Edifier W320TN Review ANC Earbuds Open Fit Semi In Ear

Thursday, October 05, 2023

With support for Hi-Res Audio wireless, intelligent noise cancellation, and a range of innovative features, the W320TN could be the ideal option for you.

The Edifier W320TN true wireless earbuds feature a semi-in-ear open-fit design, akin to AirPods, eliminating the need for ear tips. Unlike traditional in-ear buds, the semi-in-ear fit of W320TN comfortably sits on the outer ear canal, making it suitable for most ear shapes. Crafted from glossy plastic with a grippy texture, these earbuds provide all-day comfort and a secure fit for light exercises.

The W320TN earbuds utilize adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC), which performs admirably, though it doesn't function when using just one earbud. Some ANC earbuds allow for single-ear ANC use, which is a handy feature. Nonetheless, you can seamlessly switch between earbuds for mono listening with one earbud. The ANC performance, surprisingly effective given the semi-in-ear design's typical limitations, surpasses expectations for the W320TN. While it excels at eliminating higher frequencies like people chatter, it may not block rumbling-type noises as effectively. Overall, the ANC performance of the W320TN doesn't quite match up to in-ear ANC earbuds, even those on the more affordable end.

Exploring the audio features, the W320NT earbuds lack support for AAC or aptX, but they do offer SBC, LDAC, and a game mode with an 80ms low latency ideal for gaming. The 13mm dynamic drivers deliver a pleasing sound profile, particularly emphasizing the midrange for clear and forward vocals and instruments. The bass carries a punch with a noticeable rumble, while the treble takes a bit of a backseat. Although there are four preset sound options for EQ adjustments, it's worth noting that the Edifier Connect App surprisingly lacks a built-in EQ band, a significant drawback. While you can use a third-party EQ app to customize the sound, the inability to save EQ tuning limits this aspect, making earbuds with EQ app support a valuable selling point.

The Edifier Connect App offers a range of functionalities, allowing you to monitor earbud and case battery levels, toggle ANC, activate game mode, enable LDAC, set up multipoint connections, adjust touch control sensitivity, and remap touch controls. Notably, the W320NT employs a unique pinch-style touch control design—instead of tapping, you pinch the stem to activate functions. This pinch control proves to be responsive, featuring gestures like single pinch tap, double, triple, and long pinch tap for managing various functions such as skipping tracks, play/pause, volume adjustment, and voice assistant commands. 

Every conceivable function is available and fully customizable through the user-friendly Edifier Connect App. The app, simple and easy to navigate, doesn't require email registration, adding to its convenience. It's worth noting that even if you're not a fan of mobile apps, downloading the Edifier Connect App is essential to enable game mode, LDAC, and multipoint, as these features come pre-disabled.

Moving to microphone performance, the W320NT excels. These earbuds are suitable for important calls, even in busy environments, thanks to effective noise reduction that significantly diminishes background noise. The voice call quality is clear enough for smooth conversations.

Playback duration, based on the SBC codec at 80% volume with ANC On, provides 3.5 hours on the earbuds and an additional 14 hours from the charging case. Disabling ANC extends earbud playtime to 5.5 hours, complemented by an extra 22 hours from the charging case. Charging the earbuds takes approximately 1 hour (with 10 minute quick charge support), while the charging case requires about 1.5 hours. 

It's important to note that LDAC playback consumes significantly more power, resulting in approximately half the battery life compared to SBC playback. An interesting feature is that the W320NT earbuds power off when placed inside the case, even without closing the lid. However, there's a 2-second re-connection delay when taking the earbuds out, so re-connection isn't instantaneous, unlike some other earbuds. The W320TN is similar in specs to the NeoBuds Pro and TWS1 Pro 2

In terms of design, the W320TN charging case features a matte plastic glossy finish, complemented by a metal-hinged lid and a smoothly curved pebble design. This design choice, however, prevents the case from standing upright, and the USB-C port is positioned on the bottom side. The case lid boasts a robust hinge, ensuring minimal wobbling. Positioned on the front of the case is a single status LED providing feedback on battery levels and Bluetooth pairing. 

The W320TN earbuds share the sleek matte glossy finish of the case, offering a remarkably grippy texture that keeps the earbuds securely in place. The earbud design resembles a pod hair dryer with a long stem and an outer canal fit, meaning the W320TN earbuds don't insert inside the ear canal.

The weight of the case is 40.5 grams, while each earbud weighs 4 grams, bringing the total weight to 48.5 grams, making them lightweight and easy to carry inside a pocket. Dimensions of the W320TN  charging care are 5.5cm long x 5cm high x 2cm thick

Selling points
  • LDAC hi-res audio
  • Bluetooth 5.5 chip with absolute volume support
  • 10 minute quick charge (1 hr playtime)
  • IP54 sweat/dust protection
  • Responsive On ear detection (auto play/pause)
  • Adjustable touch controls
  • Hybrid adaptive ANC
  • Google fast pair connect
  • Voice prompt alerts
  • Adjustable transparency mode
  • Built-in soothing sounds
  • Comfortable for all day use
  • Secure fit
  • Good call quality with effective noise reduction

Potential deal breakers
  • Not available in black color
  • No Qi wireless charging
  • ANC doesn't work with one earbud
  • Volume not as loud as others
  • Lacking full EQ customization
  • Prominent Edifier branding on earbuds
  • LDAC isn't supported when multipoint connection is enabled
Accessories include a charging cable. You can buy the Edifier W320TN earbuds from amazon.

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