UAG iPhone 15 Phone Cases Review

Tuesday, November 21, 2023


Step into the future with UAG's latest lineup of iPhone 15 cases! Each case is meticulously crafted to provide not only cutting-edge protection but also a dash of style for your brand-new device. From the rugged terrains conquered by the Monarch Pro to the sleek design of the Metropolis Lite, UAG has redefined device protection once again.

The regular UAG Monarch series has stepped up its game with a fresh design and added features, making it a top-tier choice. If you want a case that means business, this one's for you. The Monarch series is all about premium protection. With 5 layers of defense, it's built to keep your device safe and sound. 

From a shock-resistant core to a signature armor frame and a touch of DuPont Kevlar®, this case has got you covered. And it doesn't stop there – it includes a polycarbonate shear plate, alloy metal hardware, and an impact-resistant rubber surround, giving you all-around protection.
We've thought about the details. Sculpted corners for reinforced drop protection and a contoured perimeter edge for a better grip – because your device should be safe and easy to handle. It's not just about protecting your tech; it's about giving you peace of mind.

With a soft impact-resistant core, a protective screen surround, traction grip, and oversized tactile buttons, this case is designed with your convenience in mind. And yes, it supports wireless charging – no hassle with cables. Elevate your device's protection with the Monarch series and enjoy top-notch security without the unnecessary frills.

Plyo Series iPhone 15 cases

The new Plyo Series lets your iPhone's color shine through while providing reliable military-tested drop protection. Worried about yellowing? Don't be, as this edition goes the extra mile to stay crystal clear.
The Plyo Series is all about being lightweight yet sturdy. It combines a TPU shock-absorbing frame with a PC backplate, giving your device dependable protection without making it bulky. The UAG armor shell and impact-resistant soft core ensure your phone stays safe from accidental drops and impacts.

Practicality is key here. The case comes with scratch-resistant skid pads and air-soft corners, offering extra cushioning and protection. It's not just about defense; it's about style too. The elevated perimeter adds a touch of design, and you can even attach a lanyard for convenience (lanyard not included).
Worried about functionality? No need. 

The Plyo Series is wireless charging compatible with most third-party wireless chargers, and it supports Apple Pay for your convenience. With 16 ft. Drop Protection (4.8 meters) and a weight of just 43 grams, it's a solid choice for heavy-duty protection without sacrificing style. Plyo is available as available with MagSafe option.

Pathfinder Series iPhone 15 cases

The Pathfinder Series is designed to be light yet sturdy, with an armor shell and hex pattern core that provide solid protection against drops and shocks. Whether you're on a hike or a city stroll, your device is in good hands. The raised screen surround adds an extra layer of defense, keeping your display safe from unexpected drops. The TPU bumpers make sure the corners are covered too. Thanks to the built-in magnet, your device securely stays in place, making MagSafe charging a breeze. It's not just about durability; the design brings in that timeless UAG style.

This protective companion is lightweight, tipping the scales at only 46 grams. The oversized tactile buttons, enhanced corner protection, and integrated lanyard anchor points (lanyard not included) add practicality to the mix. With 18 ft. Drop Protection (5.4 meters) and a commitment to sustainability (made with 50% recycled materials), it's a solid choice that balances durability with a touch of UAG style.

Monarch Pro iPhone 15 cases

The Monarch Pro is the go-to protective case, now with a built-in MagSafe module. Crafted with top-notch materials, it offers unbeatable durability with its 5-layer construction, including a shock-resistant core, distinctive armor frame, polycarbonate shear plate, and impact-resistant rubber surround. Whether it's top-grain leather or carbon fiber, the premium material choices add a touch of style.

With seamless MagSafe charging, this case balances advanced protection with easy functionality. It's not just tough; it's practical too. The 5 layers, along with a traction grip, oversized buttons, and lanyard anchor points (lanyard not included), meet your everyday needs. And if you're prone to drops, rest easy with the Monarch Pro. The UAG Monarch Pro is available with Kevlar (60 grams) and top grain finish (62 grams).

Plasma Series iPhone 15 cases

The UAG Plasma Series is a classic protective case, designed for those who love a bit of adventure. It's got a cool hexagonal design, and it's built to keep your device safe from accidental drops and impacts. The corners are extra protected, and it's really light, so it won't weigh you down.
The edges are easy to grip, making it comfy to hold, especially when you're on the move. The UAG logo on the frame gives it a bit of a bold look, making it stand out. And the best part? It's super lightweight, just 41 grams.

You can charge wirelessly on most chargers, and it even works with Apple Pay for those quick transactions. If you're always on the move, it has spots to attach a lanyard or a card holder (but you need to get those separately). And don't worry about accidental drops—this case can handle falls from up to 16 feet. So, if you want a case that keeps your device safe without sacrificing style, the Plasma Series is a solid choice.

Civilian Series iPhone 15 cases

The Civilian Series is a great pick, and it now works seamlessly with MagSafe accessories, adding extra convenience to your daily life. What sets this series apart is its lightweight armor shell and shock-absorbing soft core, giving your device solid protection without being bulky. The raised protective screen surround ensures your screen stays safe from impacts.

The traction grip is a nice touch, making it comfortable to use every day and giving you a secure hold. This series has earned a good reputation for its thoughtful design and consistent performance, making it a trustworthy choice for your iPhone. With a built-in MagSafe module, the Civilian Series supports Apple Pay, making your daily transactions a breeze. Despite its robust features, it only weighs 41 grams, keeping it light yet resilient. The hex cushioning soft core and oversized buttons add to the tactile experience, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

And when it comes to protection, this series goes above and beyond with an impressive 20 ft. Drop Protection (6 meters). The built-in magnet module for MagSafe charging aligns with modern charging standards, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging experience. The armored shell, impact resistance, raised screen surround, and tactical grip make the Civilian Series a solid choice, balancing durability with functionality.

Adding to its versatility, it comes with integrated lanyard anchor points and lanyard card compatibility (lanyard not included), catering to different preferences. In a nutshell, the Civilian Series remains popular for good reasons, offering a comprehensive set of features to meet your diverse needs as an iPhone user.

Essential Armor Series iPhone 15 cases

The new UAG Essential Armor Series with added MagSafe support is all about giving your device maximum protection while keeping things simple. The ultra-thin design feels great in your hand, and the reinforced corners add an extra layer of defense against drops and impacts.

Your iPhone 15 is in good hands with the Essential Armor Series. It's not just a stylish choice for everyday use; it's a reliable companion for your device. The built-in magnet module makes MagSafe charging a breeze, adding a touch of convenience to your charging routine. And at just 32 grams, it won't weigh you down.

The series ensures a secure MagSafe connection with its flat contact surface, making sure your charging stays reliable. Plus, it works with Apple Pay, making your daily transactions smoother. Thoughtful design elements like reinforced corners and lanyard card compatibility (lanyard not included) make the Essential Armor Series functional and versatile. With an impressive 15 ft. Drop Protection (4.6 meters), it goes beyond industry standards to keep your device safe. Choose the Essential Armor Series for a perfect mix of style, functionality, and robust protection tailored for your iPhone 15.

Metropolis Lite iPhone 15 cases

The Metropolis Lite series is a perfect blend of style and protection. This case is crafted with precision, featuring a strong TPU frame and an inner bumper for comprehensive protection against drops and bumps. The sculpted corners not only look good but also add an extra layer of security.

With a DuPont™ KEVLAR® Fiber Inlay, the case exudes sophistication and premium quality. It transitions seamlessly from professional meetings to adventurous outings, showcasing its versatility and durability. Despite its sleek appearance, the Metropolis Lite holds a powerful secret—a built-in magnet module that works seamlessly with MagSafe charging. This innovation enhances the case's functionality, providing a convenient and efficient charging experience.

Weighing just 50 grams, the lightweight design adds to the overall appeal without compromising on protective features. The soft impact-resistant core and slim profile maintain the sleekness of your device while ensuring robust protection. Integrated lanyard anchor points and lanyard card compatibility demonstrate thoughtful design, catering to various user needs. With 18 ft. Drop Protection (5.4 meters), this case goes beyond industry standards, assuring users of its reliability. Additionally, its commitment to sustainability is commendable, as it is made with 50% recycled materials. You can buy all the above UAG iPhone 15 cases from Urban Armor Gear and amazon.

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