Edifier G2000 Review Desktop Speakers With Sub Out

Monday, August 21, 2023

Get ready to turn up the volume on your entertainment experience with the Edifier G2000 gaming speakers – the ultimate "Edi-fine" blend of technology and sound! As we dive into the heart of this review, we'll unravel the intricacies of the G2000's practical aspects, shedding light on its real-life performance, user-friendly design, standout features, advantages, and even a few nuances.

The outer casing of the Edifier G2000 speaker has a stretched hexagonal shape made of a strong material called composite fiber. It's slightly tilted upwards by 10 degrees. At the bottom, you'll see four rubber pads that keep it stable. On the back, there's a special opening for better bass sound, a large light display, and four ports: one for power, another for connecting a subwoofer, a third for plugging in another device using a cable, and a fourth that's a USB slot.

Both the left and right speakers are always connected to each other with a thick rubber cable that's about 2 meters long. If you want a stronger and deeper bass sound, you can attach an extra speaker called a subwoofer using a special port labeled "sub out." You'll need a subwoofer with an RCA or 3.5mm input that matches the outputs of the Edifier G2000 such as the Edifier T5. It's also good if the subwoofer lets you change the "crossover frequency," which helps the sound blend well between the subwoofer and the G2000 speakers. This helps the bass sound fit in smoothly with the rest of the audio.

The G2000's measurements are 10.5cm in depth, 13cm in height, and 11cm in width. The total weight is 1.4 kg. The active speaker, which connects to the power adapter, weighs 706 grams, while the passive speaker weighs 659 grams. Inside, there's a setup where one speaker is active and the other is passive. This is different from speakers that are only specialized for low or high frequencies. In the Edifier G2000 system, each speaker has a 2.75 inch full range driver that can produce a wide range of sounds, from deep bass to high trebles. The driver's cone, which is the part that makes the sound, is made of paper with a rubber ring around it. It also has a shield reflector to help project and guide the sound.

On the Edifier G2000, there are two physical buttons and a lever switch that you can feel when you touch it. These are for controlling the volume, and they have 15 different levels you can choose from. When you use them, you'll feel a response, which makes adjusting the sound a smooth experience.

The power output of the Edifier G2000 is 8 watts for each speaker. This tells you how much continuous power the speakers can handle without making the sound distorted. The peak power, which is 32 watts, is the most power the speakers can handle for short bursts of time. So, the power output number gives you an idea of how loud the speakers can play sound, while the peak power tells you how well they can handle really loud sounds without getting damaged.

Remember that power output and peak power are important, but they're not the only things that matter for good sound. The design of the speakers, how big the driver (the part that makes the sound) is, what materials are used, and the amplifier also affect how the sound sounds overall. The default sound signature has a strong bass that hits you, trebles that are easy to hear, and a wide, all-around sound which feels deep and dynamic. These settings can be adjusted using the built-in sound presets.

The Edifier G2000 gaming speakers are able to receive audio data through a USB connection from a personal computer (PC) and play it back. This feature enables you to use a USB connection to transmit audio signals from your PC to the speakers, allowing you to enjoy high-quality sound output without the need for additional cables or connections. The "USB stream audio PC compatibility" feature simplifies the setup process and reduces the clutter of multiple cables, offering a straightforward and streamlined way to enjoy quality sound from a PC. Speaking of PC, the Edifier G2000 is not bus-powered from a PC. This means, you have to use the included power adapter to operate it as the speaker cannot draw all its necessary power solely from the USB connection to a PC.

While gaming, the G2000 speakers truly shine. Whether immersed in action-packed shooters or exploring atmospheric RPGs, the speakers effectively capture the subtleties of in-game soundscapes, enhancing immersion and allowing you to react swiftly to auditory cues. Movie playback also benefits from the speakers' impressive sound dispersion, making explosive scenes truly come to life.

RGB lighting stands as an additional offering of the G2000. You have the choice between lively color transitions and steady singular hues, with a selection spanning 12 diverse RGB options, including the OFF mode. Utilizing the onboard control buttons simplifies the process of switching between RGB modes. However, when it comes to deactivating the RGB lighting, the current procedure involves cycling through each RGB effect until reaching the OFF mode. An enhancement would have been achieved by enabling a prolonged press of the RGB button for a swift RGB deactivation.

The G2000 speakers compact design and isometric cavity effectively deliver premium sound in a small footprint. This is particularly advantageous if you have limited space. The wide compatibility with Bluetooth, USB, and 3.5mm AUX connections allows you to connect to different devices, including smartphones and gaming consoles. However, it's worth noting that the non-detachable cable lengths for both inter-speaker connection and power plug may limit flexibility in placement. Additionally, the onboard sound presets, while enhancing the audio experience,could have benefited from a band EQ app to further customize sound. In terms of dimensions, the compact size of 106x105x130mm, alongside the square hexagonal shaped cabinet, reflects thoughtful design that maximizes space while delivering premium audio quality.

Potential deal breakers
  • Non detachable speaker cable
  • enclosure is a dust magnet
  • Not bus powered
  • No speaker grille
  • Bluetooth connection led stays on
  • No AAC codec
  • No built-in EQ app.
  • Limited RGB lighting customization
  • No low latency mode in bluetooth
  • No built-in rechargeable battery

Selling points
  • USB stream audio PC compatibility
  • Blend of powerful bass and clear trebles
  • composite fiber sound basin
  • Low latency via 3.5mm AUX and USB
  • Audible beep when reaching max volume
  • Supports absolute bluetooth volume
  • Voice alerts for sound presets and connection mode
  • Active-passive speaker setup
  • Subwoofer output
  • Onboard sound mode presets
  • Broad compatibility
  • External 20W power adapter
  • Diverse sound modes
  • mechanical shift lever volume control (15 steps)
  • Compact design
  • Multiple connectivity options: BT/ USB/AUX
  • RGB lighting customization

The package contains essential additions: a 20W DC power adapter, a 3.5mm male-to-male cable (1.3 meters), and a USB-A to USB-A male-to-male cable (1.2 meters).You can buy the Edifier G2000 speakers from amazon. 

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