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Monday, June 12, 2023


The MOFT Z 5-in-1 sit and stand laptop desk is a game-changer in the world of portable workstations. Designed to elevate your productivity and enhance your comfort, this sleek and versatile laptop desk offers an array of features that cater to the modern professional on the move.

The MOFT Z sit-stand laptop desk measures 28cm long, 24cm wide, 1.3cm high (sitting mode), 26cm (standing mode) and weighs 1kg. It is lightweight but capable of supporting up to 9kg in the standing position, thanks to its PU fiberglass construction. MOFT Z also integrates magnets to prevent the side panel from opening unexpectedly.

The MOFT Z sit-stand laptop desk is designed to accommodate laptops up to 17 inches and can be adjusted at various angles: 25°, 35°, 45°, 60° and 90° (standing mode) - a total of 5 modes. In standing mode, the surface area for resting the laptop measures 20cm deep x 24cm long and has a cutout that helps facilitate better airflow and heat dissipation, preventing bottom vent laptops from overheating during demanding tasks. 
In 25°, 35°, 45° and 60° modes, the surface area for the laptop is the same: 27cm deep x 23cm long  which is a lot wider than in standing mode. The overall height and depth of MOFT Z in each mode is as follows:

  • In 90° (standing mode) 25.5cm high x 35.5cm deep
  • In 60° mode 25cm high x 28cm deep
  • In 45° mode 19.5cm high x 28cm deep
  • In 35° mode 15.5cm high x 39cm deep
  • In 25° mode 12cm high x 28cm deep
  • In 0°  (fold flat) mode 1.5cm high 24cm long x 28cm deep

The MOFT Z sit stand desk is exceptionally versatile and much easier to use than it looks, adapting effortlessly to your preferred ergonomic setup. Transitioning from sitting inclined position to standing position is seamless, letting you work, study, or enjoy multimedia content comfortably. You can use it with laptops and tablets too, thanks to a small retractable pocket, which hols the tablet upright

MOFT Z feels well made and reliable. Its sturdy construction provides excellent stability, even when supporting heavier laptops. MOFT Z laptop desk strikes a perfect balance between durability and aesthetics. The sleek and minimalistic design seamlessly integrates into any workspace, adding a touch of sophistication. The folding mechanism is smooth and secure, providing a stable platform for a laptop. Compared to a dedicated rising desk stand, MOFT Z comes short due to lack of  height adjustment, making MOFT Z better suited for people around 1.6 meters (5ft 2) tall.

Designed with portability in mind, the MOFT Z laptop desk is convenient to carry, thanks to fold-flat design. When flat, MOFT Z measures only 1.5cm high 24cm long x 28cm deep, making it effortless to slip into a backpack. 
When compared to  the MOFT Graphene Cooling Stand and the MOFT AirFlow Laptop Stand, the MOFT Z laptop desk is the more versatile of the three, thanks to the standing mode but, MOFT Z is also the bulkiest of the three. You cannot attach MOFT Z to the back of a laptop like you can with MOFT Graphene Stand and MOFT AirFlow Stand. 
In terms of ventilation, MOFT Graphene Cooling Stand and the MOFT AirFlow Laptop Stand are better are driving heat away. MOFT Z is only capable of driving heat away in the standing position.

Potential deal breakers
  • Limited height adjustability compared to a rising standing desk
  • No protective carrying case included

Selling points

  • Effortless transition between sitting, standing, and inclined positions.
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Suitable for a wide range of laptop sizes up to 17 inches
  • Sleek aesthetics that complement any workspace
  • Exceptional portability
  • Fold-flat design
  • Adjustable viewing positions
  • Available in different colorways: black, grey, blue and red
  • Reduces strain on neck, back, and wrists

MOFT Z does not come with any accessories. You can buy MOFT Z laptop desk from amazon.

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