PUNCUBE Minimal Wallet 2.0 Vs Wallet 3.0 Review Slim EDC Wallet

Friday, January 13, 2023

A minimalist EDC wallet is the perfect solution to stopping the habit of bulking up and lugging around a heavy wallet! Unlike a bifold/tri-fold wallet, PUNCUBE's Minimal Wallet is designed to be an ultra lightweight and super slim wallet  impossible to bulk up!

The minimalist wallets, seen pictured, are PUNCUBE 's Minimal Wallet 2.0 and Wallet 3.0 - designed to carry up to 7 cards (e.g. debit card, driver's license), shop receipts, banknotes, two keys and a PUNCUBE mini multitool. Wallet 3.0 is a premium version of Wallet 2.0 featuring an elastic cowhide leather card pocket and a secret pocket to store small items such as coins, rings or a bluetooth tracker. 
The secret pocket's folding lip tucked inside preventing the contentd from falling outside.
Wallet 2.0 doesn't have a secret pocket and the card pocket is made of thick elastic fabric (not leather) so, it's more lightweight. Both Wallet 3.0 and Wallet 2.0 have a PU leather body, as well as similar dimensions and can accommodate the same number of items.
The Minimal Wallet 2.0 and Wallet 3.0 also feature a plastic sleeve compartment for storing 3 keys (two on one side and one on the other side), or 2 keys + 1 PUNCUBE mini multi tool. PUNCUBE currently sells two multitools, which are the size of a regular key so, they can be stored in either side compartment by simply sliding the keys/multitools in and out. The fit is snug, which is good as this prevents the keys/multitools from rattling inside during trasnportation. Even if you forget to close the compartment lid, the keys/multitools won't fall out accidentally. 

The key compartment hinged lid has a 45 degree opening angle and feature tiny dimple dots to differentiate the single-key compartment from the dual-key compartment without having to guess. Side by side, the Minimal Wallet 2.0 and Wallet 3.0 look similar but, you can tell the difference. Wallet 2.0 has a prominent PUNCUBE leather tag made of real leather sewn into the front of card pocket, while Wallet 3.0 branding is smaller and more minimalist so, it doesn't stick out as much.
The Minimal Wallet 2.0 weighs 48 grams (empty) and measures 10.5cm long x 7cm wide x 1cm thick. The Minimal Wallet 3.0 weighs 64 grams (empty) and measures 10.5cm long x 7cm wide x 1.5cm thick. Wallet 3.0 is 16 grams heavier and slightly thicker than Wallet 2.0 due to the cowhide leather card pocket.

PUNCUBE currently sells two mini multitools. The blue mini multitool, seen pictured, weighs 10 grams and measures 5.5cm long x 3cm wide x 0.25cm thick. It  is made of titanium coated stainless steel and can be used as a bottle opener, flat screw driver and bike spoke key wrench. The silver colored one, it's a 20-in-1 multi-tool made of soft naked stainless steel (54 HRC) and a bit more lightweight (only 8 grams).

As far as key compatibility, any key will fit as long as it's no thicker than 2.5mm. These include Yale keys, Weiser keys, Kwikset keys, Sargent keys, Titan keys, Weslock keys, Falcon keys, Harloc keys, Corbin keys, Best keys and Eagle keys. The keyholder isn't detachable but you can buy separately with the Sandwich Wallet or Wallet 3.0 Slim edition.

The money band integration is a neat feature found on both Wallet 2.0 and Wallet 3.0. The money band is made of silicone rubber so, it's grippy and more secure at holding banknotes than a metal money clip. The money rubber band is detachable so, you can replace it when it breaks and, you can also interchange it with a different color rubber band. PUNCUBE sells rubber bands on their website in blue, orange, green and black.The money rubber band fits in the middle of the key compartments but doesn't obstruct the way. You can still open the key compartment even with a thick wodge of cash.  

The PUNCUBE Minimal Wallet 2.0 and Wallet 3.0 also double as a magnetic phone stand, although this feature is only natively compatible with MagSafe iPhones such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. That said, PUNCUBE does sell a magnetic stick-on pad that makes the phone stand compatible with any phone.

Potential deal breakers
  • Non compatible with larger keys such as transponder keys, double/four-sided keys, skeleton key
  • Not big enough for cash-only carriers
  • Limited amount of cards you can carry
  • No RFID protection
  • Getting cards out
  • No lifetime guarantee
  • Leather is easy to scratch
  • Cowhide leather does not develop a patina like top grain leather does.

Selling points for Wallet 2.0 & Wallet 3.0
  • Minimalist design
  • Can store up to 7 cards
  • Safer than a metal money clip for carrying banknotes without fear of losing them
  • Perfect for storing an Apple AirTag
  • Compatible with most standard keys up to 2.5mm thick
  • More practical than a card-only wallet
  • Sleak looking
  • Detachable silicone band can be interchanged with different color ones
  • Available in 3D twill weave and carbon fibre finish
  • 2 year warranty
  • Genuine real leather
You can buy Wallet 2.0 and Wallet 3.0 as well as accessories from PUNCUBE website and amazon.

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