Redragon Mouthpiece GS813 Review Bookshelf Speaker

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Redragon's new Mouthpiece GS813 - a set of DC-powered bookshelf speakers for music listening and gaming! 

Each Mouthpiece GS813 bookshelf speaker is equipped with a single 3.5 inch bass driver capable of 10 watts, making the total combined RMS output 20 watts. The main Mouthpiece GS813 bookshelf speaker weighs over a kilo (1058 grams), while the auxiliary speaker weighs under a kilo (970 grams). The main speaker is naturally the heavier one since it contains the main electronics, amplifier and bluetooth 5.0 chip.

The auxiliary speaker is designed to be tethered to the main speaker via phono connection, using standard figure-8 speaker cabling (2-core). The cabling is about 80cm long - long enough to keep the speakers separated. The cabling is fixed to the back of the speaker unit and it's not detachable. That said, you can plug and unplug the auxiliary speaker and use the main speaker standalone - as a powered bluetooth speaker. 

Speaking of bluetooth, the Mouthpiece GS813 bookshelf speakers can be connected four ways: via bluetooth, via microSD (TF) card slot, via RCA and USB connection to a PC or flash drive. If you have am OTG smartphone that supports USB audio, you can also connect it to the Mouthpiece GS813 bookshelf speakers.
On the back of the Mouthpiece GS813 bookshelf speakers, there is also a vent bass port; while on the bottom you find rubber feed isolating pads. There is no built-in battery so, the Mouthpiece GS813 has to be connected to an electrical wall socket via the included 24 watt DC barrel power adapter. 
The main Mouthpiece GS813 speaker also contains physical buttons for controlling play/pause, track skipping and audio input mode. The buttons are rear facing and made of plastic with a clicky actuation. As well as physical buttons, there are also three plastic knobs for volume control and tone controls (bass and treble). 

The control knobs sit on top of standard potentiometers with stops for minimum and max settings. The potentiometer knobs have a comfortable tight turn - not too loose nor too tight - allowing for a gradual rotation. The Mouthpiece GS813 doesn't have a 3.5mm audio port but supports RCA to 3.5mm audio connection so, you can still connect the Mouthpiece GS813 speakers to a 3.5mm headphone jack.
The dimensions of the Mouthpiece GS813 desktop speakers are 13cm deep x 12.5cm wide x 22cm high. The speaker enclosures aren't made of solid wood. Instead, they are made of compressed wood (particle-board), which feels similar to MDF wood, although particle board isn't as durable or moisture resistant as MDF wood.

The build quality of the Mouthpiece GS813 desktop speakers doesn't feel as good as the Andante GS812 desktop speakers, although the Andante GS812 don't support treble tone control. As far as sound, the Mouthpiece GS813 deliver plenty of volume for a small/medium room, along with good balance between bass and midrange. For smaller desk tops consider the Dora GS512 soundbar.

Potential deal breakers
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack
  • No rechargeable battery built-in
  • No spring terminals
  • Enclosure isn't solid wood
  • No IR remote control
  • No tweeter drivers - lacking treble response
  • TF (microSD) card slot supports 64GB cards only
  • Non-detachable speaker cloth grille 
  • Made with particle-board - can expand in high humidity
  • No RGB lighting 
  • Not as compact as the Anvil GS520 desktop speakers 
  • No bluetooth AAC codec support
  • Bluetooth status led flashes every few seconds 
  • No absolute bluetooth volume support - this means you cannot control the volume of the speakers remotely
  • No sub-out port for subwoofer connection
  • Moderate bass

Selling points
  • Affordable entry-level bookshelf speakers
  • Four input modes: BT/USB/RCA/MicroSD
  • Detachable stereo speakers
  • Loud volume
  • Clear sound without distortion
  • Built-in button controls 
  • MicroSD card slot
  • USB-audio connection for PC and smartphone
  • Built-in bass/treble tone controls
  • Dedicated volume knob
  • Physical power on/off switch
Accessories included are a 24W power adapter cable (1.8 meters), a RCA/3.5mm cable (1 meter) and Redragon stickers. You can buy the Mouthpiece GS813 speakers from Redragon. Check out the review of the Connie GS814.

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