Rose Technics Photon Review W Shaped Sound Signature IEM

Friday, August 05, 2022

The Rose Technics Photon is a very capable, yet underrated IEM that sounds better than its price tag suggests! 

The Photon are bullet style wired earphones with metal shell, non-detachable thick rubber cable with straight 3.5mm connector (chrome plastic) and y-splitter barrel located 38cm down the cable.The total weight of Rose Technics Photon is 16 grams, which is about the same weight as the BLON Fat Girl wired earphones. The Photon are equipped with single 8mm dynamic drivers with low impedance (18 ohms) and high sensitivity (102dB), making the Rose Photon easy to drive from a smartphone at good volume and sound without needing a bluetooth headphone amp. 

A storage case (Rose Technics branded) is included to store and transport the Photon earphones. The case opens up upright via a strong metal hinge and has a rubbery rigid construction and suedette fabric liner. The storage case weighs 72 grams and measures 9.5cm long, 6cm deep and 3cm high.
The Rose Photon earphones have a narrow sound stage with W shaped sound signature - similar to the TANCHJIM Tanya earphones - so the midrange (vocals and instrument region) is equally elevated as the treble and bass. The Photon deliver a very detailed (and non-fatiguing) upper end with a dynamic bass extension, which is clean and impactful so, the mid bass and sub bass can be felt.

Potential deal breakers facing the Rose Technics Photon: cable tangles easily and can produce microphonics (cable noise), branding too prominent on earphones, the straight nozzle means earphones have tendency to come out/ fall out. The fit isn't as snug as angled earphones so, the Rose Photon aren't the best IEMs for noise isolation. The Rose Photon don't have pre-shaped ear hooks (like IEMs); hence the fit is not as secure. The non-detachable cable means the Photon are not as versatile 2 pin/MMCX detachable IEMs such as the CCA CA10, TRN TA1, BLON Mini.

Selling points for the Rose Photon: rubberized hard shell case - perfect for transportation/ travel, fun engaging sound with plenty of bass and decent detail retrieval, comfortable to wear (not fatiguing), available in different colorways, very thick rubber cable, metal mesh guard, compact form factor, made of aluminum alloy, lightweight, thick strain reliefs reinforcing cable joints, long audio cable longer than IEM cables which is usually 1.2 meters. The Photon are very affordable and sound better than its low price tag suggests.

Accessories included are standard bowl shaped silicone eartips (not the best), a croc clip and a storage case. You can buy the Rose Photon from Linsoul. 

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