Moft Flash Wallet Review Phone Kickstand Thin Wallet With ID Window

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Moft Flash Wallet is a convenient and pocketable solution that you can carry your ID and quickly deploy to stand your smartphone at a moment's notice!

Moft Flash Wallet is made with a polycarbonate (hard plastic) frame that integrates metal sheets and magnets built-in wrapped around with stitched up vegan leather (faux/synthetic leather). 

As a phone kickstand, the Moft Flash Wallet & Stand works great. It is designed to hold a phone in portrait mode (vertically) and landscape mode (horizontally). To set it in kickstand mode, you simply place the Moft Wallet triangularly upside down (like a house roof) on a desk and then, rest the phone up against the wallet. You can then adjust the viewing angle between 45 degrees and 60 degrees.
The Moft Flash Wallet uses a strong hinge mechanism made of stainless steel metal with a memory wire like actuation, which allows you to keep the wallet open at a fixed angle like a clamshell up to 180 degrees. The strong hinge (and the magnets) also allow both halves of the Moft Flash Wallet to remain securely closed. 

Internally, the Moft Flash Wallet features a fabric lined ID window and brand text engraving (Designed By Moft). Once the cards are inserted, there are two ways to slide out the cards: pushing up the card through the ID window and from the outside sliding the card out.  
In kickstand mode, the Moft Flash Wallet provides enough resting power and grip to kickstand a phone in the upright position. The lighter the phone the better, but the Moft Flash Wallet is able to comfortably handle a phone up to 337 grams in weight. It helps if the phone has a rubber protective cover to increase the gripping power and prevent the phone sliding back out of the kickstand.
Dimensions of Moft Flash Wallet are 10cm long x 6.5cm wide x 0.5cm thick. The dimensions of the credit/ID card sleeve are 6cm x 10cm x 0.4cm which is large enough to accommodate 2 credit card ID style cards. You can also use the sleeve pocket to store bank notes.

Potential deal breakers
  • The magnetic backing works only with MagSafe phones.
  • Designed for Apple deices with MagSafe, which is the same magnetic technology used by Apple for MacBook charging cords and new iPhones (e.g. iPhone 12 and newer) for easy attachment and faster wireless charging.
  • No Android version available now but Moft could easily make an Android version of the Moft Flash Wallet by using the same metal plate magnetic technology found on car phone holders.
  • No RFID blocking
  • Not very practical as a wallet - designed to store only 2 cards
  • Only one ID window (internal) - no exterior ID window for second card  
  • No accessories included
Selling points for Moft Flash Wallet
  • Simple concept, well executed
  • Magnetic closure keeps wallet securely fastened
  • Can comfortably hold a phone or tablet up to 337 grams as long as the device has a rubber protective cover for grip
  • Seamless transition between portrait and landscape orientation
  • Despite the magnet being only compatible with MagSafe phones, you can still use the Moft Flash Wallet in the landscape position.
  • Weighs only 59 grams
  • Stylish looks with a slim minimalist design
  • ID window built-in makes it easy to quickly flash an ID without removing it from the wallet.
  • Available in 4 different colorways
You can buy the Moft Flash Wallet from Moft. Check out the review of the Moft Graphene Cooling Stand, Moft AirFlow

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