Tranya F1 Earbuds Review Earbuds With Battery Percentage LCD Screen

Thursday, September 08, 2022

A battery percentage LCD screen is not only convenient for seeing the exact battery capacity but also useful for preventing over discharging, which decreases the lifespan of lithium batteries!
The Tranya F1 earbuds are one of the very few true wireless earbuds with a battery percentage LCD screen on-board the charging case. The F1 charging case has an upright style designed that keeps the earbuds vertical inside the case. Unlike bathtub style earbud cases which allow you to push the earbuds out of the case, the Tranya F1 earbuds have to be pinched out of the case. This isn't an issue in itself but may make it difficult with sweaty chunky fingers.

Dimensions of the Tranya F1 charging case are 5.5cm x 5cm x 2cm and 38 grams in weight. The earbuds weigh 4 grams each. Total combined weight comes up to 46 grams with the case. There is branding on the charging case lid - Tranya laser printed on top.

The Tranya F1 earbuds have a cigarette bud style long stem (2.5cm) with a pod shape body shell without eartips. There is no nozzle as they are designed to rest outside of the ear canal rather than inside the ear canal like in-ear earbuds. On the front side, there is a single physical tactile button which is easier to operate than the old style wireless earbuds with on-board buttons. That said, being a physical button it still requires some force to activate which inevitably forces the earbud to press into the ear canal slightly.
Button control functions include: play/pause, skip to previous/next, volume up/down, voice assistant and calls (answer/end/reject) and game mode. You will hear a voice prompt to alert you when game mode is enabled. When reaching 100% volume, you will also hear an audible beep to alert you.
The charging performance is good. 
The Tranya F1 case charging time is 2 hours (via cable) and 3 hours via 5W wireless charger. The F1 earbuds take 1 hour to charge. At 50% volume, the battery life is 7 hours via SBC codec and game mode turned off. With game mode turned on, the battery life is 4 hours at 50% volume and, 5 hours at 100% volume.

The battery percentage LCD screen is one of the highlights of the Tranya F1, making the earbuds stand out. Most true wireless earbuds come with battery led charging case, which works well but is no where as convenient. With the battery percentage LCD screen, you can tell the exact battery capacity of the earbuds and charging case before running out of power. Pairing is easy and, you can switch between earbuds for mono listening easily and seamlessly. There is a 3 second re-connection delay after taking the second earbud from the case.

Potential deal breakers
  • Weak (wobbly) charging case hinge 
  • The charging case does not stand upright - it can only be laid on its backside. An upright standing charging case is ideal because it allows you to keep the lid open to allow sweat on the earbuds to dry off whilst in the case
  • Low passive isolation
  • No active noise cancellation (anc) but well priced for the specs included
  • Good clear bass but lacking in presence due to the pod shape design
  • Physical buttons on earbuds - won't be everyone's cup of tea! Many people prefer touch controls because they are easier to activate without having to jam the earbud into the ear canal
  • No absolute bluetooth volume support
  • Good quality microphone but very little noise suppression; hence not suitable if you have to answer an important call in a loud environment.
  • Does not support fast wireless charging
  • No quick charge support for the earbuds
Selling points 
  • Earbuds without ear tips
  • Loud volume sound 
  • Stem style provides more secure fit than a standard earbud
  • Battery percentage LCD screen for earbuds and charging case
  • USB-C charging connection
  • On-board physical buttons allows you to operate the buttons with gloves - something you can't really do with touch control
  • Good battery life performance
  • Chrome accents gives the F1 earbuds a premium look
  • AirPods appeal with a more affordable price tag
  • Minimalist design - no branding on the earbuds
  • No nozzle neck makes them suitable for sensitive ear canals
  • Better than in-ear and transparency mode for situational awareness 
  • Supports bluetooth SBC and AAC audio
  • 15 month warranty
  • Wireless charging case
  • Low latency game mode
  • Good quality microphone-  loud amplification and and natural sounding. Performs best in quiet environments due to background noise leaking into the call. Suitable for taking calls in the gym, coffee place, etc.

Accessories included with the Tranya F1 earbuds include charging case and short charging cable (USB-A to USB-C). You can buy the Tranya F1 earbuds from amazon

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