CORE Body Temperature Sensor Review

Friday, December 01, 2023

CORE complements the capabilities of a sports watch with HR monitoring by providing a dedicated focus on core body temperature. The additional insights offered by CORE contribute to a more holistic understanding of the body's responses during physical activities, enabling users to make informed decisions for performance optimization, heat training, and overall well-being.

What CORE Does

CORE specializes in continuous and accurate monitoring of core body temperature, offering real-time insights into your body's thermal dynamics—a feature not commonly found in traditional sports watches. Utilizing an innovative thermal energy transfer sensor, CORE captures a comprehensive view of your body's thermal behavior. It goes beyond skin temperature, providing a holistic understanding of your physiological responses. The integration of a "POWERFUL AI ALGORITHM" sets CORE apart, allowing continuous optimization. This machine learning system adapts to individual users for increased accuracy and efficiency over time.

CORE provides flexibility in data storage, autonomously storing a minimum of two days' worth of data internally. When synced with the CORE app, users can enjoy unlimited data storage, accommodating various tracking needs. CORE measures five critical metrics—core body temperature, skin temperature, heat strain, temperature zones, and thermal load. This comprehensive tracking offers a detailed physiological assessment for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, or those monitoring their health.

CORE guides users on how to effectively use the data. Real-time monitoring during activities like heat training ensures users stay within the optimal zone. Weekly and monthly tracking aids in maintaining and adapting to physiological changes. Undergoing rigorous scientific testing, CORE demonstrates accuracy both in controlled lab environments and real-world scenarios. The Mean Absolute Deviation of 0.21 °C highlights its precision and reliability in providing precise temperature data. The commitment to continuous improvement is evident, with the development team actively refining the device's accuracy and functionality, ensuring users benefit from ongoing advancements.

What CORE Doesn't Do

Unlike traditional sports watches with HR monitoring, CORE doesn't focus on tracking heart rate. Its primary emphasis is on continuous temperature monitoring and the associated physiological metrics. Sports watches often provide various sports-specific metrics like distance traveled, pace, and specific workout analyses. CORE, while excellent for temperature-related insights, may not offer the same detailed sports-related metrics. Many sports watches incorporate GPS tracking for accurate distance measurements during outdoor activities. CORE doesn't include GPS functionality, as its primary focus is on temperature-related data.

CORE doesn't serve as a traditional watch, displaying time and other standard features commonly found in sports watches.
In summary, CORE excels in continuous temperature monitoring, offering holistic insights into your body's thermal dynamics. While it doesn't cover the array of features found in sports watches, it caters to a specific niche with its focus on temperature-related metrics and continuous improvement. Users seeking in-depth sports-specific data may find a traditional sports watch with HR monitoring more suitable for their needs.

The Role of the CORE App

The CORE app acts as a comprehensive companion to the CORE device, enhancing the overall user experience in various ways. The app serves as a central control hub, allowing users to manage preferences, customize options, and configure device-specific settings.

Updating the firmware of the CORE device becomes a seamless process through the app, ensuring the device remains up-to-date with the latest features and optimizations. The app plays a crucial role in syncing data between the CORE device and paired devices, providing access to real-time information, historical data, and trends on the go. While the CORE device autonomously stores a minimum of two days' worth of data internally, the app extends this storage capacity, allowing users to sync their device for unlimited data storage.

Designed to be inclusive, the CORE app caters to both iOS and Android users, ensuring seamless integration into their preferred mobile devices. Crafted with a user-friendly interface, the app promotes ease of navigation and accessibility, ensuring efficient utilization regardless of tech proficiency. 

As a real-time metrics display platform, the app showcases continuous temperature monitoring and other physiological metrics, providing instant access to your body's thermal dynamics. The app includes analysis tools, such as charts and graphs, allowing users to interpret and understand recorded data effectively, making sense of physiological responses over time.

In terms of design, CORE is very small, lightweight (12.5 grams) and thin, measuring 5cm long x 4cm wide x 1cm thick. It is made entirely of glossy plastic and has a clip on design designed to clip onto a chest strap like a paper clip. On the front, it integrates a capacitive touch sensing area to activate the sensor via tapping, as well as a status led (for bluetooth and battery) and two side facing charging contacts. There is no USB charging port onboard. 

On the rear side, there is the temperature sensor which is embedded within the backplate measuring temperature when resting against the skin. Internally, you find a Bluetooth BLE & ANT+ chipset, as well as a rechargeable battery, which takes 2 hours to fully charge and lasts 5 days.

The chest strap seen pictured is sold separable as an add-on. It is made of flexible washable fabric and weighs 27 grams. It integrates a buckle for adjusting length and a quick-release hook mechanism for fastening the strap around the chest.

Selling points
  • Non-invasive approach
  • Holistic health monitoring
  • Magnetic charging
  • Supports COROS watches, Garmin, Wahoo devices and AppleWatch
  • Performance optimization
  • Heat training guidance
  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Instant calibration
  • Waterproof up to 1.5m (refer to IPX7)
  • Bluetooth BLE & ANT+ Connectivity
  • Insight into the body's physiological adaptation
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Preventing overheating
  • Compatibility with sports watches
  • Innovative thermal energy transfer sensor
  • Powerful AI algorithm for continuous optimization
  • User-friendly with simple instructions
  • App integration for data management
  • Compatibility with major platforms and devices
  • Works whilst charging
  • Comprehensive tracking of physiological metrics
  • Real-time monitoring for specific activities
  • Rigorous scientific testing for accuracy
  • Commitment to continuous improvement

Potential deal breakers
  • No HR Monitoring
  • No Sports-Specific Metrics
  • No GPS Tracking
  • Proprietary 2 pin charging
  • Limited compatibility with wearOS watches
  • No in-depth sports-specific data
  • Expensive
  • App requires email registration
  • Privacy concerns due to data collection (same with sports wearables)
  • App dependency
Accessories included are a USB charging cable, adhesive patches and strap securing clips. You can buy CORE via the CORE website

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