LeadJoy M1C+ Review Mobile Gaming Controller With Magnetic Cooler Support

Friday, December 29, 2023

The LeadJoy M1C+ Mobile Gaming Controller is loaded with cool stuff to make your gaming better. It's got precise controls, plays nice with different devices and games, keeps things cool to avoid overheating, and even lets you capture and share your awesome gaming moments.

The LeadJoy M1C+ rocks a stylish design and is made to fit perfectly with iPhone 15 series and Android phones. Its universal compatibility means anyone with different devices can easily add this controller to their gaming setup. With Hall Effect analog triggers and sticks, the M1C+ delivers crazy precision—0.1mm accuracy and a whopping 5 million clicks lifespan. Thanks to non-contact magnetic sensors, there's no stick drift, so you get a tough and reliable gaming experience.

The M1C+ game controller is made mostly of plastic with telescopic spring loaded arms and a circular cradle in the middle (6cm in diameter), which is rubberized on top. Overall dimensions retracted are 20cm long x 9.5cm deep x 3.5cm high and weighs 226 grams (without a phone). It can accommodate up to 1cm thick phones. The telescopic arm measures 11cm long retracted. The bottom of the cradle has a magnetic conduction plate built-in designed to attach a magnetic cooling fan and keep your phone chill during those hardcore gaming sessions. The M1C+ doesn't come with a phone cooler in the package though, so you gotta snag one on your own. But no worries, most phone coolers play nice with it.

And get this, the M1C+ isn't picky about games. It's your all-access pass to a bunch of iOS and Android games with controller support. Genshin Impact, Diablo Immortal, Call of Duty—you name it. You'll be gaming like a pro with that extra edge and intuitive control. Games without controller support aren't compatible.

 The LeadJoy M1C+ phone controller is compatible with popular streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), Amazon Luna, Xbox Remote Play, and Steam Link—meaning you can game wherever, whenever. With support for cloud gaming and remote play, your favorite PC and console titles are right in your pocket.

And here's the cool part—you can easily switch between analog and hair trigger modes, adapting to whatever the game throws at you. Activate the Turbo function, and you're firing at a crazy 20 shots per second, adding that extra dose of competition. Oh, and the Turbo function? It works its magic on A/B/X/Y/LB/RB/LT/RT buttons too. Total game-changer!
Staying connected is crucial, and the M1C+ totally nails it. When it plugs directly into your phone's USB-C port, it skips the wireless delays, giving you gaming with ultra-low latency and minimal input delay for a super smooth experience.

But wait, there's more. The M1C+ doesn't stop there. It's got a built-in cooling plate, supports those cool magnetic phone coolers, lets you charge while you play, and can even run 3DS games through emulation. Oh, and don't forget the screenshot and video capture modes for sharing your most epic gaming moments.

Now, when it comes to playing 3DS games through emulation, you might run into the usual stuff like a bit of slowdown, some input lag, and the absence of official updates. So, keep those quirks in mind when diving into the world of emulation.

Selling points
  • Works with USB-C iPhones and Android devices
  • Small and light design
  • Can charge while playing
  • Super precise Hall-effect sticks
  • No drifting (control is always on point)
  • Hall-effect triggers for responsive buttons
  • Mechanical buttons that always respond
  • Grab screenshots and record your screen
  • Hit the turbo for rapid-fire action
  • Turbo mode for buttons
  • Supports magnetic phone coolers
  • ABXY button layout
  • Connect with a wire for ultra-low latency
  • Not reliant on built-in batteries
  • Play 3DS games through emulation

Potential deal breakers
  • Only works with games that support controllers on iOS and Android.
  • Designed specifically for iPhone 15 series and Android, so it might not vibe with older iPhones or different systems.
  • Doesn't come with a magnetic phone cooler.
  • No wireless connection available.
  • Learning to use the Turbo function might take a bit.
  • The gaming experience might be different compared to playing on a regular 3DS.
  • It's a bit pricey initially because of all the cool features, making it a bit of a splurge compared to simpler mobile gaming controllers.
  • The extra cooling features and design might make it a bit bulkier and less easy to carry around.
In the box, you'll find an extra rubber piece to make sure the controller fits snugly with smaller phones. You can buy from LeadJoy website and get 20% off using coupon code fanm1c20. You can also buy it from amazon with 20% off discount using promo code GRXG9KDD.

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