UAG iPhone 14 Pro Max Phone Cases Review Civilian & Pathfinder MagSafe

Friday, September 30, 2022

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is Apple's newest flagship iPhone model that finally delivers "almost" all of the features (e.g. always-on display, swipe-to-wake) iPhone users have been asking for! Such a beautifully crafted master piece needs a beautifully crafted phone case to protect it. 

 UAG Civilian Case For iPhone 14 Pro Max 
The UAG Civilian cases pictured are the MagSafe version (blue) and non-MagSafe (black), which feature impact resistant bumpers and internal cushioning via two layers of shock absorbing material designed to dissipate the force throughout the entire case to reduce the vibration forces created when the phone case impacts a hard surface.

The UAG Civilian phone case without MagSafe is a slightly cheaper because it has no built-in MagSafe magnet; whereas the MagSafe Civilian version has a built-in MagSafe magnet so, it is able to lock onto a MagSafe charger for charging - unlike the older UAG Civilian case for iPhone 13 Pro Max.
 The non-MagSafe Civilian case has no MagSafe magnet but, it supports wireless charging. Both Civilian versions (MagSafe and non-MagSafe) have an angled slot to easily access the toggle mute switch. They also have raised bump buttons with slit.
The MagSafe Civilian case back panel integrates a middle hump that allows you to spin the case on a desk. The non-MagSafe Civilian case is flatter - no hump. The non-MagSafe (black) Civilian case weighs 58 grams and feels more rugged than the MagSafe blue Civilian case, which weighs 42 grams.
In terms of construction and materials, the MagSafe blue Civilian case has rubber reinforcements on the top side, bottom side and corners. The raised screen bezel and outer side rim of the case are also rubber. The honeycomb internal panel is made of hard plastic. 

The black Civilian case is made of thicker materials. It has thicker reinforcements on the corners, top, bottom and sides. The black and orange honeycomb inner panels are made of rubber.  
Potential deal breakers
  • Slit button design can allow dust ingress
  • Plastic back panel can easily scratch
  • Only compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max - not compatible with the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and regular iPhone 14


Selling points for Civilian Series

  • Available as a MagSafe and Non-MagSafe version
  • 4 colorways
  • MagSafe charging compatible
  • Discreet protection
  • Oversized tactile buttons
  • Traction side grips
  • Raised screen bezel
  • Lanyard mounting points on bottom corners
  • Raised screen bezel
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Above MIL-STD drop rating protection - 20 ft (6 meters)
  • Matching speaker/port cutouts
 UAG Pathfinder Case For iPhone 14 Pro Max
UAG's new Pathfinder cases for the iPhone 14 Pro Max also come with a MagSafe option (black case) and without MagSafe (green). The backside of the Pathfinder case (non-MagSafe and MagSafe) is flat but, due to the height of the rear bezel protection for the rear cameras, the backside of the iPhone 14 Pro Max Pathfinder case is wonky (not flat), causing the phone case to rock on the desk. This is only an issue if you like using the phone on a desk when writing. 
The non-MagSafe green Pathfinder case weighs 44 grams and, it is made with green plastic and black rubber materials. The green plastic internal panel is reinforced with black honeycomb textured rubber. The backside panel is mostly plastic with reinforced rubber accents on the corners. 
The black Pathfinder case has a rubber raised screen bezel and side edges, while the backpanel and internal panel are plastic. The MagSafe black Pathfinder case weighs 45 grams.

Potential deal breakers
  • Available only in 1 colorway
  • Plastic back panel can easily scratch
  • The edge side of the case is not entirely rubberized 
  • Slit buttons can cause dust ingress
  • Lower drop protection than the Civilian Series - 18 ft. Drop Protection (5.5 meters)
Selling points for Pathfinder Series
  • Raised bezel protection for rear cameras
  • Available as a MagSafe and Non-MagSafe version 
  • Reinforced corner protection 
  • Lanyard mounting points on bottom corners
  • Matching speaker/port cutouts
  • Available in 8 colors

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