Final UX3000 Review ANC Headphones With aptX LL

Monday, October 23, 2023

The Final UX3000 is a wireless headset created by the Japanese audio company Final, prioritizing ease of use, comfort, and a fashionable design.

The Final UX3000 headphones feature a traditional plastic build with a yoke/pivoting earcup design, allowing for tilting and rotating the earcups. This design proves highly practical, enabling users to lay the earcups flat on a surface or chest when worn around the neck. The earcup faceplate is textured with a crepe-like finish, effectively concealing fingerprints and dirt. Interestingly, while this texture serves a functional purpose, it may not be the most visually appealing, resembling paint splatter and giving the earcups a somewhat greasy shine, akin to aged single-shot ABS keycaps.

The sides of the headband showcase white laser etchings featuring the Final logo branding. The headband, constructed from plastic with metal band reinforcement, employs a clicky ratchet mechanism for adjusting to different head sizes. A robust folding metal hinge and a generously padded headband on both sides, covered in soft PU leather, are notable features. However, the overall design of the Final UX3000 headphones doesn't exude a premium look and feel; instead, it resembles a pair of budget headphones.

The passive noise isolation of these headphones is impressive, resulting in minimal sound leakage both in and out. This quality significantly aids the active noise cancellation, particularly in suppressing low bass sounds and lower midrange frequencies. However, its effectiveness diminishes when it comes to blocking higher frequencies, such as the crying of a baby or people's voices.

Located on the right earcup, you'll discover a status LED, a 3.5mm audio port, and three tactile plastic buttons. These buttons are responsible for managing volume, call functions (answer/end/reject), play/pause, voice assistant activation, and track navigation (next/previous), as well as a power button designed specifically to deactivate the Bluetooth signal. It's worth noting that the power button doesn't entirely power off the headphones, posing a potential issue if you forget to disable the ANC. However, the upside to this design is that the ANC operates independently, allowing you to conserve battery life by turning off Bluetooth while still using ANC—a feature not commonly found in most Bluetooth ANC headphones.

Situated on the left earcup, you'll encounter the USB-C port and the ANC button, enabling you to toggle the ANC feature on and off. Notably, there isn't a transparency mode available. Additionally, the earcup houses a microphone dedicated to handling calls. While the microphone offers excellent amplification and a natural pickup, it lacks noise filtration, allowing background sounds to seep into the call.

The earcups boast a plush foam padding covered with PU leather, and their inner sides feature breathable mesh. This design choice minimizes sweating and heat, providing enhanced comfort due to the headphones' low clamping force and lightweight build (260 grams). The top of the driver is enveloped in thick, padded foam. However, it's worth noting that the inner hole, designed for an over-ear style, may pose a challenge for individuals with larger ears. The inner hole dimensions measure 5.5cm in height, 3.5cm in width, and 2cm in depth, while the overall earpad dimensions are 9cm in height and 7.5cm in width.

Regarding the sound/audio performance, the volume is more pronounced when using a 3.5mm wired connection compared to a Bluetooth connection with the Final UX3000 headphones. These headphones are characterized by a bass-boosted sound profile and subdued treble. While the bass extends into the midrange, it doesn't pose an issue as the midrange is emphasized. However, this configuration affects the soundstage, narrowing it, and compromises audio accuracy, particularly in discerning cues during activities like gaming or audio monitoring. Fortunately, you have the flexibility to adjust the default sound signature by utilizing a third-party EQ app, allowing you to tailor the sound to your preferences.

The addition of aptX Low Latency (aptX LL) brings the advantage of low latency, approximately 40ms, ideal for gaming. However, it's essential to note that for this benefit to apply, your phone must support the aptX LL codec. Unfortunately, many newer phones do not support aptX LL. In such cases, if you own a recent phone, it likely supports aptX Adaptive, providing low latency of around 80ms. It's important to mention that aptX Adaptive is not compatible with aptX LL.

The UX3000 headphones also offer multipoint connection capabilities for up to two devices. However, due to the absence of app support, you cannot manually select which two devices to connect. Consequently, multipoint functionality functions with the last two paired devices, limiting user control over the connected devices.

The UX3000 headphones boast an extended battery life, a prominent feature contributing to their appeal. On average, the headphones offer approximately 22 hours of usage with ANC activated and 33 hours with ANC deactivated when the volume is set to 60%, using the SBC codec. A complete recharge of the headphones takes 2.5 hours, and it's important to note that quick charge support is not available.

Selling points
  • Dirt and fingerprint-resistant
  • Comfortable fit
  • Bluetooth and 3.5mm wired audio options
  • Folding earcups for portability
  • Voice prompts for user guidance
  • Passthrough audio in Bluetooth and wired modes while charging
  • Strong folding metal hinge for durability
  • ANC functionality even with Bluetooth turned off
  • Absolute Bluetooth volume control
  • Good sound quality
  • Efficient Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
  • Multi-audio codec support: aptX LL, aptX, SBC, and AAC
  • Long battery life

Potential deal breakers

  • No quick charge
  • Not suited for gaming
  • aptX LL only works with phones/laptops supporting aptX LL
  • No transparency mode
  • Budget look and feel design
  • Narrow sound stage
  • Crepe-like texture
  • Blinking bluetooth light when listening to audio
  • Narrow oval inner hole opening
  • No LDAC codec support
  • No hardshell zip case included
  • No EQ support
  • No mobile app support
Included accessories consist of a branded drawstring soft-shell fabric pouch and unbranded cables, including a 1.2-meter long 3.5mm audio cable and a short USB-C charging cable. You can buy the Final UX3000 headphones from amazon. 

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