Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review ANC Buds For Work Calls And Gym Workouts

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro are a versatile in-ear earphone solution perfect for gym workouts and work calls, packed also with ton of useful functionality such as active noise cancellation (ANC) and ambient sound mode - both adjustable via the Jabra Sound+ mobile app!
The Elite 7 Pro earbuds weigh 5.5 grams each, while the charging case weighs 44 grams and measures 7cm long, 4cm wide and  2.5cm high. The charging case has a flat top and bottom so, you can place it upright on a desk. The word Jabra is engraved on top of the case lid, which has a strong hinge preventing the lid from wobbling. The case charging dock area is rubberized and spacious, making it easy to take out the earbuds. 

The Elite 7 Pro case takes 2 hrs 30 minutes to charge via cable and around 6 hours via a 5W Qi wireless charger. The Elite 7 Pro earbuds support quick charge and take the same amount as the case to fully charge. Battery life is about 5 hours with ANC ON and 7.5 hours with ANC OFF. You can get an extra 30 hours of extra charge via the charging case. It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the Elite 7 Pro earbuds and charging case. The Elite 7 Pro earbuds have the same form factor as the Jabra Elite 3 and Jabra Elite 4 Active.

You can switch between earbuds for mono listening and there is no re-connection delay when taken the earbuds out of the case. Pairing is easy, although the earbuds have to be taken out of the case to trigger automatic bluetooth pairing. The Elite 7 Pro are equipped with 6mm drivers, which deliver a punchy dynamic bass sound (and good treble) out of the box.You can tweak the sound via the app anyways so, you aren't stuck with the stock sound signature. 

As far as microphone performance, they are designed to control the ANC and noise cancellation during calls, which is very good filtering out noises and voices in the background. The ANC performance is adequate but not as good as the microphone noise cancellation. 

The Jabra Sound+ app is one of the best features of the Elite 7 Pro. It has a clean, easy to navigate user interface with plenty of advanced functionality to manually calibrate the ANC (based on the noisy environment) and audio calibration based on your own hearing. HearThrough (Jabra's own version of ambient/transparency mode), it's also adjustable, letting you increase or decrease the amount of externals sounds you hear.
From the Sound+ app, you can remap the Elite 7 Pro button gesture controls (single press, double press, triple press and long press), as well as disable them. Functions available to choose include: play/pause, next/previous track skip, voice assistant, volume up/down, calls and listening modes (ANC/ HearThrough/Off). If you want only two options, you can select this via the app (ANC & HearThrough or HearThrough & Off). 

Unlike most earbuds, which have basic call functionality (answer/end/reject), the Elite 7 Pro integrates a lot more call features such as call volume adjustment, mute/unmute microphone option, call-on-hold switching (new and current call), as well as sidetone (for monitoring the loudness of your voice). During an incoming call, you can choose up to 3 call functions, as well as disable call functionality entirely if you don't want to use it. During an active call, you can choose a further 3 options, bringing the total to 9 functions per earbud (6 call functions + 3 media functions).  
The Jabra Sound+ app also integrates an EQ with 5 preset sounds (+ custom mode) for tweaking the audio. The app's EQ has no frequency bands other than bass, midrange and treble so, it seems to be a 5-band tone control rather than a 5-band graphic EQ, which typically lists the frequency bands that can be adjusted. As well as preset sounds, there are also nature sounds and sleep sounds (e.g. white noise, pink noise) built-in. The nature/sleep sounds can only be played when there is no music playing.

Potential deal breakers
  • Unnecessary data collection via the Jabra Sound+ app (e.g. date of birth and gender)
  • The long press is permanently assigned to volume control and cannot be remapped. 
  • ANC does not work in mono mode
  • License agreement prompt before firmware update
  • No graphic EQ - simple bass, midrange and treble
  • You cannot connect the earbuds whilst in the charging case
  • Tactile physical buttons but they're front facing and can force you to push them into the ear canal
  • Longer charging time than the competition
  • Average battery life performance
  • No LDAC support
  • No low latency game mode
  • Firmware update takes about 30 minutes to complete - a very long time compared to other earbuds (up to 5 mins)
  • Unusual charging port location - front facing - instead of rear facing
  • They stick out of the ears a little bit
  • ANC performance not as good
  • Not as affordable as other earbuds

Selling points for the Elite 7 Pro
  • Adjustable ANC and adjustable ambient sound mode
  • Superb mobile app support
  • Good call quality and effective noise suppression during calls
  • On-ear detection (can be disabled)
  • Sidetone (manually adjustable)
  • Sleep mode - adjustable automatic power off
  • Call EQ for callee
  • 2 year warranty
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Dust & waterproof (IP57)
  • Effective ambient mode
  • Stylish, premium looking design
  • No-reconnection delay
  • The Sound+ app does not require an account registration and earbuds connect automatically to app
  • Supports multipoint dual connection
  • Supports SBC and AAC codecs
  • Physical buttons (can be operated with gloves)
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Support quick charge (5 mins=1 hr playback)
  • Button controls can be disabled
  • Ambient  mode for situational awareness and talking to people
  • Plenty of useful call features
  • Long press gesture control for volume
  • Find my earbuds in case you misplace them
  • The app displays a battery indicator and percentage level for each earbud, as well as the charging case.
  • Basic EQ - easier to use
  • Nature sounds and sleep sounds built-in to the app 
Accessories included with the Jabra Elite 7 Pro are a short charging cable and silicone ear tips with thin flange and thick bore. You can buy the Jabra Elite 7 Pro from amazon. Check out the review of the Jabra Elite 5 and the new Elite 10 earbuds.

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