Yeedi Vac Max Review Robot Vacuum Mop with VSLAM Navigation

Thursday, August 04, 2022

The reason why robot vacuums are such a popular invention is because robot vacuums take a job you should be doing everyday (e.g. cleaning floors) and actually do it for you! 

The robot vacuum seen pictured is the Yeedi Vac Max (model DVX34), which has the classic design most robot vacuums have with a round circular shape, thick rubber thread tires, and spring loaded wheels. The Yeedi Vac Max comes with a detachable roller blade/brush, sweeper arm, caster wheel, dust bin container and navigational sensors to prevent the robot from falling off stairs, as well as detect and maneuver around obstacles/objects. 
Yeedi Vac Max dust container is lifted up from the top, whereas on most robot vacuums the dust container slides out from the bottom. The Yeedi Vac Max also has a mop function so, it is a equipped with a water tank (240ml) and water absorbent fabric cloth to clean floors.
Yeedi Vac Max is equipped with a rechargeable battery that takes 6.5 hours to charge and provides a battery life of up to 120 minutes in standard, 90 minutes in max mode and 45 minutes in max+ mode. Auto-Boost Suction mode runtime is ~45 minutes. Standard mode has a suction power of 600 Pa, max mode has suction power of 1500 Pa and Max+ mode has a suction power of 3000 Pa. Cleaning on carpet requires more power; hence battery life will be decreased. 

The Yeedi Vac Max robot vacuum is supported by the Yeedi mobile app, which is a really useful addition that lets you adjust settings such as the water flow to increase and reduce how much water the robot uses during mopping. From the app, you can also keep track of hourly cleaning time, when to replace brush/filter and the total area cleaned (in square meters). You can also adjust suction power, find robot, disable voice alert, enable "do not disturb" and more. The app works well without glitches but requires an account registration.

The Yeedi Vac Max mop attachment clips into place and weighs 87 grams. It is made of plastic and comes with a blue cloth pre-attached to it via velcro fasteners. The mop attachment has a D shape design and measures 25cm long, 10cm deep and 0.6cm high (thick). The Yeedi Vac Max charging dock weighs 288 grams and measures 16.5cm long, 13cm deep and 8.5cm high. The charging dock is made of plastic and has a thin anti-skid foam strip on the bottom to prevent scratches. 
On the rear of the charging dock, there is a female figure 8 power port and two plastic brackets for routing and reeling the cable around neatly. The cable does not stick out so, you can place the rear of the charging dock flush against a wall. On the front of the charging dock, there is the ramp with two spring loaded charging contacts, which are large, helping the Yeedi Vac Max robot easily make charging connection. The robot can travel on high pile carpet up to 2 cm high.

 The detachable arm sweeper weighs 5 grams and it is made of flexible rubber with long plastic bristles. The Yeedi Vac Max robot vacuum weighs 3.5 kg and measures 7cm high and 34cm in diameter. The top of the Yeedi Vac Max robot is flat and made of plastic. The top features a camera (for the VSLAM navigation system) and clicky physical button for controlling the robot (start/pause and power off). 
The top cover opens up like the boot of a car, revealing a master power switch, rubber grommet, dust container and small brush/cutting tool, which clips on and off. The rubber grommet conceals a 6-pin socket and micro USB port, which is an access interface used for diagnostics purposes.
The Yeedi Vac Max dust container has 420mL volume capacity and features 3-stage filtration: a paper woven filter and thin black foam filter (both detachable), as well as a plastic filter mesh, which is hinged to the dust container; hence not detachable.  

Potential deal breakers facing the Yeedi Vac Max robot vac: No lidar navigation, no self empty station, no rotating mop, only has one sweeper arm and it is fiddly to detach, no physical remote control, low accuracy obstacle sensors (robot can easily get stuck so, it needs more "baby-sitting"). 
Yeedi robot is better suited for uncluttered rooms. The mop attachment has to be removed otherwise, the robot cannot mount the dock for charging. The vSLAM camera sensor on top looks like a camera and may put off some buyers, specially since the camera has no privacy cover.  

The Yeedi Vac Max mop function has the same performance problem as most robot vacs with mop and that is the robot drags the mop; whereas a robot vacuum with rotating mop actually scrubs. That said, you can get the best out of the Yeedi Vac Max mop by pre-soaking the mop pad with detergent soapy water and/or adding vinegar to the water tank to help break away dirt in the floor during mopping. 
Yeedi's Visual SLAM (vSLAM) camera navigation maps a room similar to LIDAR but SLAM isn't as accurate, which means Yeedi will miss a spot here and there. There is no way to disable the anti-drop sensors too, which will be an issue if you have dark colored carpets. Luckily, there is a work around to disable the anti-drop sensor by simply putting a bit of tape over the anti-drop sensor. 
Selling points for the Yeedi Vac Max: mop function, washable mopping pad, supports virtual boundaries, washable filter, robot returns automatically to docking station for charging, mobile app support, roller squeegee blade/brush helps sweep and remove pet hairs), plastic top cover makes it less likely to break than a tempered glass-top cover. 
The Yeedi Vac Max mobile app works with both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, which is great because a lot of robot vacuum apps only work with 2.4Ghz Wifi only. Another great selling point is map creation and being able to see where the robot is in the map. Yeedi's vSLAM navigation works better than bounce navigation robots. Bounce navigation doesn't support mapping; hence the robot cannot tell where it has been and has no reference point for its location. Yeedi sells a self empty station.
 Accessories included are a 1.7 meters long 2.5A 250V power cable (weighs 102 grams), which is the same type used by many laptops. The power cable has a EU plug at one end and a right angled figure 8 connector 2.5A 250V. There is also the mop attachment with five replacement cloths (each weighs 8 grams) and arm sweeper. You can buy the Yeedi Vac Max robot vacuum from amazon. 

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