Pitaka Galaxy S23 Ultra Case Review Thinnest Case With MagSafe

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

The face of Android - Samsung - finally released their top of the line Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra phones! Grab yourself a Pitaka MagEZ 3 thin case with MagSafe and show off the S23 craftsmanship of beauty!

It's been a little over 1 week and Samsung's flagship Galaxy S23 (along with the S23+ and S23 Ultra versions) are generating quite the buzz and with good reason. The Galaxy S23 has a best in class camera system and the best processor - the Snapdragon 8 Generation 2. 
On top of that, Samsung provides reliable (good long term support) with 4 years of software updates and 5 years of security patches, making the S23 a solid long term investment worth securing with a case. 

First thing you notice about these Pitaka S23 cases is the weight. The S23 cases are incredibly lightweight - feels like holding paper, almost. This is not always a selling point though - not at least for a phone case but these Pitaka S23 cases are made of aramid fiber, which is very strong and highly resistant to scratches, impacts and cracking. The finish is similar to the Pitaka iPhone 14 cases.
Both the Pitaka S23 case and Pitaka S23 Ultra have a 2mm thick camera bump protection, which keeps the entire case backside almost flat but not entirely. The backside of the case rocks a little when resting the case against a desk. The Pitaka S23 and Ultra phone cases look similar but the S23 is more protective. It has dedicated cutouts for the charging port, buttons, speaker and curved screen. The Pitaka  S23 case is more exposed on the sides and bottom.
Pitaka S23 cases have MagSafe magnets built-in and aren't compatible with all Qi wireless chargers, including the MagEZ wireless charge. the Pitaka S23 Ultra case weighs 26 grams, while the S23 case weighs 20 gram.

Potential deal breakers
  • No dedicated cutouts
  • Not as protective as a tough case
  • No anchor points for lanyard
  • No reinforced corners
  • No button protection
  • Only 2 months warranty
  • Not compatible with all Qi chargers including MagEZ wireless charger
Selling points
  • Compatible with Pitakaflow system
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Dedicated cutouts (only for the S23 Ultra case)
  • Ultra slim
  • Screen edge protection 
  • Compatible with MagEZ 2.0 car charger
  • Lightweight
  • Established phone case brand
The Pitaka cases, seen pictured, are for the standard Galaxy S23 (6.1 inch) and Galaxy Ultra (6.8 inch), which you can buy from Pitaka and amazon
Some final thoughts about the Galaxy is no doubt a supreme phone but next to the S22 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro - the Samsung Galaxy S23 leaves a lot to be desired for. No 108 megapixel camera, no quad HD+ resolution, no macro capability, lower camera performance, no S pen stylus, smaller battery, more expensive and "glitchy" variable refresh rate.

All three S23 variants have the same selfie camera and virtually the same screen (resolution aside) with the same peek brightness and refresh rate. The lower resolution is a plus, as it will definitely boost battery life. The S23 Ultra is the chunkier version of the three. The neat thing about Samsung phones, they have better resale value so, you can always re-sale (or trade in) your old Samsung and buy the S23, Plus or Ultra at a discount! Check out the Pitaka Pixel Fold case.

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