Lypertek PurePlay Z7 Review TWS IEM

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

The mighty and powerful PurePlay Z7 by Lypertek - an impressive IEM with true wireless (TWS) performance, including long battery life and app support!

The PurePlay Z7 stand out from most TWS earbuds by featuring a triple driver setup with two balanced armature (BA) drivers and a single 6mm dynamic driver per earbud. Inside the earbuds, there is also a Bluetooth 5.2 chip with aptX Adaptive support, which is perfect if you do mobile gaming, watch movies or listen to hi-res audio. 
 Most earbuds on the market do not support aptX Adaptive, which is the best audio codec - better than AAC, LDAC and SBC codecs. Unlike all of these codecs, aptX Adaptive is flexible, dynamically adjusting the latency and bit-rate to make audio and calls more seamless.

The Lypertek PurePlay Z7 earbuds come with a snazzy charging case wrapped in fabric and with a black plastic trim. Most true wireless cases are plastic, which keeps the weight low but are also prone to oily smudges. The Lypertek PurePlay Z7 fabric case doesn't mark with fingerprints, which is nice and, it is hard-wearing too, thanks to the fabric material. 
The PurePlay Z7 charging case has a spacious magnetized docking area that allows you to remove the earbuds out of the case very easily. The only drawbacks with the case are the weak hinge lid, size and single battery led indicator, which makes reading battery level not as intuitive. Just like the case, the Z7 earbuds are bulky too, sticking out of the earbuds. The earbuds feel comfortable to wear and feel durable, thanks to the metal nozzle. The earbud shell is plastic. The branding text on the earbud faceplate "cheapens" the design a bit. 
The Z7 earbud faceplate integrates a physical button; hence no touch controls. The physical buttons have a subtle tactile feedback that is easy to press if you don't mind "jamming" the earbud a bit into your ear.  The Lypertek PurePlay Z7 earbuds support play/pause, track skipping (next/previous), volume up/down, calls (answer/end/reject), voice assistant and ambient sound. However, you can only choose a maximum of 3 functions per earbuds, including calls. Dimensions of the Z7 case are 8.5cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm and 70 grams in weight. The earbuds weigh 6 grams each. 

Battery life is super long but depends on volume and audio codec. AptX Adaptive and AAC consume more battery than SBC, which gives you longer playtime (around 9 hours at 50% volume). With aptX Adaptive and AAC codec, battery life is around 6.5 hours. The case provides an extra 55 hours of extra power on the go to recharge the earbuds. 
The PurePlay Z7 case can be charged wirelessly (in 3 hours) or via cable in 2 hours. The Z7 earbuds charging time is 1.5 hours and support 15 minute quick charge, which gives you 2 hours of playtime. The Z7 earbuds pair easily and can be connected to a phone whilst in the case. In fact, you can listen to audio whilst the earbuds are in the case, which is interesting because this is something you can't do with most true wireless earbuds. The volume is, definitely, very good!   

In the sound department, that's where the Lypertek Z7 earbuds really shine with a massive airy sound stage. The stock sound signature is focused on midrange and treble and lacking sub bass. Vocals and instruments sound forward, clear and defined across the upper ranges. 
If you don't like the stock sound signature, you can always EQ the sound via the 7-band EQ built-in to the Lypertek SoundControl app. The EQ comes with 7 preset sound modes and two customizable presets to create your own sound signature. The mic performance is good too but only for casual calls due to the noise suppression, which is lacking for important calls, leaking background noise into the call.

Despite the low rating, the Lypertek SoundControl app worked without issues during testing. It is easy to use, doesn't require an account registration and has a user-friendly interface to easy navigate to settings such as button remapping, equalizer, ambient mode (hear through), "find my earbuds", volume slider (for audio) and LDX audio mode, which increases the bitrate for higher resolution audio. 
A few drawbacks with the app, it doesn't show battery level for the charging case. LDX audio and EQ do not work when streaming audio (e.g. YouTube) - only locally when listening to audio on your phone.

Potential deal breakers
  • Bulky and heavy charging case
  • No ANC 
  • Branding text on faceplate
  • Weak/wobbly case lid
  • Single battery led on case - not easy to read battery level
  • Bulky earbuds - stick out of the ears
  • Not ideal for sports/exercise due to size
  • Sound quality can't compete with wired IEM
  • No touch controls
  • EQ doesn't work when LDX audio is enabled
  • No button remap for single press (play/pause) & long hold (ambient sound)
  • No multipoint
  • Weak noise suppressing mic
  • Weak ambient mode
  • No powerbank mode for charging external devices
Selling points
  • True wireless IEM form factor
  • Triple driver design
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Adjustable auto power off
  • Physical buttons - easier to use with gloves
  • Metal nozzle
  • IPX5 sweat resistant
  • Long battery life
  • Ambient sound (hear-through)
  • 15 min quick charge (2hr playtime)
  • Multiple codecs: aptX Adaptive, AAC & SBC
  • Fabric charging case
  • Charging case supports Qi wireless charging
  • Hi-res audio
  • Low latency audio
  • USB-C charging
Included with the Z7 are four sets of silicone eartips, three sets of foam tips, USB-C charging cable and replaceable filter mesh pads. You can buy the Lypertek PurePlay Z7 from amazon. 

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