Excitrus 105W Power Bank Ultimate Review

Friday, March 03, 2023

The Excitrus 105W Power Bank Ultimate is a powerfully small portable power solution with a massive 18,000mAm battery that supports QC and PD for fast charging gadgets on the go! 

The Excitrus 105W Power Bank Ultimate measures 14cm long x 8cm wide x 2.5cm thick and 375 grams in weight. It has a curved body made of textured hard plastic and with a glossy plastic trim along the side, which looks nice but marks easily with oily smudges. The curved design prevents the powerbank from being able to stand upright on its sides - you can only keep it flat on its front or backside.

There is only one button (with physical actuation) built-in, making operation easy. There is also a digital oled display neatly concealed within the glossy trim. The digital display shows numerical battery level, as well as other icons such as "%" which refers to "lower power" mode. The display doubles also as an status led, blinking when the powerbank is charging. 
The display brigthness is bright enough without being annoyingly bright, which is a plus when charging the battery during the night while sleeping. There is no option to turn off the display manually but, you can power off the powerbank manually. The display stays lit up during charging but will automaticlaly turn off within 25 seconds when not in use.

There are only two connectivity ports on the Excitrus 105W Power Bank Ultimate, including a USB-C port, which has bi-directional input and output functionality. The lack of dedicated charging port is a disadvantage because it puts more strain on the port. Having a separate charging port is always more ideal to extend longevity.

In input mode, the USB-C port supports up to 60W (20v/3A) PD fast charge so, if you use a 60W PD charger the charging time from 0 to 100% is just 2 hours. The minimum input charge required to charge the power bank is 15W (5V/3A). In output mode, the USB-C supports up to 87W PD (20V/4.35A). This is plenty of power for charging most 65W charging laptops at full speed, including the Dell XPS, Lenovo X1 Carbon, HP EliteBook and 15 inch Macbook - from 0 to 40% in under half an hour.
While the Excitrus 105W Power Bank Ultimate isn't capable of QC 5.0 speeds, it is backwards compatible so, you can still charge a QC 5.0 phone with the Excitrus power bank, although at reduced speed. The Excitrus 105W Power Bank Ultimate can also recharge low power devices. In fact, there is a special low power mode built-in to the power bank for charging smartwatches, bluetooth headphones and earbuds charging cases. Low power mode only works via the USB-A port. When low mode is enabled,you can still use the other USB-C port.

The USB-A port supports Quick Charge (QC 3.0) up to 18W (12V/1.5A), which is fast but not as fast as the latest QC 5.0, which is capable of over 100W of power. QC 5.0 can charge a 4,500mAh battery from 0 to 50% in just 5 minutes. Devices supporting QC 5.0 include the special edition Snapdragon Insider phone by AsusTek, which supports 65W wired charging. The minimum power the USB-A port can output is 15W (5V/3A).

The built-in 18,000 li-ion battery has a 1000 times lifecyle, which means the Excitrus 105W Power Bank Ultimate will hold its performance for at least 1000 complete charging cycles before dropping performance to 80%. A full cycle goes from 100% battery to 0% but you can easily extend the lifecycle by keeping the battery topped up and not letting the battery drain below 50%.
Potential deal breakers
  • No QC 5.0 capability 
  • Requires a minimum 15W charger 
  • No MagSafe support
  • No Qi wireless charging
  • No dedicated charging port
Selling points
  • Easy to use via single button
  • Cross platform compatibility with Macbooks, Nintendo Switch, iPad, Android, iPhone
  • Low power charging mode
  • Built-in digital display
  • No annoying blinking status led
  • Numerical battery indicator
  • Power Delivery (PD) fast charging support
  • QC 3.0 support
  • Works with high and low power devices
  • Can charge two devices simultaneously at full power
  • 18,000 Li-Ion battery with 1000 charge cycles lifespan
  • Sleep mode
  • 100W 5A USB-C cable included
 Inside the box, you get two unbranded cables; a 5A USB-C to USB-C (60cm) and USB-A to USB-C (60cm). The 5A USB-C cable supports up to 100W/20V. You can buy the Excitrus 105W Power Bank Ultimate from amazon.

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