YeHua Q5R1 Review Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver

Friday, July 22, 2022

Wireless prevents cable mess by eliminating the need of running long cables across a room, giving you more flexibility of placement. The wireless solution seen pictured is the YeHua Q5R1 - a wireless transmitter and receiver for extending the HDMI and VGA output of a device wirelessly across a 50 meter range! 
The YeHua Q5R1 wireless HDMI extender consists of two main components: a Yehua receiver (RX) and Yehua transmitter, which communicate with each other using dual band Wifi (using 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies). The Yehua transmitter plugs into the HDMI output of a device, while the receiver connects to the HDMI input of a monitor or projector.
The Yehua Q5R1 transmitter has an oval shape (8cm long, 6cm wide and 1cm thick) and, it is made of hard plastic with a rubber ring around the base. The Yehua transmitter features perforated holes (for ventilation), a thick HDMI cable (8cm long) and a recessed USB-C port to supply power to the transmitter.

The Yehua Q5R1 receiver measures 12.5cm long, 7cm deep and 2cm high. The enclosure is made of smooth aluminum metal and features rubber pads on the bottom to prevent the receiver from sliding on a desk. On the bottom of the enclosure, there is a small metal grille mesh cutout (for ventilation) and a reset pinhole should you need to reset the pairing connection between the receiver and transmitter. The connectivity ports are rear facing and include a 3.5mm headphone port, a USB-C port (for power), a HDMI port, a VGA port and coaxial RF threads for screwing the detachable antennas on to. Aside from the antenna coaxial threads, which stick out, the connectivity ports sit level against the rear faceplate, which is a good thing as this makes the connectivity ports more durable and less likely to wear out prematurely.
On the side of the Yehua Q5R1 receiver, there is a latching push button for powering on/off the receiver. On top of the Yehua receiver, there is a clear bit of plastic with a long status led bar to indicate wireless connection. The detachable RF (radio frequency) antennas measure 15cm long, 2cm wide and 0.5cm thick. The antennas integrate a hinge for adjusting the angle, allowing you to bend the antenna at different angles (90 degrees, 45 degrees and flat). With the antennas attached upright, the depth of the Yehua receiver increases from 7cm deep to 10cm deep.

Potential deal breakers facing the Yehua Q5R1 transmitter/receiver are as follows: no DVI/VGA to HDMI adapter included, which would have been useful for connecting the Yehua transmitter to a monitor or projector that isn't equipped with a HDMI port. 

There is no HDMI input on the Yehua Q5R1 transmitterr; hence it does not support HDMI loop out. This means, you cannot watch video on a TV connected to the transmitter, while streaming to another TV connected to the receiver. Depending on your setup, another potential deal breaker will be having to use a second power adapter (not included) for powering the Yehua transmitter. If the monitor or projector has a free USB port fr power, you can use it to power the Yehua transmitter.
One of the biggest selling points for the Yehua Q5R1 wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver is that one receiver can be paired with up to 8 transmitters at the same time, making the Yehua Q5R1 very useful for conference room presentations, small classrooms and workplaces where multiple screens can be shared with multiple users quickly and conveniently. The wireless range coverage of the Yehua Q5R1 wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver is 50 meters/ 165ft in direct line of sight. You can also use it across walls, although the signal decreases accordingly. 
Other selling points include the ability to wireless extend a HDMI output and wireless VGA output at the same time, making the Yehua Q5R1 more versatile to use. The Yehua transmitter and receiver have been paired to each other from factory, which speeds up the setup process out of the box. You can manually pair the transmitter and receiver though. Steps on how to do this can be found on the user guide. 

The power adapter that is included comes with a detachable power cable and interchangeable travel plugs (for international travel) are two other selling points. Two USB cables (1 meter long each) are included but you can use your own cables too if you require a longer connection, which is neat.
 The Yehua receiver weighs 148 grams, while the Yehua transmitter weighs 47 grams.
The dual band Wifi connection between receiver and transmitter is another advantage, making the wireless connection stronger with very little latency (100ms) in a Wifi congested environment. The YeHua Q5R1 transmitter can transmit up to 1080p/60fps video resolution only but,  the receiver can playback up to 4k/30 fps videos. 
Accessories include  a 10W USB power brick adapter with interchangeable plugs. The power adapter has a small brick form factor, measuring 4cm wide, 4.5cm long and 4cm deep. There is also two hard plastic detachable antennas,a flat HDMI rubber cable (20cm long) and two USB-C to USB-A cables (1 meter long).
The YeHua Q5R1 is a useful device for converting a wired HDMI connection to wireless, making it a useful for multiple purposes. You can plug in the Yehua tramsitter into any device with a HDMI output such as a video camera, handheld recorder, TV setup box, PS4/PS5 video game console, desktop computer and laptop and output the connection wirelessly to a monitor or projector that has a HDMI input. It is that simple. 
There is also a USB-C version available of the Yehua transmitter/receiver. It is exactly the same device but, instead of using HDMI connection, it uses USB-C connection, making it more suitable for MacBooks, Android phone and tablets and iPads with USB-C connection. You can buy the YeHua Q5R1 transmitter/receiver from amazon.

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