PITAKA PitaTag Review Apple AirTag Case Keyring Holder Multi-tool

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Make your Apple AirTag bluetooth item finder more functional and better protected with the metal AirTag holder multitool case by Pitaka - the PitaTag!

The PitaTag is a protective AirTag cover and multitools built-in that consists of two main parts: 1) a detachable keyring and 2) a multitool holder for storing and carrying an Apple AirTag. The rim of the keychain ring is square, not rounded, and has a carabiner style spring loaded opening, as well as a U shaped bracket designed to attach to the multitool holder via a tiny screw (included). 
The U shaped bracket is, itself, attached to the keyring via a flat head screw and, it is designed to swivel (rotate) around its axis.
The PitaTag keyring has a 2.5cm inner diameter and 3.3cm outer diameter. The multitool holder for the AirTag has a pentagon shape with a cool stealth aircraft design. Each side measures 3cm long, while the body has a 4.5cm diameter from side to side. Thickness is just 1.3cm thick. Total weight of the pentagon keyring holder is 46 grams, while the keyring is 11 grams. Total weight of PitaTag is 57 grams. 
As well as being able to carry an Apple AirTag, the Pitaka PitaTag contains four multitools built-in about 2cm long: a knife blade (1.5mm x 2mm) made of 420 grade stainless steel, a hex allen key (H2 x 21mm), a Phillips head screw driver (PH0 x 21mm) and slot head screw driver (3mm x 21mm). The tools slide in and out (up to 180 degrees) easily and stay tucked away inside snugly. The Phillips head screw driver is useful for removing screws from portable gadgets such as PSP, MP4 and MP3 players; while the slot head screw driveris useful for removing screws from devices that use M3 screws (e.g. watches)

The tools have a pull tab which sticks out about 2mm out, letting you deploy the tool with a a nail.
PitaTag has a black anodized stainless steel metal body with a glossy faceplate. 
There are four facing hex screws and a hole opening for attaching the keyring. Two tiny (hex head) screws (11mm long) and a dual sided hex allen tool are included. 
The hex allen tool weighs 4 grams and measures 6cm (long side) and 3cm (short side).The middle section of PitaTag has a rubberized flexible backing designed to accommodate an Apple AirTag and stays in place via a twist lock mechanism.
Potential deal breakers
The Pitaka PitaTag has small parts (e.g. tiny screws) that can be easy to lose and are not suitable for small children and/or those with eyesight as well as tremor/ hand shaking issues. The tools make a tattling noise inside the housing when shaking the holder. The screw holding the keyring U shape bracket could come undone loose. A thread locker type solution should have probably being included. If you have blue thread locker is good idea to use it.

Selling points
The Pitaka PitaTag has a stylish cool design and EDC (everyday carry) appeal form factor. The folding multitools are easy to deploy and the case is robust for protecting an Apple AirTag. The Pitaka PitaTag comes with a total of 6 tools when including the hex allen tool. 

There is a good variety of tools. Would have been nice though if tiny miniature scissors were included. The flat head screw driver doubles as a prying tool too. PitaTag is made of 316L stainless steel and silicone so, PitaTag is washable, scratch resistant and water-resistant. You can buy PitaTag from amazon.

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