GameSir X2 Pro Review Telescopic Controller With Hall Sensor Triggers and Passthrough Charging

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Enjoy zero latency gaming with the new GameSir X2 Pro Xbox edition controller, which supports android games with native and non-native controller support, online multiplayer games and passthrough input charging to charge your phone whilst gaming! To sweeten the deal, the X2 Pro has reconfigurable buttons too!

The X2 Pro has clicky responsive buttons, as well as responsive joysticks and d-pad, which features a small centre pivot to minimize "d-pad mushing" (pressing multiple directions at once). The shoulder bumper buttons and triggers have good travel actuation, making them very responsive. The bumper buttons have a loud clicky actuation, while the trigger buttons have a silent (linear) actuation.

On the backside of the X2 Pro Xbox controller, there is a GameSir engraving, as well as two rear buttons. The hand grips are made of rubber with a grippy dotted texture. Like its predecessor the GameSir X2 Type C version and X2 Bluetooth version - the new X2 Pro is made entirely of plastic, with the exception of the cradle area and and rubber grips, which are made of rubber. 
The X2 Pro Xbox uses the same USB-C connector and telescopic design, making it compatible with most USB-C smartphones on the market. The telescopic design is really a neat simple idea. It uses springs that allows you to extend and retract the X2 Pro controller and automatically lock the phone securely in place. 
The USB-C male connector sticks out about 7mm, which is long enough to insert and make proper connection with your phone. Aside from the similar aesthetics and ergonomics, the new X2 Pro does come with some upgrades including magnetically detachable face buttons for quickly changing up the face button scheme from ABXY (Nintendo SNES/ Switch style configuration) to BAYX (Microsoft Xbox scheme).
In terms of weight, the X2 Pro Xbox version weighs 188 grams, which is 2 grams heavier than the GameSir X2 Bluetooth version (186 grams) and 21 grams heavier than the original GameSir X2 (167 grams). The dimensions of the X2 Pro are 18.5cm long, 8.5cm wide and 3.5cm high (including thumbsticks). The black rubberized cradle area measures 9cm long x 8cm wide.
The X2 Pro Xbox uses magnetic hall sensor triggers - the same type used on many controllers to stop joystick drift, which plagues a lot of controllers including the Playstation 5 (PS5) Pro controller. Hall sensors and optical sensors are not new technology though. The N64 controller single joystick used an optical sensor; while the PS3 controller, Dreamcast controller and some Thrustmaster flight sticks (e.g. T16000m) use magnetic hall effect sensors. 
The neat thing about magnetic and optical joysticks, it's contactless (no physical connection); hence less wear. This means, the X2 Pro triggers will have a longer lifespan than previous GameSir X2 models. That said, spring wear will still be the same - which is the same issue you get with game controllers and the reason for the need of user-replaceable parts.

Potential deal breakers
  • The X2 Pro only works with USB-C smartphones - no micro USB version.
  • Like most telescopic controllers, the X2 Pro spring loaded mechanism is inherently a weak point 
  • If your phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack, you cannot use it. It gets blocked so, you cannot plug in headphones. Would have been neat if the USB-C passthrough port had audio functionality.
  • Removing the magnetic buttons can be fiddly to remove - no removal tool included
  • Pass through charging does not work with all Android phones, which means if your phone is not supported you cannot charge it whilst gaming. Unsupported phones include HONOR 10, HUAWEI nova 9 Pro, HUAWEI P50 Pro, OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 7T, Oppo Reno, Realme X2 Pro, REDMAGIC 7 Pro and Redmi K30 Pro. There are many more, this is not the full list.
  • Limited remappable buttons - only the back buttons
  • Face buttons do not illuminate
  • The d-pad and face buttons have no membrane actuation
  • No hall effect joysticks
  • You cannot map the controller to on-screen buttons unless you use an app
  • Passthrough charging supports 10 watts max - no fast charging support
  • D-pad centre pivot has low pivoting motion

Selling points for the X2 Pro
  • You can use the X2 Pro right out of the box - no mapping required.
  • Rear buttons - no paddles
  • Recessed USB-C port (makes it more durable)
  • Telescopic design makes it universally compatible - making the X2 Pro easy to be shared with friends and family
  • Flexible USB-C connector makes it easy to connect to a phone. 
  • Handheld console look and feel
  • Analog hall effect triggers allows variable actuation - perfect for racing games that support analog triggers
  • Cloud gaming support (e.g. Xbox Cloud Gaming)
  • Swappable face buttons allows you to change the button layout to Xbox or Nintendo so, you won't be pressing the wrong buttons
  • Uses clicky d-pad and face buttons - no mushy membrane rubber
  • Well built - no rattling noises
  • Suitable for small and large hands
  • Native X-input mode, which allows you to play games with native control, as well as emulators such as egg NS
  • Alps 3D sticks - same ones found on the PS4 and Xbox One controllers
  • One-Click capture functionality to capture screenshots - similar as Share button found on the Xbox Series X|S controllers
  • Hard shell case included for transportation
  • On-board remapping functionality - no software needed
  • Includes concave and convex covers 
  • Wired connection - no latency gaming
  • Available in black and white
  • Supports online multiplayer games such as Battle Royale and Call Of Duty Mobile via the GameSir mobile app
  • You can use other mapping apps such as the Mantis Pro
  • You can play games that don't support controller such as Genshin Impact using a third party app. Remember, you must enable USB debugging on your Android phone.
Accessories include concave and convex joystick covers ans a zippered hardshell case made with water resistant fabric outer shell. The zipper has no waterproofing but it has hidden teeth, which should help minimize dust and water ingress. 
The zippered case feels durable, has dual slider opening, elastic velcro strap (to secure the controller) and a short webbing loop for hooking the case. That said, but the pulltabs of the sliders are made of plastic, which cheapens the case. The X2 Pro controller fits snugly inside the zippered case (4cm internal height), which is lined with suedette fabric and features a mesh pocket. You can buy the Gamesir X2 Pro Xbox from amazon. 

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