Edifier MP100 Plus Review Submersible Bluetooth Speaker

Tuesday, December 27, 2022


Tiny but mighty! Edifier's new MP100 Plus - a hand-size bluetooth speaker powered by a single 43mm dynamic driver with 5 watts RMS output!

The MP100 Plus bluetooth speaker weighs 186 grams - about the weight of a smartphone - and measures 5cm thick and 9.5cm across in diameter. The neon yellow Edifier logo stripes on the front of the MP100 Plus speaker are made of grippy rubber and appear to be slightly reflective.

The MP100 Plus enclosure shell is a made of hard plastic covered partially by a coarse fabric mesh covering the front half of the speaker grille. The bottom side of the speaker has a matte plastic finish and features a thick rubber ring on the base, as well as four concave (dimple) style physical buttons sitting on top of membrane dome switches with hard actuation.

The connectivity port is located on the side and, it's covered with a thick rubber cover, concealing a USB-C charging port. The rubber cover provides a superb seal but doesn't have a pivoting hinge to allow you to move the rubber cover entirely out of the way when charging. The fixed type hinge design is usually a problem because it forces you to bend the rubber cover back ackwardly when inserting the charging cable. Overtime, this usually causes the rubber cover to deform, preventing it from sealing the port properly. That said, the rubber cover being very thick could prevent this issue.

The dimple style buttons allow you to control various functions including play/pause, skip track to next/previous, volume up/down, and power on/off. As well as buttons,  the MP100 Plus bluetooth speaker has a large status led tucked away on top, which lights solid blue when connected. The status does not flash during audio playback so, it doesn't distract.

The MP100 Plus bluetooth speaker features a small lanyard wrapped around the frame of the speaker. The lanyard measures 6cm long with a 2cm diameter home opening. The lanyard is made of thick stiff nylon and, it is not detachable or adjustable. The cinch looking bit holding the lanyard isn't actually a cord cinch - it is fixed in place and does not slide up and down like a cinch would, which would have been useful for cord management.

One of the main drawbacks with the MP100 Plus bluetooth speaker is that it is a Bluetooth-only speaker. It lacks wired 3.5mm audio connectivity and the USB-C port doesn't support audio. This means, when the battery runs flat you cannot use it. Fortunately, you can keep the MP100 Plus bluetooth speaker running by plugging in a powerbank.

Being so small and compact, the MP100 Plus bluetooth speaker is super portable. You can clip it on to a backpack or even hang it on a bicycle handlebar. As far as battery performance, the MP100 Plus bluetooth speaker can only manage about 8 hours at 60% volume. Charging time is 3 hours.

The MP100 Plus bluetooth speaker shines nicely in the audio department. Despite the lack of AAC/aptX codecs and single speaker, the 43mm full range dynamic driver really packs a punch above its weight. No distortion at 100% volume, clear midrange and treble, some bass and plenty of volume for indoor and outdoor listening.

Potential deal breakers
  •   No TWS mode for connecting two MP100 Plus speakers together
  •   No AAC/aptX codec support - only SBC codec support
  •   No absolute bluetooth volume support
  •   No 3.5mm audio port
  •   The USB-C charging port doesn't support audio
  •   No multipoint
  •   No quick charge support & long charging time
  •   No dust resistance - not suitable for the beach
  •   Short battery life - 4.5 hours at 100% volume
  •   No app support

Selling points
  • Turns off automatically after 25 of inactivity
  • Audio beep when reaching max volume
  • Can be used whilst charging
  • Lightweight - 186 grams
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.3 chip
  • Heavy duty buttons -  silent (non-clicky)
  • Compact footprint 9.5cm in diameter x 5cm thick
  • Built-in carry strap
  • IPX7 waterproof - can be submerged 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes
  • Built-in microphone delivers clear sound during calls and noise suppression to remove unwanted background noise - perfect for conference calling

Accessories included with the MP100 Plus bluetooth speaker are a short charging cable and velcro strap (Edifier-branded). You can buy the MP100 Plus bluetooth speaker from KB Audio and amazon when it becomes available.

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