Redragon ADITYA K513 Review Membrane Gaming Keyboard

Thursday, November 09, 2023


The Redragon Aditya K513 is a wired only keyboard with membrane switches, full-size layout and 104 keys (full size), making it a versatile keyboard for gaming efficiency and comfortable typing  for productivity work.

Designed for both gaming and productivity, the Aditya K513's 104-key layout offers broad functionality. The dedicated number pad aids in data entry, along with four dedicated buttons media playback controls (e.g. play/pause, skip tracks), as well as 5 G-keys (G1-G5 +REC) designed to playback macros and keyboard shortcuts, which can be recorded onboard the keyboard - similar to the Redragon K621 Horus full size keyboard.

The Aditya K513 embraces a floating key keyboard design, meaning the keys appear to float above the keyboard, creating a cool visual effect when the RGBs are turned on. The floating key design is also more practical when it comes to cleaning and contributes to a minimalist vibe. The RGB performance isn't the bets from the top looking down on the keyboard but from the side the RGB lights glow nicely. 

The full-size layout and metal top plate provides a comfortable and firm typing experience without flex, especially for extended sessions. On the downside, the full-size design might hog desk space. If you're tight on room or favor a minimal setup, this might not be your best fit. Also, it's not the most portable, so consider that if you're on the move. Another drawback, it's the lack of hot-swappable switches limiting customization options if you want a different switch style.

The Aditya K513 measures 44cm long x 16.5cm deep x 3.5cm high (top row) x 3cm high (bottom row) and weighs 921 grams. With feet risers, the height of top row is 4cm high. In practical usage, the Aditya K513 upholds reliability, especially for users who prefer the stability of a wired connection. The1.8 meters cable isn't detachable limiting the ability to replace it with a different cable. That said, the cable feels robust - made of thick textured rubber. Speaking of stability, the Aditya K513 keyboard integrates single feet risers for height adjustment. The feet risers have a strong hinge with thick grippy rubber to prevent the keyboard from skating on the desk.

The mechanical-like membrane switch delivers a satisfying typing experience, suitable for both gaming and everyday tasks. Being membrane, key presses aren't as tactile as mechanical switches but a lot quieter than mechanical switches, making the Aditya K513 better suited for office work or quiet gaming sessions. The stock keycaps have transparent fonts and hide well oily fingerprint smudges.
The Aditya K513 includes five extra onboard macro keys and dedicated media controls. While they're handy, it's essential to note the absence of hot-swappable switches, a detail that may not bother many users.

Selling points
  • Reliable wired performance.
  • Satisfying typing experience with the membrane switch.
  • Extra macro keys for added functionality.
  • Media controls for multitasking.
  • Sturdy metal top case.
  • Strong hinge feet risers
  • Floating key design
  • No rattling noises
  • Quieter than a mechanical keyboard

Potential deal breakers
  • No wrist support
  • Not hot-swappable switches
  • No mechanical switches
  • Lacking customization options
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No 2.4Ghz connectivity
  • Not as premium as other Redragon keyboards
In summary, the Redragon Aditya K513 Gaming Keyboard offers a practical blend of classic design and modern performance. With a 104-key full-size layout, it caters to users seeking reliability without unnecessary frills. Prospective buyers should weigh considerations like space consumption and portability against the keyboard's advantages. Whether gaming or working, the Aditya K513 stands as a reliable companion, providing a straightforward and no-nonsense wired experience. Accessory-wise, you only get a velcro strap for cable management. You can buy the Redragon Aditya K513 keyboard from RedragonShop.

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