Level8 Gibraltar Review Wheeled Aluminium Carry-On Case

Friday, February 10, 2023

Your very own armored four wheeler for safe transportation of valuables! it's called Gibraltar, by Level8 - a rolling hardshell luggage perfect for clothing but also for traveling to and fro with heavy gear such as a desktop PC or music equipment!
The Level8 Gibraltar has a comfortable rubberized plastic grab handle, which features motion hinge dampers to soften the movement. The damper grab handle mechanism works similar to a slow close drawer, making the motion smoother and quieter. 
As well as a grab handle, there are two metal catch latch locks with a built-in 3 barrel combination lock and a special TSA keyhole for airport security to check your bag without destroying the lock or suitcase.
The Level8 Gibraltar luggage is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy with reinforced corner and rubber seal closure protection to minimize dust/water ingress. The Gibraltar luggage telescopic bars are made of aluminum alloy, while the telescopic handle, trim and feet are made of plastic. 
The rolling wheels are rubberized. The grab handle is made of plastic but the underside is rubberized, making it comfortable to grab in the hand. The dimensions of the grab handle are 15.5cm long x 6cm high.

The telescopic handle makes rolling the Level8 Gibraltar hard case luggage easy and convenient. The telescopic handle is retractable via an internal spring loaded mechanism operated by a button that allows you to adjust and lock the telescopic handle into five different heights: 55cm (highest), 50cm, 45cm, 40cm, 13cm (lowest). The telescopic handle grip measures 17.5cm across - short enough to passthrough over a backpack trolley sleeve (e.g. Level8 Atlas backpack).

The Level8 Gibraltar opens up in two halves - suitcase style - making packing and retrieving contents easier. The sides are held together via three butt metal hinges. Internally, you find a quick release privacy lid for each side compartment to secure the contents and prevent them from falling out. The privacy lids are made of breathable fabric mesh so, they can be folded and, they are attached via metal stud fasteners so, you can detach the privacy lids off of the luggage.
The privacy lids can be attach and detach easily via the elasticated rubber pulltabs , which latch on to a metal catch. One of the privacy lids integrates a built-in zip pocket (43cm long x 18cm high) with metal pulltab slider (non-branded). 
Internal dimensions of the front facing compartment are 49cm long x 33cm wide x 11cm deep. The back facing compartment has a lower depth (8cm) due to the telescopic handle bars getting in the way.  

The Level8 Gibraltar aluminium hard case can be placed upright on the rolling wheels or on its side (horizontally), thanks to four thick plastic feet (2cm high). The Gibraltar hard case has a total of four wheels with a double (spinner) wheel base design, meaning each wheel has two wheels, which makes rolling the Gibraltar luggage a bit easier. The wheels swivel freely 360 degrees too, making it to maneuver the Gibraltar case around.

Dimensions of the Level 8 Gibraltar hard luggage are 21 inches high x 15 inches long x 8.4 inches wide (55.4cm x 38cm x 21cm). The standard domestic carry-on luggage size is 22" x 14" x 9" so, you can take the Level8 Gibraltar on-board a plane. 

Inside the Level8 Gibraltar aluminium case, you also find a set of four packing bag cubes made of polyester fabric. The largest packing bag measures 46cm long x 32cm wide x 8cm high. The second largest packing bag measures 33cm x 23cm x 7cm high - both these bags have YKK dual metal zip sliders. 
The other two packing bags are smaller - designed for toiletries and tech gear. One of these small packing bags is padded and features organizational padded dividers, an internal mesh pocket (20cm x 13cm), dual YKK metal zip and an external carry strap. 
The other small packing bag has the same dimensions (33cm x 23cm x 7cm high) but only has one single YKK zip, it isn't padded, has no internal dividers and no external carry strap. Another neat feature with these packing bags is the detachable logo labels to help you differentiate gear.

Potential deal breakers
  • Reduced internal depth space due to handle bars & metal catches
  • Not internally padded (empty metal shell)
  • No dust/waterproof rating
  • Pricey (expensive)

Selling points
  • Anti-thud dampening grab handle
  • Built-in TSA-approved locks
  • Rubberized grab handle
  • Four wheeler
  • Sturdy and spacious
  • Perfect for safely transporting breakables
  • Rubber seal closure (dustproof/ waterproof)
  • 360 swivel wheels
  • Double-wheel design
  • Can be carried like a briefcase
  • Telescopic handle
  • Includes luggage packing bags/cubes
  • Suitable size for airplane overhead stowage bins
  • Corrosion and wear resistant
  • No zippers - zipperless luggage
  • Wheel fender guard protection
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Butt metal hinges
  • Corner reinforcement


The Level8 Gibraltar hard luggage list of included accessories are a thin white drawstring fabric bag, luggage tag with privacy cover and buckle clasp fastener and a set of different size packing bags to store tech gear, toiletries, etc. You can buy the the Level8 Gibraltar hard luggage from Level8 website and get 10% off (use promo GadgetExplained10) and amazon.

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