represents the year the brand WGZBlon (aka Blon) started. R and L markings are also subtly engraved on the body of the earphones, as well as on the 2 pin connector plugs. The engraving is so discreet though, that you hardly notice it being there.

The Blon Mini earphones weigh 6.5 grams each, while the cable weighs 13 grams; hence a total weight of 26 grams, which is 2 grams lighter than the Shanling ME80 earphones, 6 grams ligher than the Tripowin TC01 (32 grams) and 10 grams lighter than the CCA CKX earphones (36 grams). 

The Blon Mini are, indeed, very small and lightweight and, despite the odd shape, they are very comfortable to wear inside the ear canal. As far as sound, the Blon Mini uses 6mm single dynamic drivers with dual voice coils, low impedance (16 ohms) and high sensitivity (115dB), which drive very easily from a phone, producing loud volume. The BL Mini driver architecture is similar to the new Blon BL07 single driver IEM but with 10mm drivers.

The Blon Mini dynamic drivers deliver a bass-forward sound signature; hence the midrange and treble fall behind the bass, which is boomy, although clean enough to hear sub-bass frequencies. The bass bleeds a little into the midrange; making vocals sound deeper. 

The treble is not as quite as bright as other in-ear monitors, which is likely due to the fact the Blon Mini don't have any armature drivers. On the plus side, the Blon Mini deliver a relaxed treble sound which doesn't fatigue the ears, making it ideal for those with treble sensitivity. There is good detail, although the sound stage is narrow; hence the instrument separation is not as wide as other iems such as Tripowin TC01.

The Blon Mini shells look like they're made of stainless steel but, it's actually zinc alloy, which is not as strong as stainless steel but, it's corrosion-resistant and lead-free. The included cable has has a premium feel to it and, it's made of multicore twisted silver wiring covered with a transparent rubber sheath. The cable measures 1.2 meters long and has a tubular-shaped y-splitter, which is located 20cm down the cable. Both the y-splitter and connector plug are made of plastic with a chrome finish. The 3.5mm connector plug is also engraved with the same text that reads "WGZBlon 2014".

The Blon Mini cable has preformed flexible hooks, which are comfortable and easily adjusted to mold around the back of the ears. The detachable 2 pin plugs have the same recessed 2 pin design as the CCA CKX earphone cable. Recessed pins makes the connection more secure and a bit safer too because there is less chance of bending the pins accidentally. 

The Blon Mini ship with a light-colored canvas fabric pouch with drawstrings and a rubber stamped logo of "WGZBlon 2014". The pouch weighs 4 grams and measures 11cm long and 8.5cm wide. There are also standard bowl-shaped silicone eartips and a set of cone shaped ear tips, which come pre-fitted. You can buy the Blon Mini from Linsoul. Check out the Tin Hifi T2 Evo IEMs. Check out the review of KZ VX10 true wireless, TRN TA2 triple driver

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