House Of Marley Get Together 2 Mini Review Bluetooth Speaker With On-Board EQ

Thursday, September 01, 2022

House Of Marley's Get Together has a small brother! The Get Together 2 Mini - a smaller and more portable 20 watt bluetooth speaker as powerful as one Get Together Duo bookshelf speaker!

Design wise, the Get together Mini looks just like the bigger version - the Get Together 2 XL. The Get Together 2 Mini is made of three different materials: bamboo (front faceplate), denim style fabric cover (wrapping the wooden enclosure) and soft rubber (back panel). The enclosure houses a passive radiator and two angled 2 inch woofers capable of 20 watts RMS.

Upon powering on the Get Together 2 Mini, you are presented with a cool startup sound, which cannot be disabled. The power on/off button is located on the backside of the speaker and requires some force to activate, which is a good thing as this prevents the speaker from turning on accidentally inside a backpack. 
On the backside of the Get Together 2 Mini, there is a large passive radiator with bamboo accent, as well as the power button and EQ button (next to it) toggle between sound preset modes: acoustic, bass & Marley signature, which is the stock sound signature. The volume sound is noticeably louder in acoustic mode and when playing audio in wired mode. 

The connectivity ports are also rear facing concealed by a thick rubber cover. They include a 3.5mm audio port and a USB-C port (charging only). The thick rubber cover seals the ports very well and it is hinged, allowing the rubber cover the come out properly without getting in the way when plugging it a cable. On some speakers, the rubber protective cover has no hinge forcing you to bend it back at an awkward angle, which overtime causes the rubber cover to become wonky, prevent it from sealing properly.
Dimensions are 19cm long, 7.5cm deep and 9cm high. The diameter of the rubber cones is 4.5cm in diameter. The passive radiator measures 8.5cm long x 2.4cm wide. Total weight is 814 grams.
On top of the Get Together 2 Mini, there is 3 plastic physical buttons (clicky and responsive) for controlling play/pause, skip forward, skip backward, volume up, volume down and calls (answer/end/reject). 
On the bottom of the enclosure, there are two long thick rubber strips for stability and anti-noise vibration. On the right side of the Get Together 2 Mini, there is a lanyard plastic mount for looping the included fabric lanyard. 
As far a battery performance, it depends on volume level and EQ mode (bass mode drains more power) To give you an idea, at 50% volume with bass boost EQ mode you can expect up to 12 hours of playtime and 4 hours of battery life at 100% volume. 
When it comes to charging time, the Get Together 2 Mini fully charges in just 2 hours when using a 10 watt (5V/2A) power source. A 10 watt power adapter is not included but you can always use your phone's charger. Most smartphones ship with a 10 watt power brick.Once connected to a device, the bluetooth status led stays lit up solid blue. When reaching max volume, you will hear an audible beep to alert you.
 Potential deal breakers
  • No Bluetooth AAC codec support - supports SBC codec only
  • No absolute bluetooth volume support
  • No multipoint support
  • No mobile app support - hence no graphic band equalizer
  • No guard covers to protect the speaker cones 
  • The USB-C port does not support audio or charge out, which would have been for added functionality
  • No low latency codec (for gaming)
  • No memory card slot to play content off a microSD card
  • A bit heavy to carry around
  • No tweeter drivers
  • No powerbank mode for charging external devices

Selling points for the Get Together 2 Mini

  • Quick access to EQ mode via on-board button
  • Plenty of bass presence, even at 50% volume
  • Stylish and modern look with a cool premium factor
  • Looks and feels well constructed
  • Internal battery charges to full capacity in under 2 hours 
  • Supports quick charge, which is always useful when forgetting to recharge the battery. When using a 10 watt power adapter, a 15 minute charge gives about 4 hours playback at 50% volume or 2 hours at 100% volume
  • Equipped with a 3.5mm aux port
  • Seamless switching from wired to bluetooth connection. When unplugging the audio cable from the speaker, it re-connects automatically to the device   
  • You can use it whilst charging in wired mode and bluetooth mode
  • IP67 dust proof and waterproof so suitable for outdoors. Not really suited for hiking or camping due to its heavy weight and exposed rubber cones
  • Made with sustainable and recycled materials
  • Premium packaging box
  • Bob Marley brand appeal
  • Carry strap included (18cm long)
  • Built-in mic for taking calls and speakerphone conference calling
  • Supports stereo pair (TWS) mode for two speakers and "party mode" for connecting three Get Together Mini speakers together


Accessories included with the Get Together 2 Mini include a sticker, fabric a shoe-lace style lanyard, Marley branded 3.5mm male to male USB-C cable made of still braided fabric and rubberized plugs. You can buy the Get Together 2 Mini speaker from House Of Marley and amazon.

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