Redragon TRUNDLE K668 Review Hot-swappable Full Size Keyboard

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Redragon Trundle K668 is not just a keyboard; it's a vibe. Sleek design, killer switches, and that RGB party make it a serious contender.

The Trundle K668 boasts a sleek matte white finish, offering a professional and modern aesthetic. Complementing this design is the RGB lighting system, which consists of RGB switches and RGB light bars on the sides and front of the keyboard. The RGB lights are super bright and vibrant and can be customized extensively transforming the keyboard into a visually dynamic centerpiece for your setup. You can turn off the RGB switches off and keep the RGB light bars turned on for a cool lighting effect.

RGB effects and brightness levels can be adjusted on board the keyboard and via Redragon's Pro Software, which gives you access to macros, key remapping and intricate lighting effects such as music sync mode - a standout feature that synchronizes RGB lighting with audio, adding an immersive layer to the gaming experience. The only drawback with music mode is that it that it requires having a built-in microphone, which may be an issue for privacy conscious users.

Equipped with Red switches, the Trundle K668 allows for hot-swappable customization. These switches deliver a smooth and soft keystroke, ensuring precision and efficiency in every typing experience. Diving into the functionality game, the Trundle K668 brings a full size 108 keys layout with dedicated arrow keys, 4 column numpad, F1/F12 function keys and four extra shortcut keys for handling mute, calculator, screen lock, and desktop duties. 

In terms of keys, the Trundle K668 keyboard has more keys than the average full size keyboard (104 keys) such as the K618 Horus and RK920 Rainbow. Speaking of keycaps, you won't have to worry about keycap replacement because an additional keycap set is included. The absence of a wrist rest maintains a minimalist profile, focusing on clean aesthetics.

Weighing in at a sturdy 798 grams and dimensions of 44cm long x 13cm deep x 4cm high (top row) x 3cm high (bottom row), it strikes the perfect balance. Sturdy enough for intense gaming sessions, yet portable for your ever-evolving setup. There are feet risers at the bottom of the keyboard to height adjust in two levels: 4.5cm high (short feet) and 5cm high (tall feet). The feet risers have a strong hinge and are very grippy.

The Redragon Trundle K668 presents a comprehensive package of design, functionality, and customization. With a focus on both visual appeal and performance, its dimensions and weight make it adaptable to various setups, ensuring a seamless integration into your gaming or work environment.

Selling points
  • Tons of RGB effects (up to 19 presets)
  • Hot-Swappable switches
  • Vibrant RGB lights
  • Full size keyboard
  • Robust
Potential deal breakers
  • Low quality keycap/switch puller
  • Single shot ABS keycaps
  • Bigger than most full size keyboards
  • No 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity
  • Wired only
  • Built-in mic for music mode
  • No bluetooth connectivity
Accessories with the Redragon Trundle K668 include a keycap puller, switch puller, velcro strap, rubber USB-C to USB-A cable (1.6 meters). You can buy the Redragon Trundle K668 from RedragonShop. 

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