SoundMagic P60BT Review ANC Headphones with Touch Control

Friday, October 20, 2023


The SoundMagic P60BT headphones transcend the ordinary, boasting powerful 40mm dynamic drivers, three distinct listening modes, a swift 10-minute quick charge, and the seamless connectivity of Bluetooth 5.2.

The SoundMagic P60BT headphones are crafted entirely from plastic and feature a traditional earcup yoke design, allowing for adjustable tilting of the earcups. These earcups not only tilt but also lay flat at a 90-degree angle on a desk and can fold inwards, thanks to a folding hinge integrated into the headband. 

The P60BT headband, also made of plastic, is reinforced with a metal band and incorporates a ratchet-style adjustment mechanism for altering head height. Silicone rubber padding is applied on the top and bottom of the headband, with subtle SoundMagic branding engraved on the bottom side. While the engraving is discreet, it may catch attention if you have a bold head.

The P60BT earcups, while on the larger side, deliver exceptional passive noise isolation when combined with the earpads. This effectively blocks out a significant amount of external noise and minimizes sound leakage. On the right earcup faceplate, a responsive touch control panel is present, complemented by an NFC chip on the left earcup faceplate. This is the same setup you get with the P23BT headphones.

The P60BT touch control functionality offers versatility, supporting actions like double tap, triple tap for voice assistant, and long tap for play/pause and call management. Additionally, swipe gestures (up/down and left/right) allow for easy track skipping and volume control. Speaking of volume, the Bluetooth 5.2 chip supports aptX, aptX HD, AAC, and SBC codecs, along with absolute Bluetooth volume control, enabling you to adjust the headphones' volume directly from the connected device.

All connectivity ports and buttons are conveniently situated on the right earcup, featuring a 3.5mm audio port (with microphone passthrough), USB-C port (charging only) and a physical button with a distinct and audible click actuation. The 3.5mm port is specifically designed for the included boom arm microphone, seamlessly integrated into a 2-meter-long audio cable. The 9.5cm-long boom arm microphone is crafted with memory wire, ensuring flexibility to bend and securely stay in place at any angle.

The P60BT earcups feature memory foam padding covered in soft synthetic leather. The drivers have a thin fabric layer on top to prevent ear rubbing, but there's an uncommon hard plastic protrusion that may cause discomfort for those with large ears. 

The inner hole of the earpads measures 5.5cm in height, 4cm in width, and 2cm in depth, while the outer dimensions are 8cm in width and 10cm in height. The weight of the P60BT headphones is 315 grams, and the boom arm mic audio cable weighs 18 grams. It's important to note that the mic is not detachable from the audio cable.

The P60BT requires a 2-hour charging time, and a brief 10-minute charge yields 5 hours of playback. A full charge extends to approximately 44 hours with ANC on and 47 hours with ANC off when utilizing the SBC codec. Notably, you have the flexibility to charge the headphones while enjoying audio in both Bluetooth and wired modes.

The P60BT headphones feature 40mm dynamic drivers, delivering ample bass, clear vocals, and detailed highs, perfect for picking up cues in gaming. You have the flexibility to switch between three listening modes: ANC, transparency mode, and normal mode, the latter turning off ANC and transparency modes. The exceptional ANC and audio performance can be attributed to the high passive noise isolation provided by the earcups and earpads, crafting an immersive soundscape.

The P60BT headphones feature a moderate impedance of 45 ohms, allowing them to deliver robust volume even with low-power devices such as smartphones and MP3 players, eliminating the necessity for an external headphone amplifier. Unlike high-impedance headphones (100 ohms and above), which often necessitate a headphone amp, the P60BT maintains optimal performance without such requirements.

Selling points
  • 40mm dynamic drivers for immersive sound
  • ANC with transparency mode for versatile audio experiences
  • 10-minute quick charge providing 5 hours of playback
  • Bluetooth 5.2 chipset and NFC connectivity for seamless pairing
  • aptX, aptX HD, AAC, and SBC codecs for high-quality audio
  • Hybrid ANC for effective noise cancellation
  • Passthrough charging in both Bluetooth and wired connections
  • Battery low voice alert for timely notifications
  • Loud volume for an impactful audio experience
  • Moderate impedance, suitable for various devices
  • Memory foam earpads covered with soft synthetic leather for comfort
  • Effective ANC and high passive noise isolation for immersive listening
  • Microphone boom cable for clear calls and online gaming
  • Long battery life for extended use
  • Comfortable to wear for prolonged sessions
  • 90-degree swiveling ear cap design for flexibility
  • High-quality detachable boom microphone for enhanced versatility
  • Effective ANC performance for most everyday situations
Potential deal breakers
  • No auto play/pause ear detection
  • No mobile app support
  • No built-in EQ app
  • No button remapping
  • No firmware upgrade support
  • No built-in mic onboard the earcup
  • Short travel earcup tilt
  • The mic cannot de detached from the audio cable
  • Blinking bluetooth status light (blinks every 7 seconds)

Included accessories comprise a hardshell case branded with SoundMagic, featuring dual rubberized metal zippers and a convenient grab handle. Inside the hardshell case, you'll find a small detachable softshell pouch and a pre-shaped insert tailored precisely to accommodate the headphones. 

While the zipper fabric seam isn't waterproof, it incorporates concealed teeth to minimize the risk of water and dust ingress. The provided cables consist of a USB-C cable (1.2 meters), a short splitter PC cable for mic and audio, and a boom arm microphone cable (2 meters). You can buy the SoundMagic P60BT from amazon.

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