Tronsmart Onyx Pure Review Dual Driver Earbuds

Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Onyx Pure earbuds by Tronsmart - a simple and easy to use set of true wireless earbuds, perfect for casual music listening and commuting to work!

 The Onyx Pure earbuds come inside a small and compact pebble style charging case made of smooth matte plastic. The charging case has a single battery status led, a bottom facing USB-C charging port and reset button, as well as a "wobbly" hinge lid made of metal. Due to the oval shape design, the Onyx Pure charging case can not stand upright so, charging is done with the case laying flat on its front or back side. The charging case weighs 30 grams and measures 6cm long, 4cm high and 2cm thick. 

The Onyx Pure earbuds have a similar stealth design to the charging case with a round body shell and button style faceplate that has a concave touch control panel. Touch control functions include power on/off, play/pause, volume up/down, 3 EQ modes, skip track to previous/next and calls (answer/end/reject). During calls, you can also increase and decrease the volume of the call. The touch sensitivity is responsive and not overly sensitive; hence you have to tap on the earbud to register a response. Some touch control earbuds can be more sensitive, requiring only a light touch.  

The on-board EQ (equalizer) is one of the highlights of the Onyx Pure earbuds, along with the dual driver setup (dnamic driver + armature driver). The onboard equalizer lets you change the sound signature from three preset sounds: normal (balanced sound), bass boost and pure (treble emphasis). The Onyx Pure earbuds will memorize the equalizer mode you set when powering off the earbuds. You will also hear a voice prompt alert when toggling between each EQ mode. The voice alert is loud and can be heard even at 100% volume.

Pairing the Onyx Pure earbuds to a phone is easy and straight forward, thanks to automatic bluetooth pairing when opening the lid of the charging case. Once paired, you can switch between earbuds for mono sound. The switching process between earbuds is almost seamless other than a 3 second re-connection delay when taking the second earbud out of the case.

The Onyx Pure earbuds are small and compact so, they stick out of the ears very little. Speaking of ears, the Onyx Pure earbuds should fit comfortably on most ears, thanks to the short nozzle and low weight (4.5 grams per earbud). That said, the nozzle is straight so, the Onyx Pure earbuds have a similar fit to bullet style earbuds, which is worth noting specially if you have angled ear canals. If a secure fit is important to you, it is best going for wingtip earbuds such as the Onyx Prime earbuds

The Onyx Pure earbuds come equipped with a bluetooth 5.3 chip, which supports SBC codec only. There is no perceivable latency when watching videos in an Android device. For mobile gaming though, it is best going for earbuds with low latency mode such as the Tronsmart Battle.

The Onyx Pure earbuds also integrate a microphone on each earbud for calls. There is very little noise cancellation so, you can expect background noise to leak into your conversation but, the call quality is good - loud and natural sounding. The Onyx Pure charging case takes 2 hours to fully charge, while the earbuds take 1.5 hours to charge. At 50% volume, the battery life of the Onyx Pure earbuds is 7 hours, and up to 30 hours total with the case, which can store enough power to charge the earbuds twice over. When adjusting volume to 100%, you will hear a short feedback tone to alert you that you have reached max volume. 

Some potential deal breakers facing the Onyx Pure earbuds are as follows: no mobile app, no quick charge, no absolute bluetooth volume, no low latency game mode, no wireless charging case, no active noise cancellation (anc), no multipoint connection and no AAC codec support. The single battery led on the Onyx Pure case isn't as convenient as four battery leds for reading the battery status of the case. Because the Onyx Pure earbuds have no app support, you cannot remap the gesture controls (e.g. single tap, double tap, triple tap, and long press), which would have been handy for making the volume a "long press" rather than a single tap. If mobile app support is important to you, check out the Apollo Air buds, which also feature aptX and AAC codec support.

The main selling point of the Onyx Pure earbuds is the basic functionality and quick access to an equalizer on-board the earbuds without the need of a mobile app. The Onyx Pure earbuds have IPX5 sweat resistance too, making them suitable for light exercise. 
Other selling points include USB-C charging, latest bluetooth 5.3 chip, subtle/minimalist branding, low weight and small form factor for carrying inside a trouser pocket. The total combined weight of the Onyx Pure charging case and earbuds is just 39 grams. The included silicone ear tips are also nice. They are made of soft silicone with a thin inner bore, which makes them comfortable to wear inside the ear canals. Accessories included are an unbranded short charging cable (USB-A to USB-C) and different size bowl-shaped silicone eartips. You can buy the Tronsmart Onyx Pure from amazon.

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