BLON Z200 Review Tarot Themed IEM With Boomy Bass Perfect For EDM

Wednesday, September 07, 2022


A tarot themed and quirky IEM by BLON - the Z200 - equipped with single 10mm carbon diaphragm dynamic drivers housed inside a zinc alloy metal shell shaped like a turbocharger!
The BLON Z200 IEM earphones have a long nozzle wide mouth covered with a metal mesh guard. The Z200 come with a fixed (non-removable) thin cable - 1.2 meters long and with a twist rope clear braid sleeve exposing the 4-strand copper wiring. The Z200 cable integrates a 3.5mm straight plug connector, pre-shaped earhooks with thin silicone tubing and barrel style Y-splitter located 38cm down the cable.
The BLON Z200 IEM weigh 28 grams, which is similar in weight to the CCA CRA+ IEM (27 grams) and CCA CA10 (31 grams). As far as sound, the BLON Z200 have an overemphasized V-shaped sound signature, meaning you get a lot more treble and bass than with most V shaped IEMs. This results in vocals and instruments sounding a lot more recessed too, which is not aided by the uncontrolled boomy bass which muddles the midrange (vocals and instruments). 

Potential deal breakers
  • Narrow soundstage and imaging means instruments sound bunched up, making it hard to tell the positioning of where they are coming from. 
  • They look like a detachable IEM but they are not - they have a fixed cable which actually isn't a good thing  as someone can accidentally pull on the cable thinking the Z200 are detachable.
  • No MMCX or 2 pin connection makes the Z200 hard to compete with similar priced IEMs which come with a detachable connection. Detachable earphones are always more desirable because you can replace the cable and, you can even convert them into bluetooth very easily with an IEM bluetooth adapter. 
  • Midbass bleed means the mid-high bass frequencies (100-200Hz) overpower the mid range, causing the vocals and instruments to lose clarity 
  • Cable can tangle easily
  • Limited colorway options to choose from - black or purple
  • The earhooks rub against the ear due to the thin silicone tubing
  • Not likely to appeal those who own a smartphone without headphone jack
Selling points
  • Available with and without inline remote microphone
  • Metal body shell
  • Tarot moon themed faceplate with cool turbo turbine housing form factor
  • Perfect IEM for DIY modding. It is made of two separate pieces glued together. You can easily open the BLON Z200 shell by sliding a razer blade along the seam
  • Ergonomic fit designed to comfortably fit inside the concha of the ear
  • Well built with thick rubber strain reliefs reinforcing the cable joints
  • Super affordable - in the same price range as the 7Hz Salnotes Zero
  • Boomy bass - fun for listening to electronic dance music (EDM), club music, rap, hip hop
  • Good isolation for immersive in-game experience 
  • Almost zero latency
  • Higher resolution audio than wireless earphones
  • Hard to lose and more secure fit, unlike true wireless earbuds 
  • Comfortable to wear for long time
  • Wired connection - hence no issues with bluetooth signal stability
  • Plug and play and easy to use - no need to recharge - no battery life to worry about, unlike wireless earbuds.
Accessories included with the BLON Z200 include a thick canvas drawstring pouch and three sets of bowl shaped silicone ear tips. The silicone tips are standard ones with thick bore, although one set of tips has a thinner bore, making them more comfortable. You can buy the BLON Z200 IEM from Linsoul and amazon.

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