Mifo FiiTii Kido Headphones Review Volume Limited Wireless Heapdhones

Friday, August 12, 2022

A volume limiter perfectly does exactly that, limit volume to a specified level either via a volume limiting mobile app or built-in circuitry. For kids' headphones, a volume limiter is a godsend that protects little ones' ears! 

The Mifo FiiTii Kido Headphones are equipped with a bluetooth 5.0 chip and a rechargeable battery which supports quick charge and takes 2.5 hours to charge. The Kido headphones have a runtime battery life of 32 hours (at 50% volume) and 25 hours at 100% volume).

The Mifo FiiTii Kido headphones have a siliconized plastic construction (earcups + headband) and metal wire inner band that doubles as a yoke for the earcups to be tilted up and down. The earcups feature donut style earpads with 3.5cm diameter inner hole, 7cm outer diameter and 1cm depth to the driver, which is flat (no protruding bits) and covered with a layer of thin soft fabric. 

The earcups integrate three buttons (power, volume up and volume down), which are loud and clicky and tactile with raised markings. The volume buttons are made of rubber and also control skip track to next and previous.  The power button is made of plastic and has built-in status led for charging and bluetooth. The power button status led does not blink when listening to audio. When reaching 100% volume, you will hear an audible feedback tone to alert you.
The Mifo FiiTii Kido headphones use a metal wire inner band which slides in and out of the headband silently without making noise. The headband is padded on top and bottom and covered with colorful synthetic fabric material.

Potential deal breakers
The biggest potential drawback with the Kido headphones is the actual volume limiting feature. It works great but in a loud environment, the child may struggle to properly listen to the headphones. This is generally an issue with most volume limiting headphones and also because there is no active noise cancellation and the earcups have low isolation.
The headphones are marketed with two names: Mifo Kido and FiiTii Kido By Mifo (parent brand) and that can cause name/brand confusion. The Mifo Kido headphones have no low latency mode  for gaming and no bluetooth multipoint support for connecting to two devices. Being a kids headphone, durability is always a concern but Mifo Kido seem well constructed. There is no 3.5mm audio port built-in; hence the Mifo FiiTii Kido headphones cannot be used in wired mode. Would have been neat if the microphone USB-C port could be used for wired audio.

The Mifo Kido have no functionality for sharing audio with another kid, which is a feature you typically get with volume limited wired headphones and, it is very useful specially if you have two children or a friend to daisy chain their headphones. A wired mode is always useful for those times you forget to recharge the headphones. There is limited colorway range (only blue and pink). The exposed cabling may not be a good idea for a kids headphone as the child could pull on it. The earcups do not swivel (rotate). Very little bass.

Selling points
The Mifi FiiTii Kido headphones have a colorful, eye catchy design. Supports quick charge mode, which provides 2 hours of battery life from a 10 minute charge. The volume limiter limits the volume below 85dB, which is the main selling point since data shows that prolonged listening should be between 60dB and 85dB. 
Folding design, detachable and bendable boom arm microphone with USB-C connection allows the boom arm to be inserted opposite ways so, the child can wear the boom arm mic on the left or ride of their face. The headband adjustment is very wide (up to 5cm), which means the Kido headphones can be used by bigger and smaller children. The Kido headphones have a soft rubbery finish and they are very lightweight (118 grams headset + 5 grams boom arm mic); hence no issues with headband hot spot.

The buttons are clicky and responsive and the USB-C port is dual purpose for microphone and charging. Does support bluetooth AAC codec despite the product listing saying it doesn't. The Bluetooth chip supports absolute bluetooth volume, which will allow the child to control the volume of their smartphone/tablet from the headphones. Replaceable earpads and good microphone, which comes in loud and clear for calls. There is
removable boom arm microphone included, which measures 11cm long and it is made of flexible rubber and features an L-shaped USB-C plug connector. You can buy the Mifo FiiTii Kido headphones from amazon.

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