Shargeek Storm 2 Review Transparent 100W PD DC Powerbank With Variable Voltage & OLED Display

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Never starve for power with Shargeek's new 100 watt power delivery (PD) powerbank with DC input/output, smart OLED display and more! Very powerful indeed and, cool looking too - perfect for thirsty devices like a MacBook, Steam Deck and Oculus VR headset!

The clear enclosure is made of fireproof plastic (polycarbonate), while side faceplates are made of oxidized aluminum alloy, which is scratch and corrosion resistant. The side faceplates are fixed to the enclosure via standard hex screws. The transparent finish of the Storm 2 powerbank  is really cool, letting you catch a glimpse of the internal circuit board and components including a 3R3 power inductor, Naxim SoC (NXWCR6), Capxon capacitors (100uF 25V), PowerPax SW3517S (an integrated dual-port charging chip) and 8 Samsung INR18650 32E 3100mAh Li ion unprotected batteries, providing a total 25,600 mAh battery capacity.
Aside from the transparent casing, the Shargeek Storm 2 powerbank stands out from competitors by including an OLED display screen (25mm x 15mm)  which shows useful information such as voltage of each battery cell, battery cycles, estimated battery life, current, wattage, battery temperature, circuit temperature, input status, output status and running time.

Another neat feature you won't find on most powerbanks is adjustable voltage. The Shargeek Storm 2 powerbank gives you the ability to adjust the output of the DC voltage, which is useful when charging low lower devices. The DC voltage can be adjusted between 3.3V and 25.2V in increments of 1 volt or 0.1 volt.

There are a total of four connection ports for output charging, including a USB-C and DC port which support bi-directional input/output charging. The Shargeek Storm 2 powerbank can be charged two ways: via DC input and via USB-C input, which is quicker because the USB-C input supports fast charging up to 100 watt (20V/5A). The DC input only supports up to 72 watts (24V/3A). The minimum input charging requirement is 15 watts; hence the Shargeek Storm 2 powerbank cannot be recharged via a computer. 
As far as output charging, you can use up to 3 ports at the same time so, you can charge 3 external devices simultaneously. While convenient, charging multiple devices at the same time reduces the output charge of each port. When using one port at a time, the maximum output charge is as follows:
  • DC port=75 watts
  • USB-C1 port=100 watts
  • USB-C2 port= ~30 watts
  • USB-A port = 18 watts
Shargeek Storm 2 is easy to use too, via a single multifunctional button designed to navigate between menus. Storm 2 can be charged whilst charging external devices. When using an 100W charger (not included), Storm 2 charging time is just 1.5 hours. To power off the powerbank, you can't just long press the button, which would have been handy. Instead, you have to navigate to the power off menu.
Shargeek includes a quality USB-C cable with a nice bumble bee colorway with similar performance to the Apple Thunderbolt 3 USB-C cable. The Shargeek cable isn't branded but feels premium. It is made of soft rubber (including the plugs) and supports high-speed charging up to 100W - enough to fast-charge a 14-inch MacBook Pro. 

The Shargeek cable can also handle data and video transmission up to 10Gbps. The cable supports the USB3.2 Gen 2 standard and USB4 standard, although only the limited version of USB4 which is 10Gbps. USB4 is actually capable of 40Gbps which is the Thunderbolt 4 standard. This means, you can't use the included cable with Thunderbolt 4 and 8k video but, you can use use it to transmit 4k 60Hz video.
A few other standards supported by Storm 2 include Power Delivery (PD 3.0), Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 and Quick Charge (QC) 4+, which is supported by some smartphones such as the HTC U12 Plus, Xiaomi Mi A2 and LG G7 ThinQ. Quick Charge 4 is capable of charging the device to 50% in just 15 minutes. 

Shargeek also states that the included cable integrates an E-Marker chip, which is good to know as this allows the cable to intelligently control the charging and prevent damaging your devices. As far as transportation, the Shargeek Storm 2 powerbank can be carried without approval on a plane since the power rating is below 100Wh. Any powerbank between 100Wh and 160Wh usually requires airliner approval. Dimensions of Storm 2 are 15cm long x 4.5cm wide x 6cm high and 597 grams in weight.

Potential deal breakers
  • Non variable current output
  • Expensive
  • Unknown electronics
  • Non self-replaceable batteries (welded together)
  • Screen can't be turned off manually, unless setting the screen timer down to 1 minute (lowest)
  • Doesn't support AC input
  • No power off button


Selling points for Storm 2

  • High power USB Type C powerbank for newer laptops
  • Bi-directional input/output charging ports
  • Transparent enclosure
  • Included cable supports charging/data/video up to 10 Gbps
  • 100 watt charging cable with E-marker chip protection
  • Airline approved power bank 
  • Adjustable DC output voltage
  • Supports PD 3.0, QC 3.0 & QC 4+
  • Anti-glare LED display screen 
  • Short circuit protection
  • 18 months limited warranty
  • Passthrough charging
Accessories included with Storm 2 are a 100W USB-C male to male cable (1.7 meters) and a thick canvas drawstring pouch with Shargeek branding heat printed. You can buy the Storm 2 100W PD powerbank from Shargeek and amazon.

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