Redragon OLAF K648 Review Aluminium Keyboard

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Picture a keyboard that not only stays in step with your gaming adventures but also becomes your unwavering ally in the digital domain. Introducing the Redragon OLAF K648: a wired mechanical keyboard featuring an aluminum base, a 90% layout, and the sleek design of a compact 1800 keyboard.

Upon initial observation, the Redragon OLAF K648 appears akin in dimensions to a compact 1800 keyboard, encompassing the majority of keys present on a standard full-size keyboard. Boasting a total of 94 keys, the OLAF K648 maintains most of the components found on a full-size keyboard, encompassing dedicated arrow keys and a numeric pad (numpad). However, it excludes the + key and Enter key. Remarkably, the OLAF K648's numpad isn't a complete rendition; it comprises only three columns instead of the usual four.

The Redragon OLAF K648 showcases a robust aluminum build, featuring a recessed keybed accompanied by an elevated frame and rail grooves configuration, facilitating the seamless integration of the detachable palm rest and phone holder. The palm rest, composed entirely of plastic and equipped with two rubber feet, and the phone holder, similarly constructed with plastic and rubber, exhibit a distinct material quality compared to the premium feel of the rest of the keyboard.

Incorporating magnetic attachments for both the palm rest and phone holder would have enhanced their durability and user-friendliness. A noteworthy detail regarding the phone holder is its standalone utility, capable of functioning independently without being affixed to the keyboard.

The phone holder's measurements stand at 10.5cm in depth, 7cm in length, and 1cm in thickness. In comparison, the palm rest spans 36cm in length, 7cm in depth, and 3cm in thickness. When the feet risers are extended, the upper row of keys achieves a height of 5cm, while the lower row sits at 3cm. Without the feet, the top row's elevation is 4cm. The dimensions of the OLAF K648 keyboard encompass 35.5cm in length, 13cm in depth, and a weight of 1.1kg.

The aluminum construction not only ensures longevity but also serves as a secure foundation during demanding gaming sessions. The provided removable wrist support and phone holder serve as valuable inclusions, augmenting the overall user experience. The wrist support effectively reduces fatigue during prolonged use, while the accompanying phone stand proves advantageous for staying connected to notifications without disrupting your gaming momentum.

Located on the rear side of the OLAF K648 keyboard, you'll encounter robust feet risers with a single height adjustment feature. These risers boast significant height, accompanied by a robust hinge and substantial rubber grips for added stability. Within its internal structure, the Redragon OLAF K648 employs north-facing LEDs coupled with hot-swappable sockets that support both 3-pin and 5-pin switches. Additionally, the keyboard incorporates dense EVA foam, strategically positioned between the aluminum top plate and PCB board.

Equipped with HUANO red linear switches, the keyboard's stock switches deliver a notable performance. The RGB lighting, while not the most intense, showcases a decent vibrancy that penetrates the non-monochrome ABS keycaps. These keycaps sport see-through font letters, further accentuating the illumination effect. Despite the absence of lubrication on the switches and the presence of slightly loose stabilizers, the keyboard remarkably remains free from any rattling noise when subjected to shaking.

In terms of its connection options, the Redragon OLAF K648 is exclusively tethered via a USB-C wired link, as it's designed as a wired-only keyboard. Consequently, wireless connectivity is absent. It's worth noting that in this aspect, the OLAF K648 keyboard lacks the versatility found in other Redragon models, such as the  Caraxes Pro K644, Dharma Pro K556, Elf Pro K649 and Garen Pro K656, which typically offer both Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless modes.

More than just its visual allure, the practicality of the OLAF K648 contributes significantly to its advantages. The keyboard's streamlined design not only optimizes desk space but also ensures a pleasant and productive typing encounter. Its functionality seamlessly aligns with its core purpose, facilitating the execution of intricate in-game macros and catering to demanding typing tasks with ease.

Potential deal breakers
  • Pinging
  • Loose stabilizers
  • No bluetooth/wireless functionality
  • Not full aluminium (has a steel top plate)
  • Missing fourth column on numpad
  • Unlubed stock switches
  • Heavy
  • RGB not as vibrant
  • Non-standard layout
  • Price
  • Keycaps aren't double shot PBT

Selling points

  • 90% layout
  • Aluminum base keyboard
  • Metal top plate
  • RGB effect variety (static and dynamic)
  • Phone holder
  • Sturdy feet risers
  • Hot swappable sockets
  • Palm/wrist rest
  • Well dampened with
  • HUANO switches
Accessories in the box include a 1.5 meters rubber USB-C cable with dual connection (USB-A and USB-C), metal switch/keycap puller, spare red switches, spare keycaps, phone holder and palm rest. You can buy the OLAF K648 keyboard from RedragonShop and amazon. Check out the review of the POLLUX K628 PRO SE transparent keyboard.

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