Moft Graphene Cooling Stand Review Thinnest Laptop Stand

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The coolest and thinnest laptop stand on the market - the Moft Graphene Cooling Stand - also happens to be the strongest and most highly thermally conductive laptop stand! The new Moft Graphene Cooling Stand works slightly different to other Moft stands by driving heat away from the laptop without fans or any fancy electronic wizardry. 

The Moft Grapehene Cooling Stand is made with graphene-copper composite reinforced with nano carbon fillers, making the Moft Cooling Stand very strong and more highly thermal conductive than 100% graphene, thanks to the copper blend. The Moft Graphene Cooling Stand looks alot like the original Moft Stand and, even has the same dimensions (22cm long x 17cm wide) but instead of a fabric finish, the Moft Graphene Cooling Stand has a vegan leather finish. 

The Moft Graphene Cooling Stand is designed for laptops without underside vents (e.g. M1 MacBook), which weigh below 1.5kg in weight and have a screen size between 11.5 inches and 16 inches. As long as the laptop screen isn't too heavy, you can pretty much use the Moft Cooling Stand with any laptop below 1.5kg in weight. The weight is a factor and one of the potential deal breakers with the Moft Grapehene Cooling Stand. 
Versatility is another potential deal breaker facing the Moft Cooling Stand. Unlike a traditional universal laptop stand, which can be easily transfered from laptop to laptop, the Moft Cooling Stand has to be transplanted to another laptop by peeling it off, which isn't as convinient. 
That said, the Moft Cooling Stand adhesive backing is reuseable up to 1000 times. The more times you reuse the adhesive, the shorter the lifespan. The ahesive becomes weaker until the bonding ins't strong enough.
The Moft Grapehene Cooling Stand has the same origami style folding mechanism as all other Moft stands with folding lines to allow the stand to fold up and down. Under normal usage, the folding mechanism should hold for years but, just like with the adhesive backing, the more times you fold the stand the shorter the lifespan. 
The weight of the laptop is also important to keep in mind. The max upper limit the Moft Grapehene Cooling Stand can hold is 1.4 kg but ideally it is best using the Moft Cooling Stand with a lightweight laptop around 1.2 kg such as the MacBook Air. 
If you have a heavier laptop, it is best getting the Moft AirFlow stand (non-graphene version), which can hold up to 4.5kg. If you still want the Moft graphene laptop stand, Moft should have a Moft Cooling Stand version availalble for laptops with vents, which should technically be able to hold more weight.

The key selling points for the Moft Graphene Cooling Stand are its thinness (3mm thick), silient operation (no fans), minimilist design, easy to deploy and pack, portability, ultra lightweight (96 grams) and reusable non-sticky adhesive. The Moft Cooling stand can be adjusted in two heights - 15 degrees (5cm) and 25 degrees (8cm) and has a vegan leather finish, which makes it more premium looking than previous Moft stand iterations. 
If you're wondering whether to get the Moft Cooling Stand or the AirFlow Stand, the Moft Cooling Stand is mainly for MacBooks and laptops without underside vents. The Airflow Laptop Stand is designed for laptops that have vents and features an open design for better ventilation. The AirFlow Stand is also smaller than the Graphene Cooling Stand but just as sturdy, being able to hold up to 4.9 kg (11lbs). 
Overall,  the Moft Graphene Cooling Stand does work but don't expect any quick magic because the cooling down process is passive, not active like with a fan-driven laptop stand. It can take up to 5 hours to achieve a 5 degree thermal decrease so about 1 degree per hour but the cooling process is continous (24/7), even when the laptop stand is closed. You can buy the Moft Graphene Cooling Stand from Moft. Check out the review of the MOFT Z laptop desk.

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