Elecrow CrowView Review Laptop Screen Extender With Kickstand

Monday, October 02, 2023

The Elecrow CrowView offers a convenient and portable solution for expanding your workspace, allowing for increased productivity on the go.

The CrowView stands out with its stylish design, lightweight construction, and versatile features. The adjustable clamp and kickstand, equipped with a swivel hinge for a 230-degree rotation, enhance the viewing experience. Weighing in at a mere 800 grams (1.76lbs), its compact and lightweight design is achieved through brushed plastic construction, including the backplate, clamp, and kickstand, all integrated seamlessly. The monitor, with rubber strips, can be laid flat on a desk. 

The kickstand, featuring adjustable silent ratchet teeth and a button-activated spring-loaded mechanism, extends from 12cm to 17.5cm. The CrowView's dimensions are 34cm (horizontal) x 20cm (vertical) x 35cm (diagonal) x 2.5cm (thick, including the cradle kickstand). The monitor alone is 1cm thick, with a bezel width of 1cm (top), 1.5cm (bottom), 1cm (right side), and 2cm (left side). The cradle dimensions are 30cm (horizontal) x 21cm (vertical), adjustable up to 15cm horizontally.

The Elecrow CrowView features an adaptable clamp and kickstand, serving a dual purpose of clamping onto a laptop monitor and functioning as a standalone desk stand. The plastic cradle clamp utilizes a silent ratchet-style spring-loaded mechanism, ensuring ease of extension and a secure grip on laptops. It offers extension flexibility to accommodate laptops ranging from 13 inches to 16.5 inches. Notably, the cradle clamp is designed for horizontal use, lacking height adjustability.

In terms of controls, the CrowView monitor is equipped with four physical buttons located on the rear, accompanied by a 3.5mm headphone jack, a mini DisplayPort, and two USB-C power ports. Featuring a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080p, the CrowView provides a top-notch display with vivid colors and an expansive 178° viewing angle. Its IPS panel guarantees an outstanding visual experience, suitable for various activities, from productivity tasks to gaming. 

With a generous screen size of 14 inches, the Elecrow CrowView offers an immersive visual journey. The 1920x1080 Full HD resolution ensures sharp and clear visuals, complemented by a 60Hz refresh rate for seamless transitions.

Boasting a brightness of 400nit and an IPS panel, the CrowView ensures vibrant colors and an exceptional viewing angle. The 16:9 aspect ratio enhances the visual experience with a widescreen display. Notably, the CrowView stands out for its broad compatibility, seamlessly integrating with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Android systems. It also functions as an external display for gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4/PS5, and Xbox. The plug-and-play experience is made seamless through a one-cable connection using a Type-C cable.

The CrowView offers three usage modes (extended desktop, mirrored monitor, and independent monitor) and two screen orientations (landscape and portrait), providing versatile options to meet diverse user needs. Engineered with low power consumption, it serves as a dependable on-the-go second monitor for enhanced productivity. The energy-saving design ensures an extended battery life when connected to a laptop.

To sum up, the Elecrow CrowView emerges as a top-tier solution for a portable dual monitor, showcasing excellence in design, display quality, and versatility. Its seamless compatibility with diverse systems and gaming consoles, combined with its user-friendly setup, positions it as a valuable asset for both professionals and gamers. Whether you're extending your desktop, mirroring your monitor, or opting for an independent display, the CrowView fulfills its commitment to elevate productivity.

Selling points
  • Portable Dual Monitor
  • 14-inch screen size
  • Full HD resolution (1920x1080)
  • IPS panel with vibrant colors
  • 160 degree wide viewing angle
  • Rrotating angle of up to 230 degrees
  • Plug-and-play with a one-cable connection using Type-C
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Android
  • Can be used as an external display for gaming consoles like Switch, PS4/PS5, and Xbox.
  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Single cable connection
  • Includes essential cables

Potential deal breakers
  • Limited laptop screen compatibility
  • Plastic construction
  • Single cable connection
  • Limited compatibility with devices that lack Type-C ports
  • No Built-in Speakers
  • Price Point
  • Spring loaded mechanism - like anything using springs it's a weak point for failure
  • No Built-in Battery
  • Limited Height Adjustment

In terms of package contents, the CrowView comes with everything you need for a seamless setup. This includes the CrowView Monitor itself, accompanied by essential cables such as 1.5 meters USB-C to USB-C (3A/20Gbps) and 1.5 meters USB-A to USB-C (2A/480Mbps). Additionally, the package includes an HDMI-Compatible to Mini HDMI-Compatible Cable (10Gbps) for versatile connectivity. The inclusion of a power adapter (5V-2A) ensures that the CrowView is ready to power up, and the user manual provides guidance for an easy and efficient installation process. You can buy the CrowView monitor from Elecrow. 

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