CCA CRA+ IEM Review Single Dynamic Driver Boomy Bass - Plus Version

Friday, June 03, 2022

Extra bass is always a plus! The new CCA CRA+ IEM delivers ear-shaking boomy bass for a fun and energetic listening experience! Each earphone weighs 5 grams, while the included stock cable weighs 17 grams, making it a combined total of 27 grams - similar in weight to the CCA CA10 (31 grams) and CCA CKX (36 grams) 

 The CCA CRA+ IEM stock cable comes with 0.75mm 2 pins and may not be the prettiest looking but has a figure-8 cable design so, it is very durable and naturally anti-tangling. The cable is transparent so, you can see the wiring and integrates a single button remote/mic inline the cable. The button remote/mic is located 20cm down the cable so, it dangles at chest level. 
The button remote has a loud clicky actuation and, it is very small and made of lightweight plastic so, it doesn't drag down the earphones. The single button lets you control calls, voice assistant and audio playback (play/pause, skip to previous/next).

The CCA CRA+ earhooks have been pre-shaped with extra thick silicone tubing. The 2 pin enclosure is made of rubber and integrate very subtle R/L markings, which are really hard to see. The recessed pin design is always a plus as this makes it less likely to bend the pins by mistake.  

The rubber Y splitter is located 47cm down the cable, while the right angle 3.5mm plug has a frosted plastic finish reinforced with a thick rubber strain relief. The total length of the cable is about 1.2 meters long. The wiring is silver plated.
The CCA CRA+ faceplate is partially covered with a gold plated badge branded with CCA lettering. The body shell is entirely made of one piece of transparent tinted resin that beautifully showcases the single 10mm dynamic driver, which is low impedance (23 ohms) and high sensitivity (110dB). The volume output is very loud as you can attest by the volume test above. You can easily drive the CCA CRA+ from a smartphone without the need of an Amp DAC.  
The CCA CRA+ has a boomy sounding signature similar to the Tin Hifi's T3 Plus and DUNU Titan S - both single dynamic drivers - with a long treble extension (non-fatiguing) and pronounced midbass, which travels into the midrange (mids), making vocals warm sounding. 
Because of the strong midbass, there is very little sound separation and detail, which is worth taking into account if you listen to mostly non-bass heavy music. If you like hearing micro details, you can get this with the Tin Hifi P1 MAX which has a natural balanced tuning.

The silicone tips that are included are standard bowl shaped. You can buy the CCA CRA+ from Linsoul with mic or without mic and from amazon online store. Check out more IEM reviews: Tin Hifi T3 Plus (24 grams), TRN TA2 (22 grams), Tin Hifi T2 Evo (25 grams), Blon BL Mini (26 grams), Shanling ME80 (28 grams), Tripowin TC01 (32 grams) and Blon BL07 (39 grams.

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