Jlab JBuds Air Pro Review Non ANC Earbuds With Transparency Mode

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

The JBuds Air Pro by Jlab offer superb build quality and great sound with a myriad of useful features too such as multipoint and transparency mode!

The JBuds Air Pro earbuds are equipped with 4 gesture controls: single tap, double tap, triple tap and long press for controlling volume up/down, skip track next/previous, voice assistant, play/pause, EQ mode and NONE if you want to disable a specific gesture control. 
Not only the JBuds Air Pro earbuds are small, they are also lightweight - weighing only 5.5 grams per earbud - similar weight as the Jlab Go Air earbuds. The JBuds Air Pro charging case weighs 40 grams and measure 7.5cm long x 4cm wide x 3cm high. 
The case could be a bit bulky to carry but the case does come with a charging cable built-in - same as the Epic Air Sport ANC 2nd Gen. The only downside to the built-in cable is that if it breaks, you won't be able to recharge the case and, there is no charging port and no wireless charging support.
Despite the size, the JBuds Air Pro charging case has rounded smooth edges, making it easy to slide in and out of a pocket. The case is entirely matte with a Jlab engraving laser etched on top. The built-in charging cable has a low profile USB-A connector with a thick flat rubber cable, which tucks neatly under the bottom of the case, letting you keep the case upright on a desk. The built-in cable does create a slight hump underneath so, the bottom of the case isn't entirely leveled. 

The JBuds Air Pro earbuds hold 9 hours of charge, while the case holds 27 hours, giving you more than 35 hours of total playtime. The charging time of the earbuds is 1.5 hours, while the case takes 2 hours to charge.  
The JBuds Air Pro charging case has a spacious bathtub style docking area that makes removing the earbuds super easy out of the case. The earbuds integrate removable rubber rings that behave similarly to wingtips, anchoring the earbuds inside the ear. 

Opening the case triggers automatic bluetooth pairing, letting you connect the earbuds whilst inside the case. As far as mobile app support, there are two Jlab apps available to download: the Jlab Sound app and the "Jlab Audio burn-in File"(mentioned on the user guide), which is bizarre though because it doesn't have any earbud functionality. 
The Jlab Sound app is the one you want to download to access advanced features such as button remapping for swapping gesture functions, equalizer and "BE AWARE" which is Jlab's version of transparency/ambient mode for letting external sounds into the earbuds. Be AWARE is useful for situation awareness and talking to people and uses external mics on the earbuds to pickup sound. The microphone sensitivity can be adjusted via the app for near-field and far-field pickup range. 

The Jlab Sound app has a clean user friendly interface and doesn't require an account registration, which is appealing for privacy. That said, during testing the app seemed buggy not allowing access to some features such as firmware update. Not clear whether this is a cross platform issue or specific to Android 10. Fortunately, Jlab can easily fix these bugs by updating the software on their end.

Potential deal breakers
  • Jlab Sound app may not be compatible with all devices
  • The app doesn't show battery level for the charging case, only the earbuds
  • No low latency game mode
  • Tall and bulky case
  • Bluetooth status led blinks when listening to audio
  • The case does not support wireless charging
  • No ANC (active noise cancellation)

Selling points for JBuds Air Pro
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Small compact earbuds - stick out very little out of the ears
  • Mobile app support with remappable gesture controls an EQ
  • On-ear detection for automatic play/pause (can be disabled via the app)
  • Touch controls can be disabled - useful when sleeping
  • Small enough to be used as sleeping buds
  • Supports "Find with Tile" bluetooth tracking, which allows you to find and locate the JBuds Air Pro earbuds just as you would a Tile tracker
  • Adjustable ambient/transparency mode - lets you hear your surroundings loud and clear
  • Limited 2 year warranty
  • Support bluetooth multipoint so, you can switch between two devices (e.g. phone and laptop) back and forth - specially useful for someone who multitasks on two devices
  • Environmentally friendly packaging - no plastic inserts
  • Charging case battery leds show earbud battery level
  • Rubber ring wingtips provide secure fit
  • IP55 dust and water resistance
  • Supports bluetooth 5.1 AAC
  • Free 3 months of Tidal Hifi is included
  • EQ control from the earbuds lets you toggle between 3 preset EQ settings: 1) balanced (flat sound), 2) bass focus and 3) V-shaped (boosted bass and boosted treble)
  • Noise cancellation for calls
Accessories include premium silicone eartips with thin flange and thick bore, as well as ring wingtips. You can buy the Jlab JBuds Air Pro from amazon. 

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