7HZ Salnotes Zero Review Single DD IEM Neutral Bright Sounding

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The new 7HZ (Theta Wave) Salnotes Zero are perfect for those who like a bit of ear piercing treble and an all-composite (metal and plastic) body shell and driver diaphragm!
The shell is made of glossy plastic, while the faceplate is made of brushed stainless steel with Salnotes Zero engraving on it. The nozzle is long and angled and features (what looks like) a ceramic acoustic filter with a metal guard on top of it. 

The 7HZ Salnotes Zero earphones are equipped with single 10mm dynamic drivers with low impedance (32 ohms) and high sensitivity (108dB), which allows you to drive the earphone from a smartphone to proper dynamic sound without an amp. 

Despite the large shell and dynamic drivers though, the 7HZ Salnotes Zero have very little dynamic bass sound with the focus mainly on the upper range with a strong midrange and clean sparkly (peaky) treble.

The detachable cable that comes with the 7HZ Salnotes Zero  is made slightly different to most stock IEM cables, which have a braid type pattern splitting the wiring. The Salnotes stock IEM cable uses a speaker style Figure-8 cable design with 2 cores, making it less likely to tangle up and more durable too.

The cable transparent sheath exposes the wiring, which is made of 4-core high purity oxygen free copper. Inline the cable, there is a hard rubber cinch (for adjusting the y cabling) and a long barrel style y-splitter (1.5cm long) with the word "zero" branded on it. The y-splitter is located 40cm down the cable. The length of the cable is standard 1.2 meters.

The 7HZ Salnotes Zero earphones weigh 6 grams each, while the cable weighs 14 grams  bringing the combined weight to 20 grams, which is extremely lightweight - similar in weight to the Rose Technics Aura EVO IEM (19 grams), TRN TA1 Max IEM (23 grams) and TinHifi T1S IEM (20 grams).

Heavy IEMs include the CCA CRA+ IEM (27 grams), CCA CA10 (31 grams) and CCA CKX (36 grams).

The Salnotes Zero stock cable comes with thick silicone wrapping earhooks,  0.78mm 2 pin gold plated connectors and 3.5mm straight plug (3.5cm long), which is also made of chrome plastic and has Salnotes branding on it. 
The 0.78mm 2 pins are extruded; meaning the pins stick out. This isn't necessarily a problem but recessed 2 pins are better as they're less likely to bend accidentally. The 2 pin plug is made rubberized plastic with a chrome accent ring.

 Potential deal breakers
  • The R/L markings are very subtle, almost invisible
  • the included user guide isn't really a guide
  • No storage case
  • Not as fun to listen to and can be fatiguing to listen
  • No foam tips included for taming the bright treble
  • The thick silicone earhooks won't suit all ears
  • Thin mid-bass, not suitable if you like boomy bass with slam.
Selling points
  • Neutral IEM perfect for audio monitoring/track mixing
  • Made of metal so more durable than plastic earphones
  • Selection of colorful silicone ear tips 
  • Available in three different colorways 
  • Available with or without remote microphone
  • Red marking dot for correct polarity orientation
  • Salnotes branding cool factor
  • Thick rubber strain reliefs reinforcing the cable joints
  • Thick silicone earhooks means no cable rubbing
  •  The stock IEM cable makes the audio sound more clear and detailed, thanks to its 2 core individually screened design.
  • Easy to attach and detach 2 pin connection
  • Emphasis on vocals and instruments
  • Super clean and detailed sound stage makes the 7HZ Salnotes Zero ideal for games with in-game audio cues.
 Accessories include a cable velcro strap and 6 pairs of silicone ear tips, which are not only colorful but they also have different bore size and construction.The pink, red, blue and orange tips inner bore is made of thin rubber, while the teal and yellow tips have a thicker inner bore. You can buy the 7Hz Salnotes Zero from Linsoul.

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