Teslong TTM260P Review Smartphone Thermal Camera for Android

Saturday, October 21, 2023


The Teslong TTM260P stands out as a compact and portable smartphone thermal imager designed for easy on-the-go use. Specifically crafted for Android phones with OTG function, it seamlessly attaches to the phone, tapping into the inherent technology of smartphones.

The smartphone attachment design not only enhances accessibility but also ensures user-friendliness, outperforming bulkier thermal cameras. Through the dedicated app, you have full control and interaction with the Teslong TTM260P, utilizing the phone's touchscreen interface for seamless settings and adjustments. Transform your phone into a dynamic viewfinder, capturing, saving, and analyzing temperature variations in objects or environments at your convenience.

The Teslong TTM260P thermal camera boasts a plastic body construction complemented by an aluminum alloy faceplate, featuring a front-facing circular thermal sensor camera. At the top, there's a protruding USB-C connector, thoughtfully designed with a built-in rubber ring to prevent any scratches on the phone during attachment. 

With dimensions measuring 5cm in length, 2.7cm in width, and 1.3cm in thickness, the Teslong TTM260P aligns closely with the typical thickness and width of most smartphones. Once securely inserted into the phone, this thermal camera maintains stability, even accommodating slim and thin phone cases. However, a thick phone case may hinder proper contact between the thermal camera's USB-C connector and the phone. The The Teslong TTM260P thermal camera weighs 25 grams.

The Teslong TTM260P features a 256x192 pixel camera sensor with a 25Hz frame rate, enabling a real-time view of the thermal environment. This means the camera captures and updates thermal images at a swift rate of 25 frames per second, ensuring smooth and continuous playback during thermal video recording or live streaming. 

The heightened frame rate proves advantageous in scenarios where rapid temperature changes demand effective observation and analysis, such as monitoring moving objects or conducting real-time thermal inspections like underfloor heating inspections and HVAC troubleshooting.

The Teslong TTM260P thermal camera incorporates a built-in alarm system that notifies you when predefined temperature thresholds are surpassed. You have the flexibility to set precise temperature limits, and if the camera detects temperatures exceeding these parameters, it activates the alarm. This functionality proves particularly beneficial in industrial environments and building inspections, where abnormal temperature readings may signal potential issues. It's important to note that the Teslong thermal camera relies on the phone's speakers, rather than having an internal buzzer or speaker, to generate the alarm sound.

In addition to configuring alarm temperature thresholds, the Teslong TTM260P thermal camera app (Teslong Thermal App) empowers you to dynamically draw lines, pinpoint specific locations, and outline rectangular areas on a thermal image. This real-time functionality allows you to highlight particular points of interest or gauge temperature fluctuations along designated paths. The TTM260P thermal camera exhibits the capability to measure temperatures ranging from -59°F to 1112°F (-15°C to 600°C) with an impressive accuracy level of ±2°C/±2%.

A standout feature of the Teslong TTM260P thermal camera is its adept utilization of cutting-edge smartphone technology. By seamlessly integrating with the phone's existing hardware, processing power, display (as the viewfinder), and connectivity features, the TTM260P establishes a direct connection for data transfer and real-time thermal imaging on the phone's screen. 

Moreover, this integration extends to power supply, with the TTM260P drawing power directly from the smartphone. This eliminates the need for separate thermal camera batteries, streamlining the setup for greater compactness and convenience. The captured thermal images are promptly stored on the smartphone's internal storage or an external SD card, facilitating swift sharing on social media platforms.

Selling points
  • Precise temperature reading
  • High-resolution thermal imaging
  • Real-time and smooth thermal imaging
  • Can track low and high temperatures
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Audible temperature alerts
  • Plug & play
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Line and point plotting
  • Customizable threshold setting
  • 12-month warranty

Potential deal breakers
  • Made for Android phones with OTG function
  • Not compatible with iOS/PC
  • Limited warranty
  • Not compatible with all Android phones
  • Not compatible with all phone cases
  • Non customizable alarm sensitivity
  • No built-in mic
  • No wireless connectivity
The Teslong thermal camera is available in two variants: 160x120 Pixels and 256x192 Pixels, the latter offering a higher resolution with 256 pixels in width and 192 pixels in height. This configuration results in a total of 49,152 pixels in the image. Opting for the higher resolution (256x192 pixels) provides a greater pixel count, translating to more detailed and clearer thermal images. This enhanced clarity proves advantageous in applications where finer details are paramount, such as industrial inspections, electrical diagnostics, or scenarios necessitating precise temperature measurements.

The Teslong thermal camera comes with essential accessories, including a cleaning cloth and a durable zip-up hardshell case for convenient storage and transportation. The unbranded hardshell case features a mesh pocket and a thick closed-cell foam insert, ensuring the secure placement of the thermal camera during transit. While the hardshell outer shell is covered with water-resistant material, it's important to note that the zipper itself is not water-resistant. You can buy the Teslong thermal camera from amazon.

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