ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware Review In Ear Hearing Protection

Tuesday, November 28, 2023


The ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware are a game-changer in ear protection and communication! They are earbuds not just for listening to music—they also protect your ears. They have a special technology called Aware Technology that uses microphones to pick up outside sounds and lets you adjust the volume, so you can still hear what's happening around you while keeping your ears safe.

Aware Technology works similarly to a high-tech hearing aid or transparency mode, letting you take control of your environment by amplifying external sounds through omni-directional microphones. Choose your desired amplification level and communicate effortlessly in noisy settings, all while safeguarding your precious hearing health.

Functionally, the ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware work just like a pair of earbuds with touch controls for controlling calls (answer/end), Aware mode, voice assistant and audio playback (play/pause and track skipping to next/previous) via a series of taps. 

Volume control is not supported. The ULTRACOMM Aware earbuds have a sporty earhook design with bright neon faceplates - perfect for standing out. The earbuds weight is 9 grams each, while the earhooks weigh 2 grams each and boom mic weighs 4 grams.

Removing the earbuds from the charging case is super easy and, you can connect the earbud whilst in the case. The earbuds feature a front facing status led and flexible earhooks with a clip-on design that allows you to easily detach and attach the earhooks to the earbuds. The body shell is entirely plastic, while the earhooks are made of rubber. The nozzle tips have the same design as the ISOtunes Lite - made of threaded metal which allows you to screw in the eartips so, you won't loose them. 

There is also a microphone port on each earbud to allow you to wear the boom mic on the left or right side. The boom arm mic measures 11cm long and it's made of memory wire, which stays in place at any angle.

The ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware charging case has a rubbery finish, rear facing USB-C port, flat base and metal hinged lid which is wobbly. The charging case is a lot bigger than the standard earbud case but there is an advantage, you can store the boom mic inside the case, which is super convinient. In terms of battery life, the ULTRACOMM Aware earbuds are capable of up to 8 hours of playtime plus 20 extra hours with the case when streaming via SBC codec. Via AAC codec, battery life is reduced further. The earbuds take 2 hours to recharge, while the case takes 1 hour. Fast charging is not supported.

Safety is a priority, and the ULTRACOMM Aware complies with the EN 352 standard for hearing protection and supports limiting volume output to 82 dB. In conclusion, the ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware is more than just earbuds; it's a comprehensive solution that gives you protection and connectivity in your daily live seamlessly integrating into your routine.

Selling points
  • Adjustable ambient sound volume
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Secure earhook fit
  • Detachable earhooks
  • Screw in eartip attachment
  • No wireless charging
  • IP67 rating - suitable for gym use
  • AAC codec support
  • Volume limited to 85dB
  • Foam tips included
  • Durability against dust, sweat, and water.
  • Long battery life up to 24 hours
  • Noise Reduction up to 30 decibels
  • Made for noisy environments
  • Effective hearing protection on par with FREE AWARE
  • Clear calls with noise reduction
  • Compliance with the EN 352 standard for hearing protection
  • 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee

Potential deal breakers
  • Bulky charging case
  • No volume control
  • Lacking good sound due to volume limitation
  • Bulky earbuds - they stick out
  • No bluetooth multipoint
  • Limited noise filtration
  • No quick charge
  • No mobile app support
  • Silicone eartips
  • Earbuds don't turn off automatically inside the case
  • Expensive

Accessories included are 3 pairs of TRILOGY Short Foam eartips in 3 sizes (S/M/L), 3 pairs of TRILOGY Tall Foam eartips in 3 sizes (S/M/L) and 1 pair of silicone triple flange eartips. You can buy the ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware from ISOtunes.

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